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  1. One more hitch. I’ve been to the tower countless times in “Survivor” in the 4 years playing, but I can’t seem to find it in the endless blizzard....even looking at the map. I’m climbing and climbing....
  2. I did restart and it went to 100%. But yes, there’s more....
  3. I guess I still have lots to do?
  4. Me too. Am I stuck or just do other things until fixed?
  5. Thanks everyone. I heeded your advice on dealing with the timber wolves and kept my back to the wall like Wild Bill Hickok.
  6. The 4th attempt, I actually wounded 2 as there was 2 sets of blood spatter, but they cane back and finished me off because I was wounded myself and very cold. 4 more times I lit blue flares, threw them, waved them, and unloaded bullets but they kept on me...😳
  7. I use “boss fight” where the odds are against the player in games that have multiple adversaries against one person. The “bear thing” was my reference to spearing the bear in # 2 in the cave. I’m still looking forward to play #3, but I can’t keep defining “insanity” . I’m not a spry 20 something any more...
  8. Just started # 3 and am getting annoyed by the TW boss fight where the blue flares and bullets do nothing to get back to civilization. I know there must be a fight of some kind, but doing this over and over again, changing my route is up there with the bear thing. Dropping the victim and getting your weapons off the wheel in Xbox is more than murder...
  9. I think Jeremiah is a “Darpa” character, one of the people who set up a project that went wrong. Methuselah, on the other hand is Will’s “old self conscience” giving him advice. Only he can see him.
  10. Having played (Survival-Sandbox) for about 4 years, many, many times, (because I’m addicted) it would be nice to have more random buildings and wrecks scattered about the existing maps to surprise people like me, and keep the addiction growing. Also, hay bales - make them inter-active to use as bedding material or fire starter. Candles....I’ve mentioned before and I think I saw them on a preview of Ep 3?. Keep up the fine work my fellow Vancouver Islanders! 👍
  11. 👍 .....I was kidding with ya, because I have friends continually razzing me on having a console...I like my platform...
  12. Xbox One.....I know..... “the rig is better”..😀
  13. Just tried with the hold button and it worked!
  14. Thanks Raph...I’ve really enjoyed this game for 3 years and the fact you are all fellow Vancouver Islanders make it better. I must say this bear fight has been right up there with Mad Max. I’ll give it a go in a few days when I’m free and have got the update...cheers!
  15. Dougie


    I’d like to see a variety of candles to be found to light in cabins instead of using up all the lantern fuel. Come on, EVERYONE has candles, right?