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  1. There may not be that many in ONE sandbox game, but if you have multiple sandboxes running, it'd be worth it. I just got mine after drinking 85 or so coffees from the three games I have going right now~
  2. The only Stump Remover I've found outside of Bleak Inlet was in the Orca Gas Station in Mountain Town. And I've found about 8 or 9 bags of Dusting Sulfur throughout Great Bear. I think the RNG hates me. X3
  3. On a related note, has anybody made a list of any of the locations where the gun smithing research books spawn...?
  4. I have NEVER EVER seen ANYTHING fall from ANY sun visor, so all I can say to those that say they have, well...... pics or you're lying.
  5. Can't tell what's going on here because the quality of the pic is too low. Try doing a screencap using F12 and upload the file in this topic.
  6. I totally 100% agree with this also, as I considered this when I came up with the list of calibers I mentioned previously: .45 Long Colt (1872) .38 Spl (1898) .357 Magnum (1935) .44 Magnum (1955) .41 Magnum (1964) I still say a .38 Spl and a normal .45 Long Colt are a bit too weak to be considered a backup weapon in the event of my rifle going down, nor do I see a resident of Great Bear having such a caliber as a backup for when they go hunting or if they get into a survival situation, but... *shrugs* ...to each their own, I guess. The .41 and .44 definitely have good power for the wilderness without acquiring a hot round like Underwood/Buffalo Bore/Grizzly. The other calibers can get close to or equal to that power with those hyper rounds, but those are fairly modern and would go against our agreement to standards being behind a few decades, so I'm ruling those out because of that. I understand.
  7. .......needs peanut butter. ALL the peanut butter~
  8. ......I guess that works, too. X3
  9. I totally agree with you 100% on the .303 and the rest of the rifle rounds you mentioned here~ 😎 👌The .303 would be a good choice for the rifle in the game, considering history, location, as well as muzzle energy and velocities. No argument there whatsoever. I'm just simply asking why the rifle has a specification for caliber and not the revolver. See now, IMO, you're forgetting where you are at in this game. Out in the wilderness, sparsely populated with a majority of the game being medium to large size aside from the wolves and rabbits. As a revolver for a backup, do you reeeeeally want a .38 spl to ward off a wolf or worse, a bear or moose? 🤣 No offense to .38 spl fans or the caliber itself, but as a backup in the wilderness, it is extremely underpowered, even if it was a +P cartridge (which is pretty much a compromise between a normal .38 and the .357 Magnum). You would really be better off with something that has at least if not close to 50% of the velocity and energy of the .303 or whatever hunting rifle you have, and either a .41 Magnum, .44 Magnum (.429 actually, but who's counting, right?) or a .454 Casull (which is a lengthened and strengthened .45 Long Colt) will certainly have that, especially if you have a hot round like Grizzly, Buffalo Bore or Underwood in the cylinder where you're easily throwing bullets out with at least four-digit energy and velocity. Even a really hot .357 Magnum would be a good start. Anyways, not trying to start a fight or anything~ I'm just stating what I think would be best based on the numbers for all the possible calibers, their availability, the location, and the history of that caliber, etc. Just my two cents~ As a backup, I would happily take out my Ruger New Model Blackhawk in .41 Magnum with some good 265-grain Underwoods~ Cheers, all! 🖖
  10. Theeeeeeen why bother telling us that the rifle caliber is a .303...?
  11. I like the fact that every new game I start in sandbox gives me a new adventure to look forward to leveling up my skills, acquiring materials over time, allowing me to choose the level of difficulty I want, and just the right amount of crafting. Sometime I'll start one to specifically hole up in one specific area of each region and see how long I can last~
  12. DaPepster

    4DON Too Easy?

    It's not really as much as a challenge than it is a holiday theme applied to the game.