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  1. I am running Windows 10 home edition.
  2. I should have defined a long time, I did time it and it now takes about a minute every time I exit a structure, or the game. I understand that as time goes by the game gets more complex with all that you have done and all of the info that it must save, it just seems that there could be a better way of doing this, and not taking so much time as the game progresses. I have been playing this game for a long time as I stated in my first message, so I understand that it will take more time, but when you are exiting a lot of structures throughout the game, it does add up each and every time. I started a new game, picked up some items, went into a structure and stored some items and then exited and it took 5 seconds. I guess what I am asking is that Hinterland looks into this and tries to determine a way in which this can be tweeked. It would be a shame to quit a game that you have survived for a long time, just because it is taking so long to exit a structure!
  3. I have a Pilgrim game that I have been playing for some time, almost at 400days of survival, But it appears that when I exit any buidling, or the game, it takes forever for the proscess to come back to me - this was not like this in the beginning. Any ideas as to what is the problem? I have checked the integrity of the files and all is OK.
  4. It appears that TLD is taking Much MORE time to go from one transition zone to another...that is...leaving a structure, such as exiting the Farmhouse in Pleasant Valley. Has anybody else noticed this problem? Even when quitting the game, it is taking forever to get back to the Stream menu!
  5. RazorOH

    Animal AI??

    I can understand about being blind-sided while chopping wood, melting snow, etc. but again is this not realistic? It could be programmed that if this EVENT occurred - chopping wood and a bear appears near that activitiy, dont allow it to attack, but make itself known around the area when the event is done. I myself like a game to be as realistic as possible, I know that this can get very difficult, but it can be done programmatically so as not to 'anger' the community. It just doesnt make sense to go thru an event, like sleeping, and seeing a bear in the distance, right before you go to sleep, and then you wake up, and it is still there and has not moved. Don't get me wrong, the devs have done a SUPER job in this game, the sandbox version is probably my favorite game EVER. But realism should be strived as much as possible. Thanks to the DEVS for all of their hard work!
  6. RazorOH

    Animal AI??

    I understand what some are saying about the time sync, but for me, the more reality the better. Knowing that I slept for 3 hours, and that the bear is now gone, but where is he now...that is realism, and makes one be on edge, and be more careful in continuing their journey. If it was all easy, it would be NO fun for me.
  7. I have noticed in MANY instances that if I take a certain amount of time to do something (rest, past time, etc) that the animal AI does NOT seem to keep up. For instance, I was in a snow shelter and I could see a bear moving away from me - I slept for 3 hours - and when I was complete with the rest, the bear looked like it had only move a foot! In reality, i should not have seen the bear. I also noticed this in many other instances, this does not make for much realism!
  8. I built a snow shelter, and near by was a small hill. I went up the hill and then down the back slope, and when I turned to go back up the hill, I noticed that the image of the snow shelter was appearing through the hill, and moved as I approached the peak!
  9. I like that you added the 'blood' in the snow after harvesting wildlife, But in one case I had two Rabbit traps within 5 ft of each other, I harvested both, and in one case the blood appeared as I was harvesting, but when I was done, the blood was gone. In the second case, 5 ft away, the blood remained? Also, the blood that was located by the one rabbit disappeared after I harvested a branch by hand, which takes 10 minutes in game time, I then went back to the bloody rabbit and the blood was gone. I mention this because the wind was calm and in reality it would NOT disappear this rapidly. I love that in most cases you strive for realism.
  10. I was able to resolve the problem by checking the integrity of the cache files (thru Steam), when I did this, four files had problems and were reloaded and the problem went away. Sorry I did not think of this earlier - thanks anyway!
  11. I have just emailed you the information you requested. Let me know if you need any other info....thanks.
  12. Yes, multiple times with the same result. Bear is just running in place and I can do nothing but exit out of the game. Thanks!
  13. I was playing the Bear Challenge, got killed, and clicked on TRY AGAIN. When it started me out, the bear is in front of me, running in place, going no where. I cannot do anything at all, can't move, etc. I canceled out, and started the Bear challenge mutiple times and the SAME thing happens. I cannot currently play this challenge. I am playing on a PC, Windows 10 system and have had NO problems until today.
  14. It would be nice to be able to turn one's head to the left or the right while continuing to move forward, this is done in many other games including Dayz Standalone. As it is, one has to look to the left or right by moving forward at an angle and head into a direction that one does not want to go. Please add this capabiltiy to the game!