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  1. Once upon an Aurora night. After having eaten one too many rabbits. I soon discovered I was not alone.... run you fools!!
  2. So after staying in the railroad repair shed for the night and after a Borealis event. I shot two wolves. Fantastic ...food and fur. First pix shows the wolves. 2. I get closer to harvest and *poof* they are gone. Anyone else experience this? Bug? Were they ghosts and I just wasted some flares? Hmmmm
  3. In the cabins...caves...towers...bunkers and those poor remains of the ones that moved on to the Long Dark....NOT once do you find Winter_Snow Sunglasses. Not much to ask is it? It protects your retinas against all sort of medical issues. So yes I want winter sunglasses. It even makes Will cooler looking.
  4. .....It was all a bit wibbly wobbly, timey wimey as me and fluffy went in.... I met a strange lady, she made me nervous She took me in and gave me breakfast and she said....no spoilers sweetie.
  5. (Sorry I couldn't help myself )... I was lost on Mystery Lake...suddenly there was a light in front of me. As i got closer I noticed there was something different about this Fishing Hut...
  6. Exactly. the game can keep the tree population to a certain amount and spawn a tree or branch set to fall only in storms and out of sight as we get closer to the designated space.
  7. .....I think an occasional falling tree shouldn't impact tree population. Have you counted the trees in the game? Branches "fall" around us all the time "off screen" and yet the trees seem well populated with them.
  8. I think a branch falling on your head or landing at your feet could have consequences. Vision issues or a severe "sprain" of sorts...sprained wrists while avoiding the tree branch etc etc. Another injury possibility . Heck even if it doesn't injure you..a cedar...birch....or other falling in front of you would add to the drama.
  9. Walking between zones I got caught in a storm. Even though you can hear branches and trees falling...you never see them. Can not this be another peril to surviving storms. Falling branches or the occasional tree toppling over in you path as you try and get to safety. Might not be to hard to implement I think. What do you folks think?
  10. Thanks for the update new sir! Happy Victoria day to you all!!
  11. So in moving from Timberwolf Mountain back to Peasant Valley I happened upon this.... Never one not to exploit a bug or an easy kill I shot it. 3 times. Nope it still kept trotting to and fro . I left it alone in its time loop ...poor thing. Here's a picture with the coordinates.. BTW I'm playing the game in my lowly travel 2in1 pc ( Dell inspiron i3147 10000SLV with an intel N3540, 4gb RAM Win10 64bit Intelgraphics ) low settings at 720p. Better than playing solitaire at work I tell ya.