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  1. Id like to have limit to up to 100, but even 10 would be a huge step in the right direction.
  2. Player carry weight in this game is a joke. For survival situation player is limited to amounts that are more suited for afternoon hike..and are locked there. As no amount of training and eating lifts limit even by 1 kilo.
  3. Worse. Idea. Ever. As bear charges player, using something like "6 foot sharp stick" in any way but throwing it(and even that can have really bad outcome, even worse than doing nothing), is fairly horrible idea. First of all, unless player uses proper spear, there is a chance for this stick to break, as bear is one damn heavy animal, plus movement momentum on top of that. Even if bear do not break that spear, it WILL continue moving, even impaled. As result it will hit player who holds that spear. There is 2 outcomes to those and they both end in player death. First, enraged bear wil
  4. Like hunger exploit ,that allows player to live off 500 calories a day by eating only once before going to bed. Or the fact that sticks(flares, tinder plugs), always drop facing in same direction ? Or several other critical exploits that have been around for as long as i can remember ? Are you trying to imply that other developers use "Unity off-the-shelf" ? Because absolutely everyone, who deserve to be called developer, make extensive modificatinions to met their needs. Also, multiplayer games are considerably harder to make, compared to solo games, as there is a whole huge additiona
  5. All of those ideas have been proposed in the past, repeatedly(as they are kinda obvious), especially flint and various options associated with it. But so far... ...yeah, pretty much this.
  6. A checkbox would be nice. "Remember selection". This way if player wants game to remember his preference for breaking branches, then he can just check it and every time he will want to break another branch it will provide him with same option. But at the same time it wont extend to, for example, fir limbs.
  7. Except its not how water filter is made or operated, not even remotely. But yes, with charcoal in the game, water filters should be a thing. Rest of ingredients could be found in the world, hell even rocks could be broken down, with 5% chance of giving flint and 95% of giving gravel. And sand could be found in several locations in patches or collected at sea shores.
  8. Yes to watches, no to durability. They should have same parameters as magnifying glass(rare and indestructible). On the downside, if player forgets to wind it up, then hes in trouble. Could be even several types of watches. Simple ones, advanced ones(with various other stuff, like barometer included) and expensive variations of those two, making their spring lasting longer before it needs winding up.
  9. Most maps have about dozen potential rifle spawn locations and its guaranteed at least one rifle per map, if there are spawns(altho that info may be outdated, but you will find at least one rifle at map you start 100%), rest may or may not spawn. Plus, depending on player luck, he can find up to 2 rifles in each randomly spawned bunker(weapon bunker can have 2 rifles in it), depending on bunker location/type. Number of rifles spawned depends on difficulty, also amount of ammo, and no rifles in interloper. While car seem to have same chance as any other location in CH, good thing is t
  10. We are dealing with either black or grizzly bear, that weight, on average either around 200 or 300 kilos. Sleds, at least what player could put together, would amplify his strength by maybe, at the very best, 3 times. Considering that were dealing with bulimic, who have trouble pulling even 30 kilos, including clothing that he is wearing, there is no snowballs chance in hell that he would be able to drag 200 kg bear, on sled or otherwise. Especially over rough terrain.
  11. Only question is "why ?".Whats the point ? It would be another one of those things, like steam achievements, that are completely useless. Yay, new challenge ! What does it do ? Nothing !
  12. As with games, it depends hugely on developer/publisher. Most so-called AAA publishers are junk-peddlers. Selling flashy hyped shallow pebbles of glass. Making games used to be about artistic expression, making fantasies come true. But nowadays big titles are comparable to McDonalds burgers - they are primitive and completely forgettable after 20-30 hours. Not exactly surprising, considering that leadership knowledge of gaming industry do not extent past Candy Crush. So they play safe, releasing yet another clone, with no innovations to avoid risks, for n-th time. Mmo and shooters are esp
  13. No, this is just bad design. Arguing reality is completely irrelevant at this point. Pls tell me you are joking, as otherwise its the dumbest argument of this month, that ive seen. As 99% of what we see in the game is directly tied to our current reality and laws that govern it. If its not directly implemented, then its implied, like breathing. There are few issues that i have a problem with, but generally, this game is far more realistic parts, than it has fictional. Also, you do not understand term "suspension of disbelief" and how it is applied. And your following argumen
  14. It seems that a lot of players, including me, have some serious issues with new UI in general. While some parts of it look interesting(not to confuse with "better"), to the most part it got a lot worse.