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  1. As mentioned before, this region is not worth it to stay. Just like hushed river valley, it's pretty much explore, loot, leave and forget its existence.
  2. Much like the hushed river valley (and maybe bleak inlet), this region is mainly for exploration, grab whatever loot it has and leave. It's not meant to set up base or whatever. This is good and bad. Good because it's new region to visit, get loot, etc. Bad because it's one-time experience. As in, there's no reason to come back to this region, ever.
  3. So I have noticed a few things. Do you see this "ferry" (idk the name of it) something where you can move from places to places? Look at it. It's connected to some long lines. Ok, go check the MAIN picture (the one Raphael posted) and watch top right corner between the mountains, you can see two dark lines. This most likely indicates that you can use this ferry to move between those HUGE mountains! Imagine that... I wonder how it will work and how breathtaking this could be. And finally, Compare the Raphael's picture versus this one. Watch the mountains. They are
  4. Dude, it would be actually cool to have furry companions in-game. In fact, I kept asking for wolfdog/dogs as companions in-game, the community have been asking for it since ages. "For what it's worth, I think a wolf buddy would be an awesome addition to the game!" That's actually awesome but I doubt a developer said it, unfortunately. Most likely a Social Media member. Regardless, it would be pretty cool to have companions in-game, albeit they should be ultra rare to find (Perhaps 1-2 each game, regardless of region) to as to prevent ruining the whole loneliness, etc. This could also
  5. Deaf players: Are we a joke to you? (I'm deaf btw) Good update but maybe I wish you should have considered deaf players about this but it's fine. That is unless you put the cries, footsteps, etc in Closed Captions.
  6. I don't mind provided the videos will have either closed captions or Youtube subtitles atleast for deaf / hard hearing players.
  7. I was surprised they added "Closed Captions" in The Long Dark so I decided to turn it on and see how it works. I only played Survival Mode. I was surprised how the devs decided to implement such totally useless system. The only thing I get is: "Moderate breathing, Moderate breathing, Moderate breathing, Moderate breathing, Moderate breathing, Moderate breathing, Moderate breathing, High breathing, High breathing, Pain Grunts, High breathing, Moderate breathing, Moderate breathing, Moderate breathing, Moderate breathing, Moderate breathing, Moderate breathing, Moderate breathin
  8. We all know Raphael relocated Fluffy (again?) from Dam to undisclosed location (likely Ice Caves?) to the new region, IF she's there. The game is simple. Find for her and note it down here in spoilers. Pretty curious where she is now!
  9. Oh, come on! I thought we agreed that Fluffy resides in the River Valley caves! :c
  10. Yay! Also, check pepper caches. Who knows if they will have ammo.