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  1. To be fair, if a company says that they will release a product in a couple of months, but it takes a year or more before it’s released, then it’s the company’s fault for not being organized and not having a clue as to what they’re saying. This is not to excuse the studio’s poor decision making in the past, but it’s good that they’ve learned and are now no longer releasing dates; dates that weren’t even being followed anyways. Wintermute has taken longer to make then it should have, and considering how this project started 6 years ago this is pretty bad- anyone could say “They are making the game better and so we should be patient” but there’s a certain limit between delivering a quality product and taking years off continuously delaying the final product. But whatever, right? People on these forums will desperately cry for patience, even though we won’t get Episode 5 until at least 2021. Delay after delay simply in the name of “quality”- sure why not....
  2. It actually looks like Hinterland just didn't care to put much thought into cleaning up: they've completely blocked the passage, but it's still there if you "mountain goat" your way from the top. There was already a stark difference between Milton in the Original Story Mode and Survival Mode, yet people were fine with it; all they did was put stones to block the path in Story Mode, while making it available in Survival Mode. They could have simply restructured the story line without changing the map...
  3. They have stated in past Reddit AMAs that after the 5 episodes are completed, we would have a 2nd game called "The Long Dark 2" No idea if they would continue to update Survival Mode after the Story is finished...
  4. Looking at a few Redux videos online, it seems that the wall blocking the shortcut is still there from earlier Story Mode. So unless I am wrong, they have completely re-done the area from the plane to Milton from scratch The cave is still there, but it doesn't bring you to the plane and leads to nowhere, therefore rendering it useless- it actually seems like Hinterland didn't care to change anything there, as you still find the frozen corpse with the sleeping bag and the torch near the entrance. Again, I don't understand the point in this: you could easily remove the "tutorial" aspects of gameplay without having to change the map
  5. Nous les Quebecois, on ecrit mals et on parle le francais mal J'ecris les accents seulement quand je participe au cours de francais Ca ne vaut pas la peine- on vient de recevoir la chance de faire des chapeaux avec de la peau de lapins
  6. What they could have done is just simply keep the map the way it was, and added the automatic snow storm at the beginning of Episode 1, until you reached Grey Mother's House. Again, just because they wanted to change the difficulty around doesn't mean that they should have removed what had made the map so interesting in the first place. Now when playing in Survival Mode, you won't ever want to go on the highway past the cave that leads to Hushed River Valley, because it won't bring you to the plane. Such an unnecessary change that's transformed Milton into a beginner's village. No point in exploring the area in Survival Mode.
  7. Never said that it had to be easy... I'm saying that it's a lot easier now for Story Mode, and a lot less interesting for Survival Mode gameplay. I'm not sure you understood my initial point. How is the new Milton harder then it was before? You now go straight from the plane to the town- it used to be that you would have to go on the highway and go past the church. The initial Story Mode was hard for beginners who had to get past the wolves on the highway and next to the church, but now all you do is climb up and down, the only danger being how cold it is (which is intentional of course for the sake of Story)
  8. Mind you, whenever the wolves howled in previous updates, it always sounded like a pack of wolves would howl Now it's just more common, TOO common as a matter of fact
  9. Yea- the change is definitely an unwelcome change. The region is a lot less Survival Mode friendly then it was previously: at least then it was balanced for Survival Mode AND Story Mode and the path made the map more interesting
  10. Great job with the Redux! But was it necessary to re-do the map? I find the direct connection between the plane crash and the town to be a bit disappointing- I enjoyed the voyage through the cave in the initial map. Not only that, but there was a secret path, available only in Survival Mode, that you would take before the bridge, that would allow a short route between the plane and the Signal Tower. It made the map interesting and made Survival Mode in Mountain Town a lot more unique (it forced you to explore more then what you only found in Story Mode) I find the new map to be unfortunately too streamlined- it might be nice in Story Mode when you want to cut straight through the Story, but in Survival Mode Mountain Town has become a lot less interesting. It's too bad because you probably could have kept the old map, while still improving on the experience in Episode 1.... Thoughts?
  11. Relax- I’m sure that a release during the later days of the week is not going to change your life. Lol just play it whenever you have the time to play....
  12. Au moins mes notes sont meilleures
  13. On s'est rendu dans un argument sur le forum de "Milton Mailbag" (Il a enleve notre conversation ca fait quelques mois deja) parceque j'etais fache du fait que lui, ainsi que son studio, prennent leur temps avec le Long Dark et qu'ils devraient admettre leur erreurs, meme s'il nous dit toujours que son equipe fait du travail "jour et nuit". Bref, je l'ai repondu le plus calme possible, il m'a accuse de l'avoir attaquer sur Reddit et les forums Steam, et m'a dit que mon "toxicite n'etait pas necessaire sur ce site". Alors, le compte admin m' a dit que si je voulais continuer de participer au site, je devrais ne plus critiquer le studio, ni parler de leur travail sur le Long Dark. Je leur ai dit de se foutre- je me suis fait sortir immediatement apres J'avais mis plus de 400 heures en jouant le jeux. En generale, je jouais beacoup les jeux videos et mes notes d'ecoles etaient atroces, alors j'ai decider de prendre controle de ma vie et alors j'ai quitter les jeux videos. La seule raison que je continue d'etre sur le forums c'est a cause que je n'ai pas de metier et alors je n'ai rien a faire
  14. I recall maybe 1-2 years ago (August 2017), many months after the UI was changed with Faithful Cartographer, that you stood up all tall and mighty on these forums saying that the UI should be reverted back to the way it was before. I remember many people, including myself, giving you s**t because you couldn't accept the fact that the UI change was a FINAL DECISION.... You just never give up, don't you ?
  15. J'avais un ancient compte sur ce site datant de 2016, et je participais a presque chaque jour. Malheuresement, quand Raph, le developeur principale du jeux, ne t'aime pas, il force les moderateurs a te bloquer. Bref, je n'ai meme plus un compte de Steam, alors je ne joue plus le Long Dark. Je ne sais meme pas pouquoi j'ai creer un nouveau compte et que je suis encore ici