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  1. Really love you guys, always on point when issues need fixed. Thanks again for an amazing game 💜
  2. Does anyone play on a projector? I've been having a hard time optimizing color and brightness. I understand that they aren't as clear and all that, but does anyone maybe have some settings I can try? I've tried different combinations, just thought one of you may have ideas, ie: contrast, brightness, sharpness, etc?
  3. Any word on Ps4 in the US? Saw the update page in the menu, then never got the download. Page gone from menu too.
  4. I had the winter blues, this instantly cured them. Thank you Raph, and the team at Hinterland, you seriously made my day
  5. Hello Ralph, love the game. Been playing on ps4 for about a year, I have 2 questions, and an apology if I've missed an answer for these. 1) Will console players ever be able to place items anywhere, ie: matches on fireplace, gear organized on shelves. I would love to be able to put stuff wherever I want, like pc players can. 2) Will there ever be a primitive way to start fire, like finding flint, or maybe sticks and gut starters? Thank you again, for an amazing journey of a game. ??
  6. Already have badges, braving the blizzard for shits and giggles
  7. So I was able to survive long enough to get the trophy, but shit if I can last any longer. Is there a secret? Or is it just knowing your maps very well, because I've probably tried like 30 times
  8. Why thank you PancakeLady, nice to see another woman here. Yes, the US southwest, Arizona. I'm originally an East coaster, so I'm digging, the not digging out of snow, lol.
  9. She...I seem to have the issue when exiting or entering certain places, most often basements. Next time it happens ill screen shot the error code.