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  1. I know, and I've been playing this game for over a year now so I personally think I'm not too bad at it but I seem to never survive long enough to get all the buffer memories lol. Maybe it's just me but I've literally had to restart this challenge SO MANY TIMES.
  2. I don't know why everyone claims Archivist challenge is so easy causeeee I'm about to start it again for the 300,000th time 🙃 casual.
  3. It scared the hell out of me!! Lol
  4. I didn't even know moose were in this game time I was traveling in the dark and got blindsided and was brutally attacked. Repetitively. Breaking my ribs each time. Until I died.
  5. I was at the grocery store and the weirdest thing happened. I walked by one of those display things that they have out in the larger aisles and on top of a bunch of stacked boxes was this pair of gloves, with one neatly placed on top of the other. I almost took a picture and wish I did LOL I was instantly triggered and felt compelled to take them 😂
  6. Has anyone ever actually found anything in them???
  7. I miss it more than I'd like to admit. The new music is growing on me but the old one was like an anthem lol. Even my 5 year old says he misses it.