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  1. Oh, good. So you knew some arrows might have been saveable I guess you've been really unlucky then! Maybe they ended up in the center of the carcass, far away from your reach, and pointing straight down... Nice RL insights!
  2. Next time it happens, try to crouch and carefully inspect the snow close to the carcass, moving the mouse pointer right below it: even if the arrow is below it and hidden by the snow surface, it might still be close enough that your pointer can "see" it, offering you to pick it up. I lately recovered this way most of the arrows that I initially thought lost under the animal. (works best with small animals like deer and wolves)
  3. I was about to post the same thing. This is still happening as of v.393. I tried this 3 times with the same result: before first inspection, containers in the garage are marked 'empty' even if they are not. Containers in other houses seem to work as usual: they're marked as 'empty' or 'searched' only after inspection. Is it supposed to be like this, being the garage a special location for the challenge?
  4. When an inventory section has no item, the picture shows the image of the last item selected from another section. In the attached image, I selected water in the food section and then I clicked on the 'harvested resources' (last) section, where I had no item, as the text is showing. Still, the water image was showing.
  5. I would love candles! Did you guys notice the super teaser at the end of the recent 'Resolute Outfitter' announcement video? I don't know about sandbox, but it looks like candles might be part of the story mode
  6. Hi, the description for my 'carcass harvesting' skill at level 2 is: {DURATION-BONUS} REDUCTION IN MEAT HARVESTING TIMES It looks like it's showing the variable name (or some placholder), not it's value. I'm on PC.
  7. This problem was partially solved with yesterday's hotfix v.388. - when inside the inventory interface, it's fixed: we don't have to wait for the progress bar to fade away before having the other buttons enabled. - outside of the inventory the delay is still there: if I find a bottle in the world and I click on it and I choose the option 'Drink It', then I have to wait first for the thirst bar to fill (fine, as usual), and then for the thirst bar to fade away (to be fixed). Only then I get back control and am able to move around.
  8. Fear not! Moose are coming! (some time in the future)
  9. Ouch! You made a new enemy today! He he, just kidding... I recreated the poll and updated my references to it from this topic. Yes, I had noticed myself that a topic created with no poll cannot be modified later to have one. That's why I had to create the second topic. Too bad...
  10. Hi all, based on the feedback from this topic I created a poll to have an overview on the interest about this feature.
  11. Your post was an interesting read, SteveP. I'd like to see some of that implemented, but I'm afraid a feature so complex (fellable trees, factoring in wind direction, securing the fall with a rope, cut mechanics) would have a low priority for the dev team at the moment. I just found out that a poll cannot be added after a topic has been created, only during creation. I created a new topic with a poll. To keep things in one place, please post any new idea there. (moderators can lock this topic, thanks)
  12. I understand the concern that shelter damages might get annoying. But as Hotzn says their likelihood might be tweaked so that it increases as time goes by (but never reaching 100% certainty), just like the current weather gets colder. It could be another way to make the long term gameplay more challenging. Being able to do some repair would be even better. Maybe this could be integrated with the 'Crafting for safehouse customization' feature, currently listed in the 6-12 month window in the roadmap.
  13. Imagine you leave your shelter to gather resources and when you come back you find out a tree just fell over your shelter, leaving a big hole in the ceiling (and debris inside)! Or imagine you're sleeping at a lookout during a stormy night when suddenly you're awaken by a loud crash: a window glass just broke! We could have some random events that would cause major trouble with our shelters. Gameplay effect: from now on the temperature inside will be just like the one outside. The shelter will only provide minor wind protection. The idea came to me by looking at that slanted tree
  14. Well, I explained my idea a little more on the 2nd post above, which I quote here: So, yes, I would use items that are already in the game: when you finally reach the spot you might realize it was a metal container, or a hunting knife, a hatchet, a piece of scrap metal, a storm lantern... whatever can be shiny. And along with it there might be some other loot items scattered on the ground. They could be set up so as to tell a story: maybe it's the place where an NPC spent his final hours, maybe after falling from a cliff above... It should be far away from normal beaten paths, may
  15. Well, wolves do drag themselves already when they're wounded. At first they usually just run away, but if you manage to follow their blood trail eventually you can see them moving slowly, with their head down. After a while they fall dead. I can't remember now, but I think the same thing happens for dears or bears. What I was suggesting is that it would feel more realistic if sometimes the animal was still breathing if you reach it right after witnessing its fall. Like you say, this could give a stronger sorrow feeling.