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  1. Way to dark indoors, doesn't matter if you light a fire indoors or not, you can't see anything past two feet from the fire. I think a fireplace indoors should light up just as well as a bonfire outside, it makes since. I just want the interior to light up during the night so I won't have to waste matches or lantern fuel just to find the bed.
  2. It actually does, it lights up a good portion of my living room. In this game it only lights up 1 foot and the rest is just pitch black. But of course a match is able to light up a room more than a fireplace...logic!
  3. Whenever I'm indoors and I light up a furnace or a fireplace it doesn't light the interior at all, it only lights up 1 foot from where the fire is at. The reason why it bothers me so much is because I have to light a match or a lantern just to be able to know where I am walking or what I'm trying to look for in the room. A torch lights up the room much better than a fireplace or a furnace. Also, I'd like to point out that the Trapper's Homestead lights up at night even when there isn't a fire inside.
  4. 1) The snow shelter shouldn't be the only makeshift shelter available to us. The shelters I've mentioned before have their purpose. 2) These are just mere suggestions, but they have mentioned a 1st person view of the in-game model in one of the dev diaries. 3) I don't think just because the wolf is elusive, that it should always resort in a struggle between me and the wolf, even if I have a spear on hand. A spear is a great weapon to fight off predators, not just bears.
  5. More outdoor makeshift shelters, such as a frame shelter, leaf hut shelter, lean-to shelter or one-man shelter. All we can craft is fire and a snow shelter for right now and I think the devs should add more makeshift shelters. Another thing I'd like to see added is a first person perspective of your playermodel. Not only do you get to see your character's feet, but you also get to see the type of clothing you've equipped. You can also see torn clothing if your clothing has low condition, and blood if you've been attacked by a wolf, bear or moose. I also think the devs should add a bear and wolf skin hat. So about the bear spear. I tried to use it to fight off wolves and that didn't work. The wolf just stood still and waited for my stamina bar to deplete before it attacked. So when you finish the bear spear and have available for survival mode, I hope you can use it to fight off wolves both in story mode and survival mode.
  6. In one of the Dev Diaries it said that the new update will be available sometime in December. We are almost half way through December now. Any news on when it might come this month?