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  1. Sleeping ... in the dam ... on top of a wire ... then an aurora occurs.
  2. I have about 7 kgs of cans .... won't I eventually run out of cans considering decay?
  3. Much like what @jeffpeng said, I think its a bit of a hybrid and a true analogue doesn't quite exist but ... this one looks really similar. If I was to pick one for cosplay, it'd be this https://www.petromax.de/en/px-produkte/petromax-hk500-electro-hanging-lamp/
  4. My current custom game is at about 270 days. The weather gets worse as time progresses so for longevity sake I don't want to be in a position where I need to trek out very far to get resources in late game. I've looted all of the locations and stuffed the dam full and operate out of the dam like its an HQ, making small stocks of resources for excursions out of ML. This also means I can travel lightly in close proximity to ML stations like the Mountaineer Hut.
  5. I have a custom game where I have systematically checked every ... single ....location.... I recently brought all of the ammo crafting supplies to the cannery and found that I have 4 more Dusting Sulfur bags than I do cans of Stump Remover. Unless there are 4 cans of stump remover in the CH mine only accessible during the aurora (The only exception to my looting conquest) and the fact that your mix match is the inverse of mine (more stump remover than Sulfur) I think it is safe to say that this is random. There is of course the chance I missed some hidden items. Hinterland devs are particularly devious in placing items but I have also been very thorough (Like, I break down all the crates and boxes in every location and tear up furniture for cloth and wood, some houses are vary bare). If I do find that these are equal as my games progress I'll update here.
  6. Are you talking about timber-wolves exclusively? It is totally possible to get a regular wolf to back down. I have engaged regular wolves (pursuing after sighting but not attacking) and lost them in the woods through a combination of tactics including breaking line of sight and broadening the distance between me and the wolf. They have given up when not reaching me in attack mode as well. When timber-wolves are alone they behave similarly too but this is harder to make work. I have been a bit annoyed with timber-wolves not dis-engaging without transitioning "scenes" as you mentioned. 16 hours of barking at the bottom of a lookout tower was a bit annoying but I'm conflicted on if it is immersion breaking or not. Addendum: The reason I'm not considering it immersion breaking is because I have 2 dogs who hunt in my backyard all the time. If they chase a lizard into the banana tree they will circle and bark at it for hours if I leave them there ... they won't stop ... at all ... and it annoys me to no end because I MUST go get them for the sake of my sanity.
  7. I finally got to test this out. 2 observations which are of note ... 1. Entering Forlorn Muskeg from the cave leading to Bleak Inlet does not place the lost and found box at the entrance to the cave. It appears that this box will always appear at the FM/ML connector. 2. Even though I had a boat load of supplies strewn about in the BI/FM cave, no lost and found box was triggered and everything was where I left it. My issue dealt mostly with the cave so nothing negative occurred for me in that regard but having to drag 33k of coal and meat back to the forge in FM is always going to be a walk from the tunnel exit across the muskeg 😕
  8. True, but, food isn't the only motivation. Weather and other needs like sleep are also factors for entering and finding refuge in an indoor location. I had a raccoon in my attic once and he didn't go there to eat (though he did chew some wires....). You do bring up a bit of a twist that might be employed in this scenario, though ... maybe chances to encounter a wolf indoors increases at certain time of the day?
  9. This is what I assume is only there for immersion (other reasons when aiming a weapon). If that sway you mention did not exist then TLD might feel much more like a FPS with tight-locked controls. The Long Dark is meant to be more atmospheric and immersive. You could try changing the FOV and some other tweaks that @MarrowStone mentioned to reduce it but I would try to "deal with it" for a while longer and see if you just adapt to it.
  10. I think the fact that you cannot defend yourself is the risk aspect of the risk/reward system that would be introduced here. In the early game, we have no way of defending against a wolf but we're OK with that in that moment. Part of the way I envision this allows the player to mitigate the risk by not just NOT entering a dwelling with external damage (broken window, missing wall or door section) without, say, ... a revolver, which would be suitable for close quarters. I don't think I'd keep wolf behavior the same indoors either; I think you'd probably expect some audible queues which I would expect quell any fears of being "unexpected" jumped by a wolf hiding around the corner. Yes, but maybe not "regular wolves" since I expect indoor behavior to me modified a bit if this were to be implemented. A perfect example which helped spawn this idea in my head is the broken door at the Cinder Hills mine entrance in PV. There is a huge hole in the door and my first thought was "Looks like something pushed it's way in before me."
  11. There are already several instances of wolves spawning indoors so let us ignore what we currently know for the moment. I have traversed nearly every location in my current game and have run across several places with partially broken exteriors. When initially playing I recon-ed the entire outside to see if i could find alternative entrances but I know there is little need for that behavior anymore BUT I thought it might be interesting if, just as we have some locations where dwellings can spawn intact or broken down, ... why not also have random wolf spawn for indoor locations as well? One caveat I would like to state for this feature would be that the chance this would happen is 0% if there is no external damage to the dwelling. By doing this the player would have to examine the dwelling before entering or run a risk of a fluffy-esc encounter.
  12. I've been working my way towards what I consider an optimal custom survival experience, learning from the custom game I created to get the last 2 achievements. I think there is an "end-game" but it is hard to get to. I would describe the end-game I want to experience as a set of conditions that lead to the supplies getting rarer and rarer, the weather more harsh and tools and clothing are degrading without hopes of repair. There are all custom settings for these things and finding the balance for them is the key. On all of the default options (pilgrim, Voyager, Stalker, etc) I usually plateau into an easy repetitive cycle where I have so many resources that things can get a bit mundane. This is OK, I'm sure many of the players like the first 20-100 day struggle and there is nothing wrong with that but I'm trying to find the right settings for a particular experience that I can only really show with a chart. So please, offer your thoughts on how to set up a custom game to possibly have a similar difficulty curve to the one shown in blue. Please keep in mind, I have very little experience on interloper and these are all estimations from my perspective and skill level. As you may guess by looking at the chart, I kind of want to force the difficulty back up from the plateau I've been encountering. I'm sure hundreds or thousands of days in on the presets supplies would start to dwindle but I don't want to spend more than about 25-50 days in the easier sweet spot AND I want the difficulty to climb above its entry level on day 1. Any thoughts on how you might set a custom game up like this?
  13. Bottom line question: If a lost and found box appears in the cave, which end of the cave should I expect it to appear? Can anyone cast some light on how this feature is expected to work with transition caves? I have not been able to find solid information on how this is expected to behave on the forums so far. I'll test it out if need be but would rather not dump the time into it if the answer exists already. Scenario prompting the question: I have loads of resources dropped (some food, some firewood, mostly ammo crafting goodies) inside the transition cave between FM and BI (items are on the BI side). The expectation is that I will be able to move all the goods to the cannery in a few trips after culling the local timber-wolf population with the limited protection supplies I've stockpiled. My current assumption floating around in my grey matter is that the boxes appear at the entrance you first encounter. I've seen Lost and Found boxes in indoor areas (Logging house in CH) and they spawn by the door (but there was only one door) so maybe the boxes spawn at the first entrance which the player encounters? If that is true then it would be beneficial for me to enter BI through the ravine and go to the transition between FM and BI from the BI side so that my loosely strewn resources spawn in a box close to where I originally dropped them. Then again, I don't know if they will even spawn inside caves so mostly assumptions are being made.
  14. I'm currently playing a custom game (stalker-lite would be an appropriate name for it) in order to get the last 2 achievements which have been alluding me. One of them being 500 days surviving. To do this I've planned out my long term survival journey all over the map. In a nut shell, ML Dam is home base because of it's central location and I am slowly moving ALL of the resources in the game towards the Dam. I'll leave furniture mostly in place but boxes, curtains, ... everything gets broken down and hauled to home. From there I'll build up a huge stock of food and water and basically run the clock so that I can move on to a more difficult custom game. I have already cleared out Broken Railroad, Forlorn Muskeg, Timberwolf mountain. Mountain Town, *most* of Pleasant Valley, and now I'm working towards Desolation point via Coastal Highway. At some point I will have opened every container and searched every dark corner and have all the loot in the Dam (Some of it is sitting at the entrance to Bleak Inlet). It is at this point that I will go craft all the ammo possible (since I will have all of the supplies which spawn to do so) and use it to do some major hunting. After that I'll be able to run the clock in bursts before another hunting session and so on... Doing this has caused me to develop a strategy to efficiently and safely move all the goods so I figured I'd share my strategy with CH since its a nice visual to work with. Step one - decide on a path with outposts. As you can see in the above image, the outposts I have selected are the hut in the rabbit grove, a house in the fishing village, the house at jack rabbit island and Misanthrope's Homestead. Step Two - consolidate all the map's loot onto checkpoints along the path In this image the green represents how the loot is distributed before the player interacts with the map. ... and this image represents how the loot distribution looks like in the map once everything is consolidated Step Three - Move loot along the path, stopping to grab things along the way from outposts. This takes many trips of course but this survivor has time to kill/be productive so why not? Note that in this game type there seems to be enough packaged food in the map to make it to step 3 without hunting but once the line is set I'll go get a bear and distribute a bunch of food and water along the path. In this case, once the loot has reached 30% of what it was I'll set up the same type of thing in Desolation Point.
  15. I agree this is probably an easier option to implement. I do like the OP because I would like to promote gun safety wherever possible. I'd be happy in either scenario (accidental discharge when cleaning a loaded gun or the inability to clean the gun if it is loaded).