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    Flare Pistol Uses

    Interesting! I didn't think anything would stop a bear once it started its charge.
  2. After playing TLD for a few years, I have recently been contemplating the flare pistol. I have had very little luck with this item and wondered if perhaps I just wasn't using it to its full effect. My query is, how best does one use the flare pistol?
  3. I am in the same boat. There were a few flare guns along the trail, but I never have much luck with them. Day four I believe is wolf free. Just the bitter cold and wind to worry about, so it will be possible to go in search of pie! 😊
  4. You can get the two day badge, but not the four day one.
  5. Good tip! I will try it out!!!
  6. Great first night! No pistol or rifle. I am beginning to wonder if I am carrying around a lot of pistol ammo and there is no pistol in the game?
  7. K63

    New item: skis

    Snow shoes would also make sense.
  8. The sentiment you champion is well taken. This is their game and they direct its course, but this forum is a resource for them as well. They can see what people would like to have incorporated into the world they have created. They may even find ideas they like, and may not of thought of that would not be too difficult to incorporate into their framework. We all profit from this sharing of ideas.
  9. I really like the original post! In fact I entered the forum to suggest the very same thing. One member expressed the opinion that this forum thread exists precisely for ideas like this. Again, I am in total agreement! Trying to guess at the difficulties of implementing the idea is beyond my pay grade. This is by far my favorite game and I will play as is and enjoy it, but if improvements can be made to increase realism, I am all for it!
  10. K63

    Food poisoning

    I had always thought that cooked canned food was ok at any percentage, but found out there is a limit. After cooking up some peaches that were at 3% I spent the next day in my bunk.
  11. I am having trouble getting through film sequences. They freeze-up. My graphics card is also old.
  12. I have been playing the challenge where you spend 3 days in a variety of locations. I was spending time in the Barn and when I went out I was transported to the top of the rope area that leads to Timber Wolf Mountain. Just thought I would let you know. Really enjoying the game!
  13. Looks like I will be playing this for years to come! The ideas sound great!!!
  14. K63

    Supply runs

    I like using used flares for markers. They are easy to see from a distance,