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  1. I don't mind provided the videos will have either closed captions or Youtube subtitles atleast for deaf / hard hearing players.
  2. I was surprised they added "Closed Captions" in The Long Dark so I decided to turn it on and see how it works. I only played Survival Mode. I was surprised how the devs decided to implement such totally useless system. The only thing I get is: "Moderate breathing, Moderate breathing, Moderate breathing, Moderate breathing, Moderate breathing, Moderate breathing, Moderate breathing, High breathing, High breathing, Pain Grunts, High breathing, Moderate breathing, Moderate breathing, Moderate breathing, Moderate breathing, Moderate breathing, Moderate breathing, Moderate breathing, Moderate breathing" and so on. That's it. No "Wolf howles", "Wolf barks", "Bear roars", "Gunshot", "Hurried footsteps", "Wolf yelp" and so on. If devs are reading this then let me say that I'm disappointed you implemented a useless feature. I mean, c'mon, only 3 texts? Moderate breathing, High breathing, Pain grunts? That's not closed captions. Besides, those texts serve no purpose lmao. It's not like your high breathing will attract nearby predators. Plus, I keep getting spammed with "Moderate breathing" every single three second.
  3. The flashlights are very bright in darkness hah.
  4. We all know Raphael relocated Fluffy (again?) from Dam to undisclosed location (likely Ice Caves?) to the new region, IF she's there. The game is simple. Find for her and note it down here in spoilers. Pretty curious where she is now!
  5. Oh, come on! I thought we agreed that Fluffy resides in the River Valley caves! :c
  6. Yay! Also, check pepper caches. Who knows if they will have ammo.
  7. After about 8 in-game days of searching revolver and stuff, the outcome: 2 Revolvers 123 revolver ammo 2 revolver books About 8 go drinks. So yeah. Hell, two books will almost bring you to skill level 3. That's more than enough.
  8. I was running uphill and then a rabbit out of nowhere jumped front of me. I thought it was a wolf..
  9. Awesome update so far, Revolver does a great addition! 1. Since you was a developer for the Company of Heroes, could you tell us what is your opinion on Company of Heroes 2, if there is any? Many fans from CoH criticized CoH 2 for being quite different, uninteresting, etc. 2. At some point you said: "game's current performance is preventing us from doing a lot of things we'd like to do, including: graphics improvements, AI improvements, more animations, environment detail, post FX, Switch port, world streaming, etc." and "The Long Dark is pushing a lot of the engine's capabilities due to the size of our game, essentially." Does it mean that there might be a scenario where you will no longer be able to add more content on TLD due to the game reaching engine's limit? 3. The more you release content updates for Survival mode the more I am thinking about how awesome companions would be with you. Namely, dogs. Will they ever be a thing? I can imagine the huge technical difficulties but.. Hey, they would be awesome for short to medium term survivals. Maybe players will feel very emotional once after 300-days survival their one and only companion dies trying to protect the owner from the wildlife attacks or old age. 4. Finally, have you guys used any mocap for the wolves? They look so real. If not, are you considered to begin mocapping a dog into wolf for quicker animation work, etc? Thanks so much! If those are too many questions let me know and/or pick any of them instead of answering every of them.
  10. Thanks Raph, your comment contradicted someone's statement the fact that HL is allegedly "hostile" to mods. I truly appreciate it.
  11. It has been mentioned several times during the Story Mode where Astrid escaped to. It would be great to see it as next region. I foresee it to be connected between Mountain and Mystery.