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  1. I was wondering if anyone knows how I can change my Display Name here in the forums. I’ve been away for a while but I’m getting back into the game. I’d prefer not to create a brand new account, but using this name isn’t going to work anymore.
  2. Still one of the best things ever posted to these forums...
  3. The main reason I don't play Pilgrim is that I'm a hoarder and there's too much stuff to carry around. My current game is a Custom game with lower loot levels, and even with that it took far too many trips up and down those ropes.
  4. I did that, my first excursion in. I started a new Pilgrim game in ML, looted enough to have decent supplies, and headed off to FM. I ended up dying from a "fall from great height" when I fell through the ice near the edge of the map and the game helpfully relocated me to the top of a cliff on the border without room to actually stand there...
  5. This is what I did, except I used that picnic area office instead of Orca. Sure, it's not warm, but otherwise it's good shelter with lots of storage. It's right by the rope, and you don't have to worry about the Orca wolves as you're climbing up and down.
  6. Brave the Muskeg! I've been spending a lot of time there lately, and it's a wonderful place. Sure, you'll die lots of times, but eventually you start to get to know your way around.
  7. That you can get up to Marsh Ridge without using either the cave or the rope.
  8. When any of these things happen. That's a good, if disgusting, one.
  9. Sounds like the game is working perfectly, then!
  10. That's my understanding. I don't feel too guilty about turning it off.
  11. Prestermatt

    Fire Pit

    My only problem with caves is the usual lack of storage. If they ever let us pick up and relocate backpacks, boxes, coolers, and other containers, I'd be perfectly content in a cave.
  12. I spent about two weeks camping out in a place with marked trees, checking two or three times a day. Eventually, on the second check of the day, my moose appeared. I'm not sure if that's the best strategy, but at least I have a moose-hide. It took me four bullets, I believe, but one of those was from a distance and might have been a miss. Coward that I am, I confronted the beast from the safety of a broken tree, and therefore didn't get trampled.
  13. That's why I turned it off in my current custom game. The last time I flirted with cabin fever was when I was making a quick raid of the Coastal Townsite, trying to get everything out of the houses before the wolves returned. Technically I was spending a lot of time indoors, but the idea that someone in that frantic, busy situation would get cabin fever enough that they have to sleep outside was just ridiculous. It's a poorly-implemented mechanic designed to discourage a particular type of gameplay. Anyone playing the game for fun, and not just to set a survival record, doesn't need it. Honestly, if someone really just wants to spend days and days doing nothing in a cabin that's fine with me, but I'd be bored out of my mind and probably get cabin fever IRL just from trying to do it. Now, if they implemented a better and more robust mental health system, that would be a different story.
  14. Excellent. More, please!
  15. This is the first time I've ever seen a multiplayer concept that had any appeal to me. Trying to track each other down, leaving clues, etc. would be kind of fun.