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So I got a chance to play the Playstation version. I didn't tell my friend but I'm glad I'm in TLDs camp ( pun intended ) .

Nice game, good atmosphere and all. BUT I wanted to interact with the environment so much more that what the game allows for. You can pick up things but you cant put them can only toss items the games doesn't allow you to store away. that Items become available only when there's a preset task set forth by the game story seems a bit too forced ( FPS again there ) ( Sure in TLD you need particular items for a task but it's done in a more organic form than in Firewatch ).

There seems to be an infinite amount of climbing rope you carry around after discovering a not quite so big a backpack. The inventory has plenty of can clean up after campers but like in the FPS games storage defies logic.

Yes I was done with the game in one sit thru. The game "days" are not your own as you skip dozens of days with a fade out and in.

I'm not giving away the story here...which was nice. The walkie talkie is nice but reminds me of too many a shooter game with the guiding voice in your helmet. The voice talent is good and doesn't feel fake good job there but that is what it should be since it's what drives the your game/narrative along.

I mentions the organic feel of TLD and that is what this may boil down to. TLD feels more natural within the game constraints and logic structure. Firewatch mechanics fall down on that.

Is it worth playing? Yeah I suppose a prelude to playing TLD.


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if I wanted someone to talk all the way through a game or a movie I'd ermm, I dunno get married maybe!

That made me snort tea out my nose...

Haha glad you were tickled by it.

Tried watching a playthrough tonight, and I'm not being sexist but jeepers the two women streaming it kind of proved my point!

If i suffered from migraines I'd be having one now, entertaining but bloody hard work to keep up with:

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On 19.2.2016 at 3:39 PM, illanthropist said:

Never really seen the point of watching someone else playthrough a game to be honest, maybe 5 mins as a taster preview but if I wanted someone to talk all the way through a game or a movie I'd ermm, I dunno get married maybe!

I did watch some of the streamer you linked though and in fairness a lot of the games entertainment value is based around the character interaction dialogue over the radio's, something which Willowest skips over a great deal.


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I played Firewatch before coming to TLD. It was different from what I had been used to. The pace is slower, and the graphics are amazing. The story as it unfolds was pretty cool, too. I did like some of the technical aspects, such as being able to see my own character's hands and feet interacting with the environment.

That said, it was a bit too linear for me to come back for a second play through. There wasn't just enough to explore in the environment. And you really can't influence the storyline, the way you can to a limited degree in Oblivion and Skyrim. 

I much prefer TLD, but if I start feeling too cold, I suppose I'll pull up Firewatch again just to warm up ...

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For those who didn't know Firewatch just updated with a huge commentary mode where you can seek out tapes from across the gameworld and play them back in your walkman. I'm gonna re-install just for that as I LOVE the game anyway but the things that make up a game intrigue me even more.

Also a free-roam mode is also going to be added to the PC version and might already have been added to the XBox version. I'm so there.

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