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  1. Sly

    Trip and tumble

    While been much less dangerous then the open fractures, in game survival settings even stable non open fracture could be great, even deadly trouble. Two weeks of impaired mobility could mean death.
  2. If you are interested, my old 9600 GT barely gives 30-35 fps on the lowest settings (1280x1024) after the new lighting system was implemented. But it is better for me to have realistic light indoors then higher fps.
  3. Sly

    First Aid Revamp

    Sorry, are you mean the real life?
  4. Yes, yes, yes! I want it badly... Intelligent wolves. My dream.
  5. Maybe you are right. But I still doubt such model is working now.
  6. Sly

    First Aid Revamp

    Good post, respected @boshmi, the topic starter! I concur, that it is to simple just to have one bandage or 1 small portion of disinfectant etc to fix the damage of wolf/bear attack. It is good to have more elaborate system with more afflictions like: wound, deep wound, bad wound, bleeding wound, infected wound, bleeding, severe bleeding, blood loss with grades (light-mild-severe) that occurs after severe bleeding and/or after not stopped in time simple bleeding, fever, sepsis and some more. Lets say, after suffering some major harm was inflicted to survivor, 1 bandage could be good
  7. If the micromanagement of backpack is to be implemented I will rather be disappointed then glad. Although it is was really fun experience to arrange inventory in some games like "Jagged Alliance 2" or "7.62", such thing seems is bad suited for TLD. IMHO. But if such micromanagement will come, I wish some variety of backpacks and apparel, then modifiers to the windproof (because you will suffer less from the cold wind if it blows on you back while you carrying the backpack IRL).
  8. It is very good thing to have, I think. Many games already have such option as I recall. But as for many carrying gear such pouches and alike - my opinion is that it is not the biggest priority. As for me, I think that all my gear is not in some backpack, but in abstract "inventory" - the rifle is on the shoulder, the knife and the hatchet is on the belt, something small may be somewhere in my pockets, arranged the best way possible. I rather do not want to do the micromanagement between the backpack compartments and numerous pockets and pouches. Today inventory system is fine
  9. I doubt that because there is no use for it now. It is rather good old simple initial model is working on now.
  10. The compromise variant may be to have some NPC maps and some maps without NPC.
  11. If one or two for the whole sandbox, not for each map and not initially hostile (may depend on chosen difficulty) - as we have some prepper`s caches - it is good to have some preppers to. So, I`m rather in. And if we have the Bear challenge, why not the hostile human one. Like some mortal enemy or unbelievable maniac. It will suit fine for those who want to struggle against " the most dangerous variety of wildlife Hinterland can add - the one that walks on two legs and has a gun". For others there is an simple option not to start such challenge.
  12. And we may need special temperature model for each body part. If you have no shoes - frostbite shortly after you try to walk on snow or ice, no gloves/mittens with strong wind and frost - frostbite, no scarf - frostbite. Now you do not need to pay much attention to protecting every part of you body while total bonus from the clothes is enough no matter the temperature and wind. It is the thing good to have fixed. I am strongly for separate model !!!
  13. I agree. For short radial hikes or between save/safe houses such pot/cauldron may not be in ones backpack. But for outdoors it is a necessary thing to have some light and fireproof container to be able to melt/boil the water. You are definitely right.