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  1. That is a hilarious theory but I don't think its a valid one.
  2. They change that to make it where he doesn't have it hidden anymore and it becomes a big quest item in that chapter and I don't think we will be seeing him again but I guarantee you there will be reference to him later in the game. I definitely thing Wintermute refers to some way to stop the quiet apocalypse. And I don't think any of them were ecoterrorist.
  3. I'm finna be a cowboy when I find I the revolver also please add a dual wielding feature in the game so I can feel like a legit cowboy.
  4. Wow looks like someones ready for the (quite) apocolapse 😉
  5. I've never really had a survival story except for one time I jumped off a building and sprain my ankle. And I was alone and like almost a mile from my house so most of the way I had to do a sort of army crawl because it hurt too much to stand on.
  6. I wanted to ask everybody's favorite place to make a base at or just your favorite place in general. Mine favorite place to set up base is probably either gray mother's house or the farmhouse in Plesant Vally.
  7. That sucks I hoped it would be as common as the rifle not that the rifle is common but it is still more common than the flare gun. Oh well, I was planning to head down and search Desolation Point and then Mystery Lake. Then maybe Milton.
  8. I am having great difficulty finding the revolver even though I've searched all of the costal highway. So either I'm mega unlucky or the game is mega broken. But I can wait to get my hands on it. 😀
  9. I've never really been jump scared in TLD because during nights I like to cozy up next to a fire if I can. But sometimes I go out and travel but in the world of The Long Dark there is no ¨In the cover of night¨ so you have to travel by the ¨Cover of day¨. Men ambeince i spelet är spot on
  10. Okay well, I haven't actually played the update but from what I've seen it's amazing I'm so excited to get the revolver and the new rifle model along with all the other fixes and features that come with this. But I am most excited for the small team that's going to be devoted to only survival but I don't care a whole ton about the story.
  11. Good news its not will but it is astrid
  12. Sadly I have stopped playing this game but I had just hopped back on the forums for a bit and as usual, nothing has changed except for the march dev diary. And I think that revolver and the new version of unity might tempt me to continue playing. The reason I stopped playing is first of all the release of Forza Horizon 4 which I also have quit playing to play a new game called Generation Zero which I highly recommend. But also the lack of development on the long dark has always bummed me out. Anyway, I liked how the last version of unity they installed in the game upgraded the fire graphics and I can wait to see the improvements this version gives us.