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  1. Always love your developer diaries. I know it's a question in the survey, but right now it's the main way I learn about game updates. Congrats on the staggering sales numbers, and continuing gratitude for making such a remarkable experience. I've bought the game several times over on different platforms and for friends. Looking forward to seeing what your studio will come up with next. Whatever it is, I'm in. Stay safe, and cheers from your less mature, more impulsive neighbor to the south.
  2. You're a good boss to understand that people have their own situations going on at home, even while they're expected to be working, and not pushing this. Thank you for being a compassionate studio. I will continue to support Hinterland with the occasional purchase of swag as I have already bought the game several times over now, and I look forward to the next episode - whenever that will be. Thank you for the update. The important thing is everyone gets through this trying time safely. Wishing you success and health from south of the border.
  3. Ha. I just decided to try the first released build. Barely staggered into the dam and had totally forgotten about fluffy. That ended that lol. So awesome Hinterland is letting us roll back time. It's so cool seeing how so many of the mechanics were in place way back then. So much fun.
  4. Just a note for those like me who bought the game on a Steam sale and who believe they're getting incredible value for the hundreds of hours they've played the game - if you still want to support Hinterland, you can always buy additional copies and gift them, or go to their store and buy some of the artwork or other items! That's what I've done because this is one of my favorite games and I want to make sure I support every bit of extra content that's been released free-of-charge. I know things were "promised" with your purchase and you certainly don't owe them any more money based upon that a
  5. Can't wait to play this!! Thanks, Hinterland! "[All] Fixed exploit that allowed Encumbered players to travel uphills at regular speed by crouching and standing repeatedly" (dammit - now I have to learn not to be a hoarder)
  6. OK, since they have threatened to lock the thread now, this is my last comment on this. I get your passion. No one doubts you love Hinterland and this game. No one. But to extrapolate from them going back and re-doing all the work for episodes 1 and 2 that it means episodes 3-5 will take just as long is being hyperbolic. I'd bet good money that's not going to happen. They've already said Sandbox is basically done and now Story Mode is the focus. It won't take six years. If it does, I'll eat my bear-skinned coat... If I ever get to make one...
  7. In a field where crunching is rampant, I'm so glad to hear this. I'm glad you're not pressured to push your team to that extent. You're all people with lives, and "angry customers" are just going to have to understand that. I am also glad to hear the game continues to sell well. I've bought several copies in the past and have handed them out to friends, and have bought artwork (which, unfortunately, has yet to grace my office wall, because I'm waiting to frame it). I think as long as Ralphael has the incoming revenue and the management skill to run the studio to perfect what is very obvio
  8. Catching up on the dev diaries and totally read that wrong the first time.
  9. Really, I've just been waiting to play the Redux episodes. I never finished episode two and am really excited to go back and play with the new dialog and flow. I've been purposely staying away from the game for the last few months just to build up the excitement again. Can't wait. Episode 3 "when it's ready" is just fine. Congratulations on the new acquisitions - personnel and equipment! Always nice to have the right tools and people for the vision! Cheers!
  10. SO excited for all this, particularly the re-working of Episodes 1 and 2. What you have detailed is sure to bring those episodes up to the level of engagement that we have experienced in Survival Mode. Thank you so much for all the hard work you've put in for us fans. Do you know how large the map in the retail game will be? It might be worth purchasing for me just for that. I have long wanted a giant hi-res map of the whole game - not necessarily with waypoints, just a fantastic map like the Great Bear one that I've seen with all the regions. If that's not what would be in the retail game,
  11. OMG, that was incredible. I get so disappointed in my work, my episodes have stretched to once every couple months. I need to recommit to deadlines. Thank you for that. Bookmarking.
  12. As long as we're all committed to improving, that's all anyone can ask of us. I started a podcast a couple years ago where I got a nice little following, and I'm terrified I'm going to look back a year or two from now and be horrified. I kind of already am. The first few episodes I did, I'm tempted to go back and re-do them. But it's about moving forward - learning, growing, and like Raphael said - reflecting your own inner voice. That's what drew people to this game.
  13. It's so tough to be critical of a game that so many of us have enjoyed so fully, but I have to agree with most of this. I'm OK though with the fire, at least, even if I don't understand how she made it for so long without me. The fire was a welcome "breathing point" after I stumbled into Grey Mother's house bleeding, almost frozen, and with almost no food. I play Sandbox on Pilgrim because I'm an older gamer who doesn't have much time to play and I do it just for the meditation and solitude, so my skills certainly aren't up to where many of yours are at. I've usually been able to stay away
  14. Sandbox, this game is one of my all-time favorites. It's meditative for me. I'm about 5-10 hours into story mode, and the dialog, I'm having a hard time with some of it, unfortunately. I don't want to be too harsh, because every writer deserves a chance to get better, but the beginning scenes with Will and Astrid sound like someone took every dramatic movie they had ever seen and tried to force emotions into dialog that just didn't work because we don't know the characters yet. Not everything needs to be written up front, and certainly not out in the open. That's my big gripe so far. I don't m
  15. Thank you, JAFO. I was afraid it might be too indulgent. Cheers!