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  1. I've enjoyed reading your adventures, @BareSkin ! Thanks for taking so much time and effort to document your travels. I'm sure it seems tedious, but it really helped me pass some otherwise quite boring days this week. I tried Sleepwalker 1 a couple of times but didn't get too far, mostly because my successful Loper starts have been on TWM and Pleasant Valley. The randomizer gave my Sleepwalkers starts at Mystery Lake, and I soon found out to my great disappointment that there are (apparently) no guaranteed match spawns there and very limited water. Gonna have to try again sometime soon. Thanks for the inspiration!
  2. I get ya. That's creativity for you -- it has its own rhythms. I just appreciate what you've given us and I know it's always nice to hear that someone out there is actually reading and enjoying our work. Aha! I had a suspicion about that, actually. I saw an error in logic earlier but wasn't sure whether it was intentional on your part (and the character is wrong) or it was a mistake that you made as the author. I don't remember how to do spoiler tags on here, so I'll just PM you what I noticed. That way, if it's an author mistake you can correct it (and if not I don't give it away for anyone else).
  3. I haven't logged into this forum in a looooooong time, but I just wanted to say how much I've been enjoying your story. Robert York's ramblings are a bit... much ( ) but overall I admire the layers going on here. The journals of the Quonset Manager, the framing of the archaeologist, and the writings that (at least appear to) have been written by Jennifer all correlate in interesting ways. Your policy of "2+2 storytelling" is working for sure, since I'm enjoying piecing this together. I'll definitely never look at the Quonset garage the same way again. Anyway, thanks very much for the story. I hope you keep working on this and sharing it with us! Here's a cup of coffee for your troubles:
  4. Awwww~! I wuv the picture of his widdle paw! Awesome pics, @Timber Wolf !
  5. Good advice, @mystifeid, thank you, but what shocked me about this time is that the game seemed to go straight into the struggle screen. Not even a moment of time passed between opening the door and being mauled, so I was quite surprised! I believe I was crouched as I came out the door, as I do generally do that in CH. As for the rest of your advice regarding the killing of wolves, I wish I could've done ANY of that, but I didn't have the bow in that save just yet. Next time, wolfe, next time!
  6. Nice post and well thought-out! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. A few responses: I'm pretty sure the compass would be messed up by the geomagnetic event, so I don't expect that as a possibility. As for sinew, why not just use fishing tackle as a sewing sit replacement like we do now? Hunger does affect exhaustion now (I've seen it in my Interloper games), but I think it could be much more pronounced. As is, I think you have to go an entire day without calories before it starts working, and it's pretty easy to reverse. I happily agree with everything else, even the mug. I've thought about buying a TLD mug from the store, but I agree that I rather wish it was the one from inside the game. That would be satisfying somehow!
  7. Hmm. Yes, I've had that second thing happen recently too. The strange thing about what happened this time is that I really thought I'd spent enough time walking around inside the house that the wolf would not be there anymore. Usually when I go outside again, the animals have changed positions. Does anyone know how this actually works?
  8. Hey, everyone, just hoping that someone can clear this up for me, since I don't know if it's supposed to happen or it's some kind of bug. In 250+ hours of play, it's never happened to me before, so I don't know what to make of it. I was playing an Interloper game at Coastal Townsite and triggered a wolf, who chased me back to one of the houses. I made it inside just in the nick of time to avoid being attacked and walked around for a few minutes, looking at the containers in the house to see if I missed any loot. I don't remember whether I also used the "Pass Time" feature to warm up or not as well, but it's a strong possibility. Either way, I was in there for a little while as I walked around the house. When I was ready to leave, I walked to the door and clicked on it. There was a brief loading screen to take me to the exterior of the house, and then IMMEDIATELY the wolf struggle screen came up and I was fighting for my life! Thankfully, I survived that time, but that was one hell of a shock. I could understand it if I'd gone inside and then turned around and tried to go out at once, but I deliberately waited a while, walking around inside the building, to let some time go by. Is this supposed to happen? Bug or feature? Has this happened to anyone else?
  9. @MueckE - I think cowboymrh was more upset with the implementation of Cabin Fever rather than the fact that it exists. Sure, it's possible to work around it in most cases so that you don't get it, but if you do happen to come down with it, the condition creates a rather frustrating situation. If it's dark and in the middle of a blizzard, you're kind of stuck. Not being able to pass time in any fashion (assuming, say, that you don't have items to break down or water to boil) means that the player is left with no way to speed up game time and might have to sit there in real time just waiting for the hours to pass. If I'm reading it right, that's the part that cowboymrh was complaining about. Personally, I don't think Cabin Fever is a huge deal, but I do think it could use some changes. In Interloper, if you have no bedroll and blizzards are keeping you pinned down, one really has to make an effort to get those outside hours in, especially when it's time to do crafting or forging. Conditions like intestinal parasites and food poisoning (as cowboymrh pointed out) also might make it harder to be outside for long. That said, like you, I rarely get Cabin Fever now that I'm aware of how it works, but it changes my gameplay in ways that feel a little forced to me. As you say, it's all about choices, but some of the choices I make to avoid CF don't otherwise make a lot of sense in the situation. I guess I'm one of those people who mentally puts themselves in the survival situation, and it seems strange that "make sure I get enough time outside" is something that pushes me out in bad conditions when it would otherwise be smarter to stay put and read skill books or do crafting.
  10. I'm excited! This will be my first time participating in a test build for TLD.
  11. I agree with wanting some way to influence what the default is for various tools. For example, it seems like it should be handy that the hatchet is always selected when I go to gather a branch, but I always do this with my bare hands to save the tool. That means that every time I break down a branch, I have to manually change the tool. To deal with this, I just stopped carrying the hatchet when I'm going out for branches. With fires, I would love if the game defaulted to the option that you chose last time, especially after a failed fire. When you're carrying a large variety of firestarting items and fuel, it's a pain to click through all the options each time you re-try to start a fire. This is most important while I'm freezing to death -- it makes me impatient and anxious to manually select everything from the firebuilding screen.
  12. My partner was playing last night and used a snow shelter in a relevant and useful way, which I thought I'd share. It's a relatively new Interloper game that started in PV. She'd made her way through to Winding River and the Dam, but hasn't been able to find a bedroll yet. By the time she arrived at the entrance to ML, she had 20% condition and was completely exhausted, with 8 hours of darkness left. Getting to a shelter with a bed (even just up to the logging camp) would have been quite a risk. Not even considering wolves, she would have been moving so slowly from exhaustion that freezing damage would have been quite dangerous. What she did was build a large fire outside near a flat area and then build a snow shelter next to it. She was then able to rest through the night while regaining some condition and set out for the logging camp when she was better prepared. Worked out very well.
  13. @Hotzn Completely! It's actually a great feeling to me, since one of my favorite things about TLD is experiencing that risk and vulnerability. I love the challenge of Interloper so much! I doubt I can go back to playing any other difficulty level now. Thanks for your kind comment -- I enjoyed reading others' first Interloper stories and it inspired me to share my own. <3
  14. Nothing against those of you who do, but I'm really surprised how many people quit and reload! I could only see myself doing it if there was a bug and I got stuck somewhere. It's not about feeling guilty or "cheating" for me -- the reason I don't do it is the same reason that I've never looked at player-made maps or watched LPs: pure and simple enjoyment of the game. For me, TLD is at its most fun when it's challenging and scary, when everything is on the line. If I know that I can back out of a decision and try again if I don't like how it's going, it doesn't feel as "real" and exciting for me.
  15. @cowboymrh - I feel your pain. The first Interloper game I had that actually made it to DP and crafted the tools was destroyed by the same kind of back-to-back cabin fever. I didn't have food poisoning like you did, but my condition was very low and I was stuck in Hibernia. I valiantly passed 24 hours by breaking boxes and reading books, innocently believing that I only had to wait out the timer and then I could sleep. Nope! As soon as cabin fever passed, I got it instantly again. I assume that's because I wasn't able to spend time outside. Well, long story short, I wasn't in good shape in the beginning and had lost a lot more of my condition to exhaustion, so I finally braved the outdoors and was killed by a wolf. It really is awful that cabin fever can force you to either go out under bad conditions and die or sit there staring at your screen in real time. Not fun! Lately I've avoided getting the dreaded CF by staying very aware of my indoor/outdoor hours as I move about, trying to make sure that I do my water boiling outside when possible and things like that. It does feel a bit forced and silly. I really believe that crafting, forging, and reading should not count toward Cabin Fever. Honestly, I think cabin fever should only be triggered by using too much "Pass Time" indoors, but that's just my two cents. BTW, I just want to say that I love this forum. A really passionate, frustrated post like this one would have triggered all kinds of nastiness and flaming on the Steam forum, so I was prepared for that when I clicked on this thread. So awesome to find thoughtful, helpful, and constructive responses instead! You folks are just the best.