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  1. I'm sure GoG must be devastated.. How are they gonna survive without Hinterland? Weird that other games in my library get patched the same day as Steam, 2 days max.. must be GoG's fault, eh?
  2. So we don't matter, good luck with your 'vision' ! Edit: Grim Dawn was patched the same day as steam was.. Survival mode has jumped the shark, btw.
  3. 30 fps might prove too difficult, even on a pretty good PC locked at 60 (not Vsync but via RTSS Gsync) it's not easy, hope Hinterland come up with a solution.. even a QTE might work.. (not a fan of QTE, but eh..)
  4. .. Is Really Great, just a heads up to all you folks! Being an old guy ("remember when we didn't have the Internet, my old friend?"); My first communication (apart from phoning complete strangers in NYC from Europe..) with people around the World (across the pond) was awesome, usually Usenet discussing Quake, Voodoo GFX etc.. Comparing a niche survival game with the community surrounding mainstream games is maybe unfair.. Let's just say the only ARPG that has useful feedback is a certain Diablo2 Forum (who, like me) live in the past.. As an addendum: One of my favorite games (Witcher 3) with so much Lore and moral side quests has 'players' only posting screenshots.. trying to talk about lore or quest consequences gets you down-voted.. maybe just a reddi.. thing. Enough rambling, ..yes I still play ARPG's at my age..
  5. I only carry a rifle when I go Moose or Bear hunting, for wolves I use a Bow (with decoy..) I only carry 6 cat tails while travelling, unless I come across them.. Ravine etc... Always carry a Crow Bar when venturing into a new region.. and that bow with 4-6 arrows. About 3 Liters of water when travelling, maybe a pot, usually 2 cans, though. 5 cloth is useful, I mostly forget about that one
  6. Don't think a revolver adds to survivability, but 'due to popular request' I understand. Animations is a Big Thing, imagine wildlife not turning on a dime.. (AI might need a tweak where deer don't run towards you..) Wolves listening after they hear a sound actually has an impact, it makes me hold my breath! Rabbits atm not so much Just keep it Hardcore Survival please!
  7. Fish. (just to be different..) Short cooking times, lotsa calories (salty types) and oil! And tasty when seasoned..
  8. (Stalker Sandbox doubts..) Fisherman's has better warmth to weight ratio, Cowichan get's style points. Wool shirt is also fine for inner layer, btw... What combo would you pick? *If* I find a Cowichan I can't let it pass :(
  9. First of all, Love the Redux Wintermute: Animations, music, less fetch - more story! Now for some observations: Snow depth can bury carcasses, meat, arrows etc, is this intended? UI is intuitive, however I don't fancy the screen filling "well fed", "fatigue reduced expired" etc... maybe on top of the screen in slightly smaller font? Had a bear spawn at Unnamed Pond only at day 30'ish of my current sandbox run, unexpected but welcome surprise! Do (normal) bedrolls decay faster when not used and is this intended? Do we need to turn vsync off to spear the bear? (I managed at 60fps, after some reloads..) GFX look great, sound however is too muted, have to turn master volume way up! Reworked custom settings are greatly improved, might need some more tweaking. Forgot some things, but let me end this by hoping we might get some of the Wintermute music in Survival mode also, not exclusively of course.. love the Cello!
  10. Just found out today: (hangs head in shame..) If like me... you are as obsessive as I am where to put what clothing item in what slot, and you have to select "next" for your preferenced underwear to go to the inner slot! Just drop the 'second choice' on the floor and pick it up. The game will 'remember' from now on your preferred clothing as first choice. Example: You have a satchel and an ear wrap, you want to put on the satchel not the wrap that the game might chose for you... Drop the wrap and pick it up; From now on your first choice for the slot will be the satchel.
  11. We have a mag lens we can use during sunlight at day, what about an electric lighter that can only be used during auroras (aurorae..) at night? Something like Don't think this would be gamebreaking?
  12. (Bit late, sorry!) Not certain about a container.. can test it on a corpse outside ML CO (bit gross..) Or store food in the trunk of the car outside the PV farmhouse? I can test it, or you can test it or we all can test it!
  13. Yes, thanks all for your replies. I turned Vsync off and get a max/capped (?) 121 fps with my 970 GPU at 90% max load and CPU (6 cores) at about 30% load.
  14. Hallo (Hello) Blinkin; have read somewhere that CPU is more important than GPU in this game (FAQ-RTFM), maybe it's the physics part of the Engine? 2 cores sounds reasonable, no way for me to confirm, though... including Wiki and various Unity Engine searches. Groeten! (PS: Again, framerate is not an issue, just curious.. Soundbanks need buffering after reboot, that's all... Moved TLD from HDD to SSD via 'Steammover' using my GoG version.. It works, even the GoG updates!) PPS: Yes, the heat wave in W-Europe is real, almost longing for -10c, tbh..
  15. As in title. I have an LCD display on my keyboard that can display CPU usage along with mem usage (etc..). My CPU load never goes above 17% on a 6 core 8600K (4.8 at all cores oc'ed). Also using RivaTuner to keep track on loads and temperatures (We have this heatwave in Europe atm..) FPS is at constant 60, so that's not an issue, just out of curiousity. (Great fun playing TLD during a heatwave!)