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  1. Rosey Inlet... 🙂 (Also day 6 in the Inlet and day 364 in the game, on Stalker.)
  2. Dawn in Pleasant Valley, during a trip to pick up supplies for my first foray into Bleak Inlet...
  3. It was a lot more intense when I first walked out to find an aurora still going at dawn. Shot this after running for a better vantage point. You might just make out the hint of aurora...
  4. That top shot is fantastic! Either that kind of lighting is rare, or I miss it when it happens. And you nailed the composition of the piece.
  5. And then first morning and evening back in Pleasant Valley...
  6. I damn near lost my mind... In HRV, found the area with the moose, stalked it the following morning. Managed to hit it with an arrow on first try, then with a rifle bullet after it walked back from running away. I got it with another arrow at point blank range, after crawling up onto a low rock that it (thankfully) couldn't run onto. But it didn't drop. So I made camp in the cave nearby and slept an hour. Moose is still alive. Slept another hour. Moose is still alive. Slept another... Eventually, I'd slept all I could, and a blizzard started on top of it all, so I made a fire and cooked the meat from the prop wolf carcass in the cave. While it was cooking, I went to get something out of the backpack in the cave. Lo and behold, once I cancel out of the backpack, I start having a psychedelic experience. I hit Escape and went to the main menu, planning to show my son the silliness, then resumed the game - but the visuals were all back to normal. I went back to using the fire to boil water, to help pass the time. Eventually, the blizzard passed, so I checked on the moose - who seemed to have died during the blizzard but been frozen in mid-run. So, expecting a glitch but remaining wary, I start walking up to it with my rifle drawn. All of a sudden it jerks into movement and turns to face me, with the warning posture, so I backpedal. A bit later, I snuck around and shot it with another arrow, finally dropping it. It took 3 arrows and 1 bullet. Damn stubborn thing. (Psychedelic experience and moose palsy have been duly reported to Support.)
  7. Egad... Did it show up while you were lighting the fire? Also, what happened *after* that shot was taken?
  8. Only pain. 😉 That's a straight shot - the light really was like that - and I happened to be in pain from a sprain, so the edges are soft.
  9. A few final shots in Muskeg, before heading to Milton...