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  1. I did the same. My custom setup is basically Stalker, but with slightly more forgiving needs. Didn't seem realistic to be dying of thirst every 12 hours.
  2. Hi, I'm in my late 30s and I've been playing the Long Dark for nearly a year now. I pretty much exclusively play my own custom configuration which is basically Stalker difficulty with slightly more forgiving needs. I love the small details such as snow not falling whilst under a bridge (something some AAA sandbox games haven't done) and how a fire won't start in the wind. Really appreciate what Raph and his team have done. I also love the outdoors in real life and daydream about a TLD style game set in the Highlands of Scotland including unique hazards such as midge bites and falling in peat bogs (two things I have personal experience of!)
  3. Having a strange issue lately. When I've started a fire which is due to last, say, 4 hours. I'll then rest or wait for 3 hours on the bedroll. The correct amount of time will have passed, but the fire duration will have only gone down 1 hour (so the fire will show 3 hours left). Not sure how long this has been happening as more than once I've gone to sleep for 12 hours and woken up with the fire still burning, but I paid particular attention to it last night. Another issue is when I have cabin fever and I'm cooking something, it won't allow me to "wait until done" or whatever it's called. The button is there to click on when I pick up the food, but it doesn't do anything. Can anyone else replicate either of these to confirm? Or are these known bugs/features?