Candles. For maximum immersion!


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Never thought I'd make a post asking for something, but after some time spent in this game, realizing its potential, I couldn't help but to speak out, in hope of devs having a glance over this message.

Candles. Something so common in almost every household, they are a reliable, long-lasting source of light, dim as it may be, but with so many applications.

I've noticed that in cabins and houses candles are already present. Why not put them to work? Having one by your bed when you sleep, or one by your workbench so you would actually see what you're doing when working after dusk, or having a little source of fire waiting for you while you're busy? The situations where one might find use for it are numerous, and the need for them is great indeed. At least, from my perspective.

I would also note that providing an immersive way of crafting one may also be there. Animal fat/tallow might work as a source and/or a frozen beehive or a beefarm somewhere in the woods, perhaps? These magnificent surroundings our survivors dwell in were not always frozen, right? There were summers, or something like summers at least, when bees could live and thrive. Providing us with a source of wax wouldn't be a big problem, I reckon.

So, there it is. Candles would be great, and are already there. Let us use them!

And as a PS, may I say that this game is something absolutely stunning. The potential is limitless.

Thank you for reading, and greetings from cold, snowy Russia!

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Candles would be a great addition.

I have had similar thoughts about the potential of the game. I really hope this game continues on the track of realism. It is refreshing to play a game that is both enchanting and thought provoking.

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totally need candles and a candle lantern. I fond a lot of possible candle lanterns just by typing "candle lantern" in google. I wont to know what the devs think of this. I'd think all they'd have to do for the light emission is recolor the flare light. But I'm not a game maker(yet).

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+1 candles give about twice the light of a match, perhaps more but less than a flare or torch. Last maybe one or two hours; great in caves. Warmth bonus +1 if inside a car or confined space like the jet engine. Just good enough to grab an hour or two of shut eye and maybe maybe not freeze.

Sometimes a draft could blow out your candle; candles can indicate air currents in caves for orientation.

Candles could b used for some crafting chores such as fletching arrows. I don't know if I like making it exponentially harder to craft arrows though if candles were a scarce resource. Makes for an interesting choice of priorities doesn't it?

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