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  1. I LOVE this idea and the second comment by AmericanSteel that expounds upon it. If this were implemented, It would be very beneficial to those, like me, that like to try to sleep only outdoors al la my Starry Night series.
  2. I think having an achievement for some of the larger/rare buck weights would be pretty fun. Also, having a leaderboard for the hunting weights of various animals would be cool too.
  3. Mine was a game that carried over from the v.200. I sent my save001 to Alan and Raph's email, I wasn't sure where to send it exactly. James
  4. On Windows 7 - I've only had this happen one time. The video shows exactly what happened. Basically, while transferring meat from my backpack to the fridge in the farmhouse, the UI locked up for mouse navigation/interaction. I was able to ESC out and use TAB and "i" to get to the status menu and inventory, all the containers became inaccessible too. I was able to walk in and out of the house fine however. I had to exit the game via Alt-Tab to close TLD from windows because the game menu-quit button was not functional either. After restarting the game, the issue did not appear again, however th
  5. I have the same issue with rabbit snares, and it happened at the start of the same video I am about to post for an unrelated UI bug. It was v.212 for me. Seems like the same previously harvested rabbit is chasing my snares around and setting them off, just like MudFlap33 said. Here is the video, just at the start before I go into the Farmhouse. After that, there is another unrelated bug shown. I previously snared and harvested completely a rabbit in the same area, then reset the snare a few meters away from the carcass. This happened two more times during the filming of this 50 Day Challenge -
  6. Wow, it has been a while since I've posted here on the forums! Good to be back, I've just been busy with my channel, ect... Anyways, some of you know that I did a 'Starry Night' youtube video series. In this series, to push the challenge of survival envelope a bit, I decided I could only sleep outdoors and I could not use any stove/fireplace. I lasted only a couple of days, and shocking died of hypothermia. It was a fun challenge and was pretty popular. However, I would like to see it taken a step further... I propose a 'Scorched Earth' mode. In this mode all buildings would be burned up. Loot
  7. When you say 'comparable' I'm assuming you are referring to Steam Leaderboard rankings. I think you could have both the three preset difficulty setting as they are now, then add a custom slider setting with the understanding that a custom slider setting would not be 'official' and ranked on the leaderboards. Obviously this is something that I see happening at a much later time after they get other game mechanics hashed out for the story mode, ect...
  8. I've got a bunch of these DVR'ed and one thing that is just ruining it is the overly dramatic music literally non-stop during the show. Also, the cheesy cliffhanger moments before commercial breaks are so predictable and anti-climatic. It's like the producers and editors are trying too hard. Pro Tip: An endurance race in Alaska pretty much handles the excitement itself. Just record the race as it unfolds. I'm with the prior poster, Les Stroud all the way. He needs more shows in the near future. One guy I really like watching on YouTube is MCQBushcraft. He does simple, well commentated videos
  9. I was able to open the door. It took some time to figure out how...but, it's pretty cool in there. I won't spoil the surprise though.
  10. As an American I can tell you most people and industries understand the metric system is vastly superior. The issue isn't with pride, the issue is with complacency and laziness. If anything that requires effort in our society, it seems like we spend 10 times the effort to avoid doing it. Just look at our national debt for God's sake. "Why reduce spending and actually pay this off? We'll just extend our credit yet again." Sadly we don't look long term at anything. We are stuck in a short termed survival mentality of 2, 4, and 6 years. I still don't understand why milk is in gallons but soda is
  11. The Forestry Lookout is a death trap at night. I prefer not freezing to death in my sleep thank you very much! One reason I used to alway prefer the Camp Office was there were always wolves nearby to do my hunting for me. Also, it was central for short loot runs. The Homestead never had any wolves patrolling and taking down deer for me. However, with the newest updates the animal spawns are random and spread out. I actually walked out the Homestead and witnessed a murder in the valley between my front door and the barn! So now it's a great neighborhood in which to live. This new change and hav
  12. Weather conditions do affect foraging success outdoors. Indoors it doesn't matter. How much light there is will affect both indoor and outdoor success also. When outdoors, the location doesn't matter. One trick I use for conserving firestarting material is I will use use a higher starting percentage firewood to get my fire started, then I use my reclaimed wood to feed the fire. This way I'm not using up materials unnecessarily with a lower chance of starting success.
  13. I think I remember one of the devs stating The Road was sort of the feeling of survival they were going for. Plenty of cannibal bandits roving about in that story. So maybe this is something on the horizon.
  14. Exactly. I was wondering if the gameplay goal would be understood. It was...100% correct Alan!
  15. As it stands now, all the corpses a spawned in on Day 1 Minute 1 and nothing changes. They will be there until day 100 if you live that long. I would like to see corpses spawned in initially in fewer numbers (maybe 3 or 4, whatever feels right), gradually disappear over several days and then have 2 or 3 new corpses spawn in on to replace the old ones, but in different locations. The idea would be you wouldn't be tripping over corpses every couple hundred feet all the time. Next, it would simulate the original corpses getting dragged off or eaten by the wildlife or buried completely in the snow