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  1. Earlier this year I found cloth in a visor. Compared to the amount of visors I checked and the fact that cloth is not very "expensive", I don't think it is worth to check them. But I can't stop doing so
  2. Fluffy returns? 😱 Sounds great!
  3. Had similar observations with cans on tables and floating road-textures. The ground seems to be generally buggy at the moment. Had a wolf who was "running away" but he was so slow that I was able to overtake him crouching! Looked like he was stuck in the snow. Similar with the bear. He was moving up and down all the time as if the ground wouldn't be plane. And here is a wolf carcass sunken in the snow (never saw that before):
  4. In my opinion TLD is already "finished" for some time now (apart from the story mode). There are other games that are supposed to be "done" but still far from the quality of TLD. Of course I would prefer not have to wait that long for new content, but I'm fine with the current "it will be ready when it is ready" - policy. I prefer a good game to one "not-so-good" that is shorter in development. And to me Hinterland had good reason to delay a release. Sometimes things goes wrong, change or new opportunites arise and the worst thing they could have done is just stick to the old plan no matter what. I see a massive improvement of Episode 3 compared to Episode 1 (non redux) and I would suggest that now that certain workflows could have been established, episode 4 & 5 won't be *that* far away. I can't say if a movie is the best idea but it seems to be only a part of their strategy. So, I'm looking forward to it.
  5. Btw, did you notice that the credits of episode 3 have changed compared to episode 1 & 2? It's now called Season 1: Wintermute Ep. 3 instead of just Ep. 3 ...
  6. I found an interesting interview with and Raphael van Lierop on about The Long Dark 2, films and other cool stuff. So I just put the link in here and hope not having opened pandora's box
  7. That's the basic principle of life, right? I mean we're all dead man. There is no such thing like eternal life. Even your sandbox character is dying sometime. That's for sure! The only difference with Dimitri is that his remaining time seems to be known. Let him die only because of that feels wrong. We are all "wasting" rescources in order to "delaying the inevitable". We all eat food and drink water even though it's absolutly sure we die. And we should continue with that