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  1. Thank you for working on this. Losing those badges from the one off events is :(. Thanks for all your work on TLD!
  2. Same here. Lost all of my badges and and all of my feats. I did not lose my saved games. This is on the Xbox one. When I logged in I had a short "sync" screen and it seemed to have an error. When I logged into one of my save games I got those feats back that were activated in the game.
  3. Has anyone else noticed/had issues with their feat statistics resetting back to zero? It seems like this constantly happens to me on both Xbox and PS4 (yes, I have and play on both versions).
  4. Later the trapper mentions following the lines to see who was calling and the older phone systems coming to life during the aurora. I haven't figured this part out yet.
  5. Last night I experienced my first aurora on survival mode while on coastal highway. Thinking about what might be the neatest place to visit, the lighthouse came to mind. I wasn't able to reach it before the aurora disappeared, and I wondered if anybody had seen it. Does it light up?
  6. When I entered into the basement of the hunting lodge used by the Forest talkers in EP 2, I heard a phone start ringing but by the time I found it by the door, it had stopped ringing, and it did not have an action menu icon. It never rang again. Has anyone else experienced this?
  7. Been here for a long time, just never commented.
  8. It took me a bit to figure out that I was having to draw the map myself with charcoal.