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  1. PV has been my favorite since I explored enough of it to adapt to the weather. I'm having the same experience with TM (and the weather is easier), so I'm now wondering if HRV (which I've not been to yet) will end up being my favorite. The more an area is removed from civilization, the more I like it (provided, of course, I've ransacked the remnants of civilization somewhere else first).
  2. I become more fond of Timberwolf Mountain the longer I'm here...
  3. Up on Timberwolf Mountain - and exploring - for the first time. I begin to think TM has a theme...
  4. Only having 2-3 hours after work each night to play, I didn't think I'd even make one badge. Now, I might get both. 🙂 Night 1, hit most of the obvious spots in CH, but not everywhere. Managed to get a good set of clothes, repair them; plus plenty of flares, lamp oil, and a few lamps. Also, 2 candy bars. I had to stop at one of the trailers up near the exit to ML, but found my one and only cache on the way; with another candy bar, a flash light, and rabbit mittens! Night 2, I'm sure I'm dead meat, but then see someone post about cat tails being a thing in 4DON, so off I go down the river on the left side of the CH map, creeping and collecting the whole time. No sign of wolves at all. Back up to the exit for ML and on into the Ravine. At which point, I remember there are no wolves in the Ravine. Ever. 🙂 So, now I'm thinking: "I have XX cat tails, 1 candy bar left, a ton of herbal tea, reishi mushrooms, and rose hips... Only 2 hours of real time each night? I ought to be able to do that..." And then I spend the rest of night 2 collecting wood. Night 3, all aurora all the time and no wolves! I finish collecting wood, including going down into the ravine for the flare gun. Aaaaaaand... I have 90 minutes of real time to kill. ... Ye know, I might be able to make it around the edge of the water in CH to check a few places I didn't... Just finished doing that: 3 more candy bars collected, no caches found, 3 close calls with a wolf (thank you, flashlight!), and survived one wolf attack (thank you, flare gun!). I'm now back in my wolf-free area, with tons of wood, what ought to be enough food - and two books to read! 😉
  5. At a special place in Pleasant Valley. 🙂 I spent probably 10 real-world minutes just taking it in...
  6. Where does the Lost & Found box spawn in Pleasant Valley? I have an ongoing Stalker game where I'm in Pleasant Valley, camped in the barn-with-the-fire-barrel at Three Strikes Farmstead. Before the game updates to Crossroads Elegy, I was in the midst of cooking deer steaks, and had some packaged food lying in the snow inside the back room of the barn. All of that is gone. I had no food on my person. So the food stores I had planned to have - upon waking up in the middle of the night, to continue cooking - are gone. I've looked in the barn and around the barn, as well as in and around the other two buildings at Three Strikes Farmstead. I'm not finding a Lost & Found box. I can strike out from where I am now, and hope to find food that I left back at the farmstead, or maybe scrounge for cattails not yet harvested. But I would much rather head straight for wherever the Lost & Found box is. I'm posting this in the Forums, rather than submitting a bug report to Support, because I'm guessing I just need a pointer on where to find it. If this is actually a bug - e.g. "it should be within 10 feet of you" - then I'll submit a bug report.
  7. More beauty in Pleasant Valley: ...then an aurora later - just before being attached by an aurora wolf 😛
  8. More beauty in Pleasant Valley: First a sunrise by the barn...
  9. On the way back to the Riken, loaded down with wood and meat...
  10. Did the wolf actually come inside the hut? I've not had that happen - and they seem to avoid me once I'm in a hut (though, usually I'm crouching in the hut). But if they *can* come in, that would be good to know...