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  1. Egad... Did it show up while you were lighting the fire? Also, what happened *after* that shot was taken?
  2. Only pain. 😉 That's a straight shot - the light really was like that - and I happened to be in pain from a sprain, so the edges are soft.
  3. A few final shots in Muskeg, before heading to Milton...
  4. Woah! I didn't even know it was possible to do more than piss the bear off with the revolver. Thank you!
  5. Second time I've seen this bug (now, duly reported to Hinterland Support), but it made for a good screenshot. 😉
  6. So that's why that path of boards is available down there! I've used it, but never even thought about what it would be like in an aurora. I've only been down in the power station from the main entrance, while an aurora was happening - and, of course, there is a hallway with pipes that is impossible to get past while an aurora is going. RE: time period - I think I read in one of the Mailbag posts that the decline of the island started before the Collapse, so there's not a clear time period for where we are, playing the game, based on artifacts found. The tombstones, though, do at least put an upper limit on things. My personal head canon remains that The Long Dark in Survival Mode is what happens to Commander Shepard after the end of the Mass Effect trilogy (if you choose Reaper destruction, and then imagine Shepard recovering, only to go down in a plane over Great Bear Island). 😉
  7. Thank you!! I had a feeling that I'd read something about Bear Skin bed rolls - but obviously the warning didn't stick the first time I read that post
  8. Aha! Bug not withstanding, that is not something I knew. Thank you!
  9. I know meat, food and carcasses lose condition much faster next to a fire. But what about clothing items and bed rolls? I ask because I had a Bear skin bed roll that I would swear was above 50% condition (my memory is it was in the 60s percent), but it went to 0% in 2-3 days while rolled out on the floor beside the fire place in the cabin on Timberwolf Mountain.
  10. I'm feeling very accomplished... 8-) (First time on top of Timberwolf Mountain.)
  11. PV has been my favorite since I explored enough of it to adapt to the weather. I'm having the same experience with TM (and the weather is easier), so I'm now wondering if HRV (which I've not been to yet) will end up being my favorite. The more an area is removed from civilization, the more I like it (provided, of course, I've ransacked the remnants of civilization somewhere else first).