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  1. I've been working my way towards what I consider an optimal custom survival experience, learning from the custom game I created to get the last 2 achievements. I think there is an "end-game" but it is hard to get to. I would describe the end-game I want to experience as a set of conditions that lead to the supplies getting rarer and rarer, the weather more harsh and tools and clothing are degrading without hopes of repair. There are all custom settings for these things and finding the balance for them is the key. On all of the default options (pilgrim, Voyager, Stalker, etc) I usually plateau into an easy repetitive cycle where I have so many resources that things can get a bit mundane. This is OK, I'm sure many of the players like the first 20-100 day struggle and there is nothing wrong with that but I'm trying to find the right settings for a particular experience that I can only really show with a chart. So please, offer your thoughts on how to set up a custom game to possibly have a similar difficulty curve to the one shown in blue. Please keep in mind, I have very little experience on interloper and these are all estimations from my perspective and skill level. As you may guess by looking at the chart, I kind of want to force the difficulty back up from the plateau I've been encountering. I'm sure hundreds or thousands of days in on the presets supplies would start to dwindle but I don't want to spend more than about 25-50 days in the easier sweet spot AND I want the difficulty to climb above its entry level on day 1. Any thoughts on how you might set a custom game up like this?
  2. Bottom line question: If a lost and found box appears in the cave, which end of the cave should I expect it to appear? Can anyone cast some light on how this feature is expected to work with transition caves? I have not been able to find solid information on how this is expected to behave on the forums so far. I'll test it out if need be but would rather not dump the time into it if the answer exists already. Scenario prompting the question: I have loads of resources dropped (some food, some firewood, mostly ammo crafting goodies) inside the transition cave between FM and BI (items are on the BI side). The expectation is that I will be able to move all the goods to the cannery in a few trips after culling the local timber-wolf population with the limited protection supplies I've stockpiled. My current assumption floating around in my grey matter is that the boxes appear at the entrance you first encounter. I've seen Lost and Found boxes in indoor areas (Logging house in CH) and they spawn by the door (but there was only one door) so maybe the boxes spawn at the first entrance which the player encounters? If that is true then it would be beneficial for me to enter BI through the ravine and go to the transition between FM and BI from the BI side so that my loosely strewn resources spawn in a box close to where I originally dropped them. Then again, I don't know if they will even spawn inside caves so mostly assumptions are being made.
  3. I'm currently playing a custom game (stalker-lite would be an appropriate name for it) in order to get the last 2 achievements which have been alluding me. One of them being 500 days surviving. To do this I've planned out my long term survival journey all over the map. In a nut shell, ML Dam is home base because of it's central location and I am slowly moving ALL of the resources in the game towards the Dam. I'll leave furniture mostly in place but boxes, curtains, ... everything gets broken down and hauled to home. From there I'll build up a huge stock of food and water and basically run the clock so that I can move on to a more difficult custom game. I have already cleared out Broken Railroad, Forlorn Muskeg, Timberwolf mountain. Mountain Town, *most* of Pleasant Valley, and now I'm working towards Desolation point via Coastal Highway. At some point I will have opened every container and searched every dark corner and have all the loot in the Dam (Some of it is sitting at the entrance to Bleak Inlet). It is at this point that I will go craft all the ammo possible (since I will have all of the supplies which spawn to do so) and use it to do some major hunting. After that I'll be able to run the clock in bursts before another hunting session and so on... Doing this has caused me to develop a strategy to efficiently and safely move all the goods so I figured I'd share my strategy with CH since its a nice visual to work with. Step one - decide on a path with outposts. As you can see in the above image, the outposts I have selected are the hut in the rabbit grove, a house in the fishing village, the house at jack rabbit island and Misanthrope's Homestead. Step Two - consolidate all the map's loot onto checkpoints along the path In this image the green represents how the loot is distributed before the player interacts with the map. ... and this image represents how the loot distribution looks like in the map once everything is consolidated Step Three - Move loot along the path, stopping to grab things along the way from outposts. This takes many trips of course but this survivor has time to kill/be productive so why not? Note that in this game type there seems to be enough packaged food in the map to make it to step 3 without hunting but once the line is set I'll go get a bear and distribute a bunch of food and water along the path. In this case, once the loot has reached 30% of what it was I'll set up the same type of thing in Desolation Point.
  4. I agree this is probably an easier option to implement. I do like the OP because I would like to promote gun safety wherever possible. I'd be happy in either scenario (accidental discharge when cleaning a loaded gun or the inability to clean the gun if it is loaded).
  5. Ah, I have been playing the game for well over a year in a bit of a silo and only within the last few months had an interest in engaging with the community so I have much to catch up on with things like that. Had I read what you referenced then I may not have even proposed the idea. I kind of agree. Currently, though, I'm more intrigued than averse to the idea knowing full well its a box of worms. All you have to do is look at the zombie pathing issues and exploits the devs of 7 Days to Die had to deal with just to get it in an "almost" stable state to know it's a big thing to tackle. Even still, the idea is tempting to ponder. Normally, I am with you. I'm a Sr SDET at an company that builds software tools to manipulate images, some of which goes into some mission critical devices (CT, MRI, X-ray, etc) so I am normally the one advocating to the dev team to test more and take less risks. Here, I get to let my creative side take over for a while. I'm trying not to let my SDET brain take over too much.😁 Agreed, I trust Hinterland to make the right move and I'd rather not have them bend to whims of a player base (battle royale?). I would argue that snow shelters are structures so there is a little bit of wiggle room. That still begs the question of what I'll do with all these wooden planks... More is better, imo. It means real thought is going into it.
  6. I think my intentions might be misunderstood. I don't want to remove cabin fever, my idea was to have more interesting ways to interact with that feature. I do have some custom games which don't have cabin fever turned on but I do value that feature. I did stress in the OP that what I proposed would have to be balanced so we wouldn't want to make it too convenient or easy that circumventing cabin fever is trivial. Some methods to balance that were also mentioned. I agree, none of that is untrue but there is a common theme with what you noted, it requires the player to go to a cave or existing structure. I've found some incredible alcoves and passages that I'd love to turn into a "base" but the danger is just too great imo because it is just too out in the open. An erect-able defense (wall, spikes, etc) would mitigate that danger and add a little bit more ownership to my experience. I mean, there is enough scrap wood lying around the Dam to build another Dam, I don't want my only options to be burn it or make a snare 😁 This is a valuable thing to consider. There are all kinds of wild custom configurations player can make. Some people might like having incredibly hostile wildlife and have to battle it out. That is not my cup of tea but to each their own. I think if such a feature that I am proposing were introduced, I'd definitely want a custom setting where it could be tuned/turned off. Yeah, I don't want the idea to come off as too "pie-in-the-sky". There are some challenges to overcome for sure (imo, mostly about exploiting pathing behavior) but it's not impossible. Some times the really fun stuff is hard to nail down 🙂
  7. Is this intended to say "User can [no] longer perform Fix or Repair actions when in the dark, as intended."?
  8. I'm not saying its aliens ... but its Aliens 😁
  9. Not at all, trivial software fixes get overlooked all the time based on scope/severity. In my profession I watch trivial issues go unfixed for years because the impact to the user just isn't severe enough to warrant the risk of change and the cost of testing. Adding a feature such as the one I suggested sits in the same feature domain including the sky animations so it would become more important to resolve if added to the game.
  10. I thought the moon was rather striking on this night time walk.
  11. I see what you are saying but this does not seem like a prohibitively costly technical fix. If the skybox and celestial movements are written at last how I expect, shifting the positions to be more consistent per region is a relatively minor math adjustment and requires moderate testing. Before even considering that, first, I think there is an assumption being made about the entrance and exit of the regions FM and ML in your example. The tunnel could bend. In fact in all cases of transition zones with maybe an exception for CH-broken highway and Ravine-BI the relation of the sun position in comparison to any other neighboring region can be explained away by just asserting that the transition entrance and exit do not have the same orientation. Even if we were to accept the limitations you offered, I don't think it is problematic to know 'per region' which way is North and use a sun stone accordingly.
  12. Early on in one of my Voy games I placed a bed roll on top of some wires in the Dam ... there was an aurora that night ...
  13. I really don't mean to be rude or overly specific here but from my perspective the aurora did not kill you ... your lack of supplies killed you. Sometimes we gamble and loose and you lost this time because you gambled that you wouldn't need as much supplies between auroras. While the conditions of the lose are more complex I think of it in the same respect as walking around without a flare gun. If I walk around in bear territory and get mauled by a bear I couldn't shake then I think that is expected. This situation is no more surprising to me and no more random than any other element of the experience.
  14. I completely agree. I can snap a wooden broom over my knee and you better believe I'll do that if I'm freezing and need fire. I think that boom sticks made of wood these days are actually pretty strong and they are compressed but I still wouldn't need a hatchet to "dis-assemble". As for the tinder, that also makes sense to me. The material is pretty perfect for a tinder bundle and I think it would be worth 3.
  15. Something I expect in The long Dark 2 to be honest. It would be too far of a cry from the spirit of this game but I really like the idea of having to plan for seasonal changes in game.