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  1. Was wondering if it is possible to wear two rabbit skin hats at once.
  2. @ManicManiac, Thanks mate! I knew there was a cave near there, I just didn't know where. Thanks for the help, much appreciated. @ajb1978, I don't really know what your trying to say here but to clear up your confusion I'm currently playing in the Challenge game mode attempting a challenge called "Archivist".
  3. Hello fellow survivors. Lately, I have been making an attempt at the Archivist Challenge (The one where you have to collect the buffer memories from the computers during the Aurora), and I'm having a bit of trouble deciding on how i'm going to survive getting the one in FM. I have already collected all the memories from MT, ML, and BR. That said, I have done a lot of looting and I have a lot of nice warm clothing, quite a bit of high calorie food items, and a rifle with about 35 bullets which I have been saving for a situation like this. That and everything else essential for spending a couple of days away from these nice and cozy indoor locations. The only question now is, how am I gonna do this? I don't want to just camp out under the signal tower (I'm sure most of you know what I mean) because I don't want to have to worry about keeping fire alive and keeping a snow shelter together. My only other idea is hanging out in the poachers camp until an aurora comes around, but I really don't like the location. A bear walks around there around the morning time and the last time I was there a wolf was lurking around. Do you all have any ideas on how I should do this? Are there any good caves nearby or something? Any help is appreciated. Thanks and cheers .
  4. Methuselah, definitely. So many questions.
  5. K then. I already collected both buffer memories in Milton and i'm now in the ML Camp Office waiting for another aurora. Thanks and cheers .
  6. Title says it all. I've been spending a lot of time indoors waiting for auroras and I need to know if I should start camping outdoors to prevent cabin fever.
  7. She says "Can you eat trees?" not "Can you eat treats?".
  8. I think elk would make a fine addition as well.
  9. I watched the video you mentioned @Alyosha from NintendoGalaxy, It's just a concept trailer. It's just the Wintermute teaser trailer reused in a video that says its the Switch port trailer. @admin, here: This video is not my content.
  10. We all are some some point. Don't let it make it feel like you shouldn't participate here. All are welcome! Cheers!
  11. Same here. Also, welcome to the forums @fishedin! Cheers!
  12. When I play interloper (rarely) I don't usually bother with the mail boxes, feels like a waste of time IMO. I'd rather try to get to shelter faster and save some condition from freezing. That being said, I once found a rifle round in a mailbox in a custom run. Cheers!
  13. I doubt that. Even though Hinterland is such a small team, I think we can expect episode three before then. I agree.
  14. I was thinking more along the lines of.. well no type of armor. I just like the idea of clothing pieces offering the protection, that is already in the game. No special armors you can craft, just regular protection buff you get from clothes.