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  1. As always, I love that the game has not been made easier. It seems the team has struck a great balance that presents experienced players with more depth and challenge while not alienating new players. You and some other choice indie devs are everything that is right about the gaming industry right now. Many thanks to the Hinterland team for making me love video games again. Props
  2. Somehow missed there was a new survival region coming in the update after this next one. I'm extremely interested in this. Hopefully we will get a teaser photo or screen shot sometime later this year.
  3. One cold night out on the ice. This looks more like a screenshot from a WWII game. Super Moon. Stocked fishing hut No screenshot post is complete without and Aurora shot. Unfortunately this was the last screenshot I took. Back to day 1....
  4. Fantastic insight. I'm starting out a fresh new game and this is the first place I'm heading! Thanks for the info.
  5. Yeah I recently discovered that all of those hand flares I have been hording could be used in place of matches if need be
  6. Damn, not super happy to hear that. Hopefully my experience will somehow be different, but it does not really sound like there is much room for variation. Oh well, thanks for the heads up.
  7. Can you elaborate? Seems odd that Hinterland would fumble so badly.
  8. I'm hoping that as the episodes progress (3,4,5) we may see some new skills appear as the story progresses and so does the characters experience, skills and abilities to survive become more developed. In this way skills that are given to you through the course of the story mode could be earned or learned in survival mode. I do think its relevant to know that this is really not a crafting game and that is why we have an apparent lack of items to craft. It is also probably why they are slow to allow more crafting as it can totally alter the mechanics of the game and cause some items, play styles
  9. Yeah I very much like how windows currently add to the art and feeling of being cooped up inside. Also the sound of the wind gives you a good idea of what the weather is like. I always use this as the main indicator. That being said, I like your idea of having to activate a window to get just an image of what the outside looks like. It would be cool to go up to a window, activate it and have your character kinda rub a small circle clear or something like that and maybe even give feedback like saying "It looks pretty bad outside" or something like that.
  10. I agree that would be a great idea. It would open up so many areas for extended play that are currently not great to stay overnight at.
  11. Certainly does not seem like it and I think I know why. Once you go ultrawide you can never go back, and unfortunately a gaming ultrawide cost a pretty penny. That is exactly why I'm only on a 1080p right now instead of 1440p. But I will get their
  12. Very true, either way it is in a very interesting location.