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  1. Seen this been brought up a couple of times before, therefore i think a lot of people want this feature, i however am not one of them, but i do think Hinterland Studio Inc. will eventually implement it Well like L²said you can download an assistance program if you're on PC. Or you can write a script for it yourself, i used to use Scar for my auto scripts, but i think that one is no longer availible! ~Hatchet
  2. Neat idea. I haven't really thought of the 'cooking rotten meat to edible meat' thing because i recon it was okay in the way it worked. But with what you just said, now i think there's room for improvements on the current system Ps: You live up to your name Robbie Rotten, keep on bringing up those topics about rotten stuff, you're doing an excellent job! ~Hatchet
  3. Yeah i always wondered why we can't fire the bow while crouched, it's so annoying and the reason i tend to avoid it, good thing you brought this up! ~Hatchet
  4. Excellent idea, odd that this hasn't been brought up yet, or maybe it has but i didn't notice it ~Hatchet
  5. This happened to me last night, i am editing the episodes now for my Youtube Channel. I wasn't aware what exactly happened though, until now, thanks Stalker Mode, TMW Mountain, inside the cave that's near the snow cave ~Hatchet
  6. Waking up whenever you want? That's not a mechanic availble in The Long Dark Thank God it isn't You need to time your sleep so you don't die or make it yourself impossible to surirve after waking up. ~Hatchet
  7. Got food poisoning once from a 89% cooked fish, needless to say i was surprised, but it is possible, i think it's alright that there's always a very slight chance for it to happen, when you least expect it Granola bars are dangerous Never got it from soup and i think only once from sardines, and sometimes i'm forced to eat very low % food. Does dogfood give you food poisoning? I tend to find them often and they never poisoned me, must have eaten over 10 that ad their durability below 10. ~Hatchet
  8. This would be considered as 'great sarcasm'. Unfortunatly, you're serious XD ~Hatchet
  9. Drop bait. My shortest comment ever ~Hatchet
  10. Happened to me in my Let's Play, in TMW, Mountaineer's Hut, all the furniture i broke down respawned after i quit the game that had not been saved for ~15 mins. Last save (sleeping) was in the Hut, when i logged back in (without resetting the console or the game) it respawned. ~Hatchet
  11. TMW Lake dissapearances Mysterious events take place on Timberwolf Mountain once more, is it the work of a serial killer, a copycat, or perhaps something supernatural? It has been quite a while since we last reported on this issue, but today all that changes, a man claims to have shot footage of this mysterious event. More wild animals have been seen dissapearing near 'Crystal Lake' a frozen lake situated in Timberwolf Mountain. This unexplained event has been driving scientists, mountain rangers and ufologists crazy, one moment you see a grazing buck, the next moment it's gone! In this article we will interview the man (who wishes to stay anonymous) who claims to have proof on video on this mysterious event unfolding. (The rest of the text is illegible) - A scrap of newspaper dating back from june 7 1922 Recovered from the tail section of the crashed airliner. _______________________________________________________________________________________ Now on a more serious note, i thought that glitch got fixed cause i hadn't seen it happen for a long time, but then again, didn't play for quite some time as well, so here i am reporting it once more. Don't misunderstand the 'article' i wrote, it was just for funzies, the actual glitch is that animals go dissapearing when they walk behind the fishing cabin in the direction of the downed tree and the rosehip bushes only to pop up again after a certain amount of time. Seen proof on Youtube waaay back that it happened with bears. I myself never had it happen with bears or wolves, those were fine, but deer and buck were affected. Though this time, a wolf dissapeared (it's in one of my let's play videos, if anyone wants to know which one i can let you know) And another weird glitch that made me think Hinterland implemented a cool mechanic, that made it so bears actually went to sleep Long story "short", had a couple of bullets to spare and wanted to kill 2 bears to get the bear coat. I was in PV, caught a bear outside of the barnhouse, shot it like... way too much XD, anyway i thought to myself after 17 bullets (rank 5 rifle skill) missing zero shots i thought to myself now i think it's time i let it run and do some bleeding (used a cheap mechanic of shooting the bear, going inside the car, that makes the bear turn around instantly, good for another shot in it's back, i repeated this 16 more times) Sidenote; never knew shooting a bear in it's back is a total waste, don't use the cheap method, it will only waste your bullets! So then i did the tracking, followed the blood splatters almost all the way up to the bear cave below Signal Hill, as i came close i heard the bear (is it the bear making the crowing noises, or are there supposed to be crows flying overhead?) before i could see it, so i followed it till i could see the bear, seemed like it was laying down, perhaps sleeping just infront of it's cave. I'm like darn, it's still alive, so to be absolutely sure i checked my journal, the stats screen shows if you have killed a bear or not (only use this method if you wanna break immersion), zero bears killed, is what it said. So i was kinda getting frustrated, what i did next was sneak all the way around him untill i could see his head, took my rifle and placed a bullet right between his eyes. Still heard him "breathing", but he didn't move.. Checked my logs this time though it said;1 bear killed Odd, i thought to myself, this confused me even more. So i said to myself, screw this, i'm going to sneak over to him and if he's sleeping perhaps he won't notice me, if he's not sleeping he must be dead, either way i must check it out. As i got closer the "breathing" got more quiet (but still feintly noticabe), what the hell is happening? Sneaked all the way up to the bear, noticed i could skin it.... so that's what i did. When i had what i needed, i went back the way i came, and the further i went away from the bear, the harder the volume of the "breathing" got. Every glitch happened in the latest version. ~Hatchet
  12. Once they get that in order, if they ever will, and i think they will because then they can start working on a mechanic that makes wet clothing weigh more than dry clothing (if they aren't working on that already). And as far as i know, Hinterland Team likes this kind of logic. ~Hatchet
  13. Pretty much what i was thinking about, i don't think i elaborated any further on my topic (im usually a bit rushed). I was originally thinking about a 'welcome to TMW' cabin that is in a state of despair, no stove, no roof, and a tree that fell which destroyed most part of of the cabin, but one side of the building that is still standing has a flagpole with a familiar red flag on it. Some picknick benches around the trail leading up to the first crash site and that's about it. But i like your idea with tents just as much as mine. But i never thought of it the way you did, my reason was only asthetic wise, seems like there is more to it! All the reason more this area needs more thought Good idea to start this into it's own seperate thread, good idea i say! ~Hatchet
  14. I haven't noticed that yet, but if that's the case i'm all for it! ~Hatchet
  15. Unless it's soup that needs water (the almost solid kind of canned soup). And no reason to add water to your canned soup to clench your thirst if you can just drink the water ~Hatchet