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  1. Having played (Survival-Sandbox) for about 4 years, many, many times, (because I’m addicted) it would be nice to have more random buildings and wrecks scattered about the existing maps to surprise people like me, and keep the addiction growing. Also, hay bales - make them inter-active to use as bedding material or fire starter. Candles....I’ve mentioned before and I think I saw them on a preview of Ep 3?. Keep up the fine work my fellow Vancouver Islanders! 👍
  2. 👍 .....I was kidding with ya, because I have friends continually razzing me on having a console...I like my platform...
  3. Xbox One.....I know..... “the rig is better”..😀
  4. Just tried with the hold button and it worked!
  5. Thanks Raph...I’ve really enjoyed this game for 3 years and the fact you are all fellow Vancouver Islanders make it better. I must say this bear fight has been right up there with Mad Max. I’ll give it a go in a few days when I’m free and have got the update...cheers!
  6. Dougie


    I’d like to see a variety of candles to be found to light in cabins instead of using up all the lantern fuel. Come on, EVERYONE has candles, right?
  7. Before...I waited what felt like an eternity for the bear to approach while the stim was working, then as it got near, I propped the spear, but maybe not at the right time, and got mauled. Might be the xbox controller or me, but the exercise sucks. I had no problem shooting the bear in pre redux after getting mauled a few times, but this “boss fight” does not seem to be a fair fight.
  8. Just tried it with the stim injection and failed. There’ an awful timing thing with xbox control or just more Wintermute unless the boss fight is doable for this old Dougie....back to life in Survival.....😌
  9. I will try it shortly.....been busy, but I will report my finding
  10. I haven’t stepped back into Wintermute since I posted my original rant. I’ve just been sticking with Survival.... BUT, MrOz, your “stim reasoning” does make sense. I’ll give it a go, but if I still get mauled after 3 tries this time 😀, I’ll wait for Hinterland to decaffeinate the boss fight somewhat, or just watch how Wintermute plays out on YouTube.
  11. As with my thread “Just Can't Kill The Bear”, I've left Wintermute, maybe until they fix this game killer boss fight. I like a challenge, but the program is stacked in the game’s favor. I got through the original predux fight with the bear alright, but not this one. I do play Survival quite a lot.
  12. I’m playing this on Xbox, so maybe the controller switch time is not as precise as a mouse....all I know is, I’m done with Wintermute and will have to see how it all ends on You Tube
  13. Everywhere I was, he was very near, even after laying low for 4 minutes. When I made a move, the AI knew where I was and mauled me as I reached for the spear. There’s a bit of a game killer here....a “boss fight” that’s not a fair one. I liked the original fight better.
  14. There is no countdown, but EVERYTIME I reach down to pick up the spear he’s mauling me...after 20 times, I’m done....
  15. After countless times trying, I just can’t get it done in time, so, Wintermute is done for me. I’m stuck there, so I’ll just stick with Survival.