You Know You've Been Playing Too Much "Long Dark" When…


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1) You're walking up the sidewalk and you see a fallen branch, and have to stop yourself from bending over to pick it up.

2) You've learned to mentally convert the expiration dates on canned and packaged foods to percentage values. :roll:

3) You refuse to leave the house without a backpack containing a can opener, bottle of water, some form of survival knife, and an old, beaten-up granola bar.

4) When you see a stray dog foraging for food in an alley, you reach for your bow. :twisted:

5) You no longer care what time it is…only how many hours of daylight you have left.

6) When you get into your car, you just sit there for a really long time waiting for the weather to improve. :mrgreen:

7) When you find dropped change on the floor at the grocery, you pick it up and say out loud: "I hope nobody needs this anymore."

8) You've stopped donating old clothes to Goodwill, and now merely "harvest" them into scraps of cloth. :oops:

9) You are always disappointed when you order some entree at a restaurant and it doesn't look like a nice set of spare-ribs.

10) You feel nourished every time you drink a soft drink. :lol:

11) You check the area directly around sleeping homeless people for flares.

12) You often run in short bursts to save time, then spend the time you save standing still and drinking water. :shock:

13) You spend all night blundering around your home in the pitch darkness, rather than just turning on a light.

14) When you walk outside and it's a little windy, you say, "#%$*! this!" Then you go back inside. :?

15) When you see a young rose bush starting to blossom, your mouth waters.

16) You store your canned food in the top drawer of a filing cabinet, along with feathers and a hacksaw. :)

17) You consider how you might solve simple household problems using a table leg and a plate of chitlins.

18) You walk into a bar that features a deer head mounted on the wall, and you automatically crouch down. :|

19) You find yourself grabbing groceries off the shelves at the store and stuffing them into your pockets.

20) You have at least once lost health in real life due to starvation or thirst. While playing the game. :o

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ah you took the fun out of posting for everyone else with so many @gyrmm - lol funny though.

@pillock if you can't trust a true friend they either aren't or you just paranoid :)

21. when you have been chopping wood all day and you just go inside and say darn it and throw it all over you living room floor.

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When you see a household fireplace you are compelled to reach in and snatch torches. When confronted you say, "Oh, they're just burns. Do you have a few painkillers?"

You measure your condition in percentage, and when you get hungry you blunder around aimlessly and breathe very audibly.

You only drink water melted from snow, and always expect for there to be an infinite supply. From anywhere.

You break into random stranger's houses, and when you walk in the door you mutter

do do do dooooo...dooo

You rifle through your drawers to find the clothes you want to wear in the morning by churning it all up and yanking up things in front of your face at random.

When you open a cabinet or a box you feel around in it with your hand without actually looking inside. If you can see inside, you still insist on looking a little even if it appears empty.

You feel comfortable standing very close to bears, as long as no one is shooting.

Deer do not frighten you, even if they run full blast at you.

You refrain from carelessly walking up steps to keep from random sprains.

You keep a treasure trove of matches in your medicine cabinet.

You compulsively rotate everything before pocketing it.

When walking on a snowy day you plot paths around snowbanks to avoid being stuck in the odd glitchy holes.

You expect hay bales to not collect snow. :roll:

You click radio buttons rapidly without expecting them to work. When they do work you astoundedly scream "STORY MODE! IM IN STORY MODE! ITS FINALLY HERE!"

When you see sleeping people you like to pat them down for candy bars and the odd can of "Stacy's Grape Soda"

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3) You refuse to leave the house without a backpack containing a can opener, bottle of water, some form of survival knife, and an old, beaten-up granola bar.

This is totally me!

Thanks Grymm -- made me lol in the office!! :D

You know you play The Long Dark too much when people ask what you did over the weekend and you say completely seriously, "I went camping."

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  • 1 month later...

When you make a post in this topic, only to find out two hours later that it has been removed without receiving a pm stating why.

So here it goes again:

When you see a tree stump in the distance and think to yourself A WOLF! Nah... A BEAR! Nah.. just a cut tree, silly me. (And i mean in real life, as this happens daily in TLD)

Now can a mod give me some insight as to why the above had been previously deleted?Thank you...

Edit: Silly, silly me...


Hahahaha xD

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