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  1. I've mostly been playing Titanfall 2 and Destiny 2. But I do come back to The Long Dark occasionally.
  2. I still haven't finished Ep.3 lol. I've been gone from the community and game for quite a while because I discovered I prefer faced paced shooters. Which is quite on the opposite end of the spectrum from a slow paced survival game.
  3. The switch version runs really well. Although there is a few graphical changes.
  4. If ive already bought the game on xbox will i still have to re buy it on the Nintendo switch if that version is released
  5. I just bought a nintendo swich so i can play some animal crossing but then i remembered that a switch version of the long dark is coming out and im really hyped. I would love to get some news on a release date sometime soon.
  6. Tri13

    3rd person

    I never though about this but wouldn't 3rd person be cool for the long dark. I realize that its pretty unrealistic because of all the animations that would needed to be made and the player models and stuff. But having the long dark but kinda like red dead redemption would be really cool.
  7. I sadly haven't even finished the 2nd chapter of the long dark. I got back into the game a while back and started my longest survival game yet but since then I haven't been playing. Mostly because of the release of a few games mostly the Xbox release of Stranded Deep.
  8. Okay first off please go and watch the trailer for a heist with markiplier (It is amazing) and then go watch the video called I need a favor… Please go watch the premiere of a heist with markiplier tomorrow and give it your full support. And at least watch the short video below.
  9. I'm down to try this challenge out I wouldent consider myself a pro at the game tho
  10. I hope we get something really good since we have been waiting a fat sec for chapter 3 to come out. Im very exited.
  11. Tri13

    I am cursed.

    Ive missed every year but last year but thats only because 4DON only can to Xbox last year.
  12. Tri13

    4DON 2019

    Well the long dark isn't a game about "You do this and you go here" its about you make the decisions if its bad its bad if its good its good.
  13. Tri13

    4DON 2019

    With all this excitement of chapter threes release during the same month as 4DON it seems like a lot of activeness after a long period of silence. And during that period the world of the long dark never felt so lonely. Last year in the 4DON it was my first year to participate in it because the year before last Xbox was excluded from the event. But last year I played one or two days and received the least hard badge to get I think it was the midnight badge maybe.
  14. The overall art style and the isolation. You whats on your back and the cold your constant companion. What I think would really top it off for me is a German Shepard companion for you to take care of.
  15. Tri13


    That makes for a nice quote. Heres to five more