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  1. Although the story is great, it is something that I don't entirely like playing through more than once. Since I got the game on the Switch, I've been playing it alot, and I'd love to continue onto Episode 4 (whenever it releases) with the items I acquired on PC in Episode 3.
  2. It seems that I did not think this through
  3. Now before you berate me, hear me out. I know that multiplayer/coop is not a main focus of the game. You are meant to feel alone and I like that feeling, but I think you could still capture that feeling of being alone with Coop/Multiplayer. Now, on to my idea. I believe that Coop could help add some more fun features to the game and make it a bit more enjoyable. I don't want 3-5 person COOP, I believe multiplayer should stay as a two person type of ordeal only. I believe that you would have a world set up for you and a friend, either of you could get on at any time and play and another coul
  4. I never knew there were so many mods in the past!
  5. Oh? There was a collection of them? What were they?
  6. What would be some mod ideas that you would like to see in the future whenever the game gets offical support, if ever? I say mods and not features cause you may have an idea that sounds good as a mod but not an offical feature. In my personal opinion, even if I do like the art style of the game, I feel like a mod making the game look more realistic looking would be nice. Also, a mod which turns it to summer would be fun.
  7. Ah, well thanks for the awfully long explanation lol. I know less about the game then I thought. I've always appreciated the artstyle of the game, which also makes it easier to run on lower spec computers, but I always wondered what a realistic looking Long Dark would look like.
  8. Ah, this makes more sense now! I appreciate you explaining it to me, as I see alot of metal exposed on the sporterized Lee Enfield. Do you know why as to the Lee Enfield in the game is so...different looking then the actual Lee Enfield? Is the firearm covered under some sort of copyright law or something?
  9. Correct. It seems that it'd make more sense for the rifle to look like one made for hunting and not warfare. Although it could be counter argued that a regular Lee Enfield may be cheaper then a sporterized one and that is why they would have one.
  10. I hope to enjoy the forums, but as a counter argument to your statement. I don't mean some modern one with carbon fiber, I mean ones like the one in the image below!
  11. Remodel of the rifle: I feel like a remodel of the rifle could be...reasonable. I know that they're going for the style of a Lee Enfield, but it just feels off. I feel like a sporterized version of the Lee Enfield would fit in better. I see nothing wrong with the rifle on it's own, and I personally wouldn't mind it staying in, but I feel as if the sporterized varient would be more visually appealing. Scope: I think it would be nice to see the possibility of a scope in the game. You could find it attached to a rifle or even detached, then having to put it on the rifle (Possibly needing a sim
  12. Hello! My name is A.J. and I'm from Kentucky...where the weather gets from The Long Dark levels of cold to Australia bush fire levels. I've been in love with The Long Dark for a long time. Although I really got into it around the update where they added visible arms, which isn't related to why I got interested. I'm more or less interested in the actual story of the game and the lore, which causes me to have a hard time staying involved with any sort of Survival Mode. I love any form of media that comes from this game (art, stories, shorts, etc) and am still awaiting any news for some sort of l