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  1. I have a feeling that you would like the band Fleet Foxes. All of their albums mesh very well with TLD's poetic indie folk aesthetic. Do you like Fleet Foxes? If not, what are some other indie folk acts you enjoy?
  2. :roll: FLUFFEH, FLUFFEH, EVERWHERE! --Dazed Canadian Hillbilly
  3. When you see a household fireplace you are compelled to reach in and snatch torches. When confronted you say, "Oh, they're just burns. Do you have a few painkillers?" You measure your condition in percentage, and when you get hungry you blunder around aimlessly and breathe very audibly. You only drink water melted from snow, and always expect for there to be an infinite supply. From anywhere. You break into random stranger's houses, and when you walk in the door you mutter do do do dooooo...dooo You rifle through your drawers to find the clothes you want to wear in the morning by churning it all up and yanking up things in front of your face at random. When you open a cabinet or a box you feel around in it with your hand without actually looking inside. If you can see inside, you still insist on looking a little even if it appears empty. You feel comfortable standing very close to bears, as long as no one is shooting. Deer do not frighten you, even if they run full blast at you. You refrain from carelessly walking up steps to keep from random sprains. You keep a treasure trove of matches in your medicine cabinet. You compulsively rotate everything before pocketing it. When walking on a snowy day you plot paths around snowbanks to avoid being stuck in the odd glitchy holes. You expect hay bales to not collect snow. :roll: You click radio buttons rapidly without expecting them to work. When they do work you astoundedly scream "STORY MODE! IM IN STORY MODE! ITS FINALLY HERE!" When you see sleeping people you like to pat them down for candy bars and the odd can of "Stacy's Grape Soda"
  4. Yeh, torches are an easy fix. +1 to retiring to the good ol' days. This new system seems kinda broken. Like, ever notice that a torch has cloth on it? THERE WAS NOT CLOTH IN MY FIRE! WHAT ARE YOU UP TO, CLOTH? cloth: :twisted:
  5. The real heroes. Seriously, you know they're awesome. Can we make them actual mobs instead of just animations? Oh, fore little crowy nibblets... yum
  6. I mean, I know hinterland isn't purposely trying to be provocative, and I know this is a mature game, and I respect that, but does it make anyone els just a leeeeetle bit uncomfortable to have to look at a naked person every time they open the status screen? I like it in the medical UI, but in the status screen is just pointless. And its all right up in your face. This isn't a huge issue, it just makes me feel uncomfortable and in the main status screen serves basically no purpose.
  7. I agree that the main problem with difficulty right now is wolf behavior. All this stuff about spawn rates is mostly just good luck. I totally agree with the guy that said behavior should be made up of random "rolls". This would create much more dynamic, realistic, and dangerous wolf gameplay. Also, one bullet to the toe shouldn't kill instantly. headshot should be the only one-hit kills.
  8. I see people talking about something called a hacksaw, but am unaware of its purpose in the game. Help!
  9. Hi guys, I decided to take a trip down to DP for a while, as it is the only region I don't know like the back of my hand. I'm staying in the lighthouse for now, but its no trappers homestead. I tried the boat and the warehouse for a while too but that was too slanty, and grubby, respectively. So I ask you-- Where do you hang your hat in DP? And where can I get a rifle around here?
  10. *makes astonished face* Ohhhh...... Disregard, then. Never mind.
  11. Has anyone noticed that even though you supposedly crashed as a result of an event that happened just recently, everything looks like you are 50 years into the apocalypse?
  12. Sounds like a great idea. However, such a building sounds like a goldmine, in fact, such a building sounds too good to be true. If they add it, they should make it overrun with wolves. :twisted:
  13. Errm... Why? I think I get the point- that it would be a pointless item. But if it were pointless, why add it? Help me undertand.