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  1. You were chased to your death by a ferocious lynx, eh? I didn't think they had put that in the game yet.
  2. At least they could put in a stove/fireplace and make it broken and unusable or something if they don't want to make it easy. Some of these houses are a bit poorly-designed. Like the ones in Milton where there's no bedroom for adults, just a crib...
  3. I like this idea. You could make it take longer to equip the rifle as a trade-off. It wouldn't be as useful for dealing with a sudden wolf attack, but would make long-distance trips a little easier.
  4. Given the limited placement options, I do a lot of picking everything up and then dropping them again, just so the wood falls in nice piles that I would never be able to accomplish on my own.
  5. FYI, signing back in on iOS Safari was very difficult, since the Username/Password font color is barely distinguishable from the background. If I squinted hard, I could see that there was text there, but I had to type very carefully to get it right. Otherwise, I generally like the changes.
  6. I'll add that while I haven't played too much with the Steam Controller, I've seen this behavior using it as well.
  7. I agree this wouldn't be something everyone would take advantage of, and anyone living more nomadically would prefer the bedroll. But I played a game for a while where I was living out of the Stone Church, and it was a pain managing the bedroll all the time. It would be nice to be able to install something permanent if you know you'll be staying there.
  8. I'd like the ability to make a (permanent) bed. With the new update, I've been exploring Milton for the first time, and I've noticed quite a few makeshift "beds" in many of the shelters. I think we should be able to construct those ourselves, to use when we want to set up a base somewhere where there isn't already a bed (the Dam, the Stone Church, your favorite cave, etc.). That way, you don't have to mess around with setting down the bedroll, remembering to pick it up, worrying about decay, etc. Given that such permanent, makeshift beds exist in the game already, even in outside locations, I don't see the harm in letting us build our own where we want to. To balance out the potential power of this, I'd set the crafting requirements fairly high. Lots of cloth, furs, and whatnot. Maybe even require an actual bedroll, which you would have to sacrifice. That would ensure people aren't just spamming them everywhere. It would be a one or two a game kind of choice. But, it would make long term living in an unconventional location, like the Stone Church or the TWM summit, a little easier.
  9. That would be fun. I'd love to be able to use it just to get up high to look around. It would have to be risky, though, to balance out the gain. Decent chance of a fall and broken ribs, for example?
  10. Lockers are the best, hands down. It's pretty much how I judge a base: are there lockers? How many? Are they in a nice, convenient clump? Or are they spread out, with some of those annoying broken ones in between – the ones with no doors, or even a useless coffee urn placed there just to mock me and my dreams of storage perfection?
  11. Trash can? You're supposed to be recycling those things! Geez, just because civilization has collapsed and you're alone in an endless winter doesn't mean you can go around mistreating the Earth.
  12. Looks like we're going to have to find something new to gripe about. I can live with that. Can't wait to check out the new update.
  13. I have this problem too, using Safari on iOS (both phone and iPad). It's been this way for a few weeks.
  14. If you think of them more like Challenges (call them scenarios?), I think it is less of an issue. Some variety for role-playing purposes.
  15. Prestermatt

    Trees (Again)

    That's a really good point. There sure are a lot of them.
  16. Prestermatt

    Trees (Again)

    How about an electric chainsaw during the aurora? Because there's nothing safer than cutting down large trees with dangerous power tools in the dark while being hunted by demon wolves.
  17. Prestermatt


    I, coincidentally, often wrap a blanket around myself while I play the game, so I'm definitely pro-blanket.
  18. Off-topic, but nobody has made a whaling sim yet. I can see it would be a very sensitive topic and get a lot of criticism, but from the perspective of someone who likes maritime history, it could be an interesting game.
  19. Definitely. But say we have trees that fall – but don't actually hit the player, just come close, make a big noise, scare the #%&* out of you? That might be a nice effect.
  20. Actually, no, but I don't have a pic to share either, so I'll keep silent. Glad the thread is revived.
  21. I've been thinking the game could use a mental state meter. You've got some good ideas here.