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  1. If I leave a sleeping bag unrolled will it disappear once the condition reaches 0% or will it just become unusable? I'm asking because I'm decorating my cave and want to leave an unrolled bedroll on-top of a bear skin to make it feel more "homey".
  2. Switch lite player here: anyone else having loading lags? Entering buildings is the same loading time (which is already kind of slow) but when I transition outside it takes forever. This is only in Ash Canyon. I'm also seeing some general rendering delays while outside in Ash Canyon. I need to get close to items to see them sometimes, burnt trees appear with a mesh texture until closer, and I've encountered problems with catching the sweet spot to loot or climb. Otherwise enjoying the new zone immensely. I like getting lost and trying to figure out how to get places! Amazingly fun ma
  3. You can get away from wolves by walking away from them and giving them a wide berth. As long as you're not smelly from meat they'll just stalk you, sprinting occasionally to catch up. After a while they'll give up and leave. The moment you start running they perk up and charge. If you drop a decoy while running I think they just find the running more appealing... Who wants left overs when you can have fresh? Lol Aurora wolves seem to be scared of the flash light. They also don't like flares and the lantern I believe (don't quote me on that though). I've never been attacked in a
  4. Though I was disappointed and confused when switch didn't get the update, I appreciate you being honest with the community about why. The fact that your team made a whole new challenge mode during the pandemic is testament enough to how dedicated you are to this game. There's so much it has to offer already and it's become one of my favorite games in many years (clocked just over 200 hours since I bought it shortly after the switch release). I can't wait to to see what you have in store for us next!