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  1. r/notlikeothergirls Sorry, I couldn't help it.
  2. The bear used the force. The aurora did some crazy things to that bear.
  3. @ManicManiac, Thanks mate! I knew there was a cave near there, I just didn't know where. Thanks for the help, much appreciated. @ajb1978, I don't really know what your trying to say here but to clear up your confusion I'm currently playing in the Challenge game mode attempting a challenge called "Archivist".
  4. Hello fellow survivors. Lately, I have been making an attempt at the Archivist Challenge (The one where you have to collect the buffer memories from the computers during the Aurora), and I'm having a bit of trouble deciding on how i'm going to survive getting the one in FM. I have already collected all the memories from MT, ML, and BR. That said, I have done a lot of looting and I have a lot of nice warm clothing, quite a bit of high calorie food items, and a rifle with about 35 bullets which I have been saving for a situation like this. That and everything else essential for spending a couple of days away from these nice and cozy indoor locations. The only question now is, how am I gonna do this? I don't want to just camp out under the signal tower (I'm sure most of you know what I mean) because I don't want to have to worry about keeping fire alive and keeping a snow shelter together. My only other idea is hanging out in the poachers camp until an aurora comes around, but I really don't like the location. A bear walks around there around the morning time and the last time I was there a wolf was lurking around. Do you all have any ideas on how I should do this? Are there any good caves nearby or something? Any help is appreciated. Thanks and cheers .
  5. Methuselah, definitely. So many questions.
  6. K then. I already collected both buffer memories in Milton and i'm now in the ML Camp Office waiting for another aurora. Thanks and cheers .
  7. Some kind of pump action shotgun would be nice. Low range and high power on close objects.
  8. Title says it all. I've been spending a lot of time indoors waiting for auroras and I need to know if I should start camping outdoors to prevent cabin fever.
  9. She says "Can you eat trees?" not "Can you eat treats?".
  10. Not me, but I clipped this while watching TLD on Twitch. Enjoy!
  11. I think elk would make a fine addition as well.
  12. @Mroz4k @hozz1235 Seems a old post of mine has sparked a debate. When I said that I meant don't take a risk when you know it could be the end of your run or put you in a bad situation. I only said "Play it safe" because I didn't want to completely spoil the fact that if you make poor choices and make dangerous decisions, it could end your run. I still wanted who ever read this to see this and learn something, but also still let them learn from their own mistakes (if you know what I mean). Cheers. I also just noticed Hinterland added a TON of emojis.