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Okay folks, stand back a little... stand back please... please. Please... silence... let us begin the incantation.

*clears throat*

O spirits of Hinterlaaaand! Your faithful priest and servant Hotzn invokes youuu! O chief executive Hinterland spirit with the great beeeeeaaaard! Blessed be thy beard and the mumbling which emanates from iiiit! O red-haired Hinterland spirit-maiden Bethanyyyyy! Blessed be thy always friendly commenting on the fooooorums!

The players have congregated here to praise you, praise you for the pleasure! Yes, the pleasure you bring to the darkness of their lives with your shining... your shining... updates! Your updates are like a candle in the cellar, where the potatoes are that scared children have to bring upstairs. Hmpf, Hotzn, what are you saying? O spirits, as you can see Hotzn's mind is obscured! Without updates, Hotzn's mind... what was I going to say?

Spirits! I am but a mere human, and so are my fellow players, congregated here as initially stated! What? Our faith, waning? Ha! Never, o spirits! The next update will come, we all know it... feel it... smell it!

But spirits... we have been so faithful... what about a... sign? Yes, a sign would do well to... erm... reinforce the faith! Haha - yes, reinforcement! O spirits, it is not too much to ask, is it? In view of all the faith, spirits? Spirits?

Ooooooh sprits! I invoke thou now to tell us something about the November update, if you be so kind! Wiiiiill it come in Novembeeeer? Hm? Aaaand - NPCs? Hm? Spiriiiiiits? Pleeeeez-uh?

Ummmm, ommmm, hrmmmmmmm...

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If I were to send any "spirits" your way it would be to celebrate the release of story mode, after you're done developing it. I don't want you guys inebriated while you're still working as that might lead to catastrophic mistakes that would result in months of delay :P

However I live across The Pond and sending anything to you would be rather expensive. So maybe someone closer to you could send/ bring you something (I'm talking to you Bill ;))

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Holy cow. I don't know how I missed that summons.

We will have another update in the near future, but we've yet to announce a date. As soon as we have more information to share, we'll let you guys know!

SHE has answered us OH faithful ones!! There will be a pronouncement of the oracles in the dark frozen mists of the frozen marsh by Mystery the sky ...for crows....or something!!!


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I have heard voices!! First of the lesser spirit Patrick Carlson, then of the revered spirit-maiden Bethany! Oooooh... they are talking about hard work... an update in the near future... ah! Rejoice! This can only mean there will be an update at the end of November, introducing NPCs! One only has to know how to read between the lines! Ach, old Hotzn knows the ways and secrets of spirit-talk, surely he does...

And there is something else... more information to share soon... ha! So it is true!! Story mode will be out on 24 December!!! Who would have guessed? Oooooh... spirits, thankyouthankyouthankyouuuu!

Now, my fellow believers, all we have to do is remain strong in the faith! Not a single one of us shall doubt what the spirits have so unmistakingly told old Hotzn! Beware... if one of us should falter... have the shadow of a doubt... all may be lost! Believe! Believe, brothers and sisters!

Chant the holy words with me:

Sssso cold...

What have we here?

I can use this!

Hope nobody needs this anymore...

Ummmm, ommmmm...

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Seems to me Hotzn has drank a little bit too much of those spirits :P

Haha, no, I'm completely sober. Just trying to provoke some reaction from the devs. 8-)

On a more serious note, it is my impression that the forums have become a bit quiet. Maybe I am mistaken, maybe it is just the fact that I am currently so hungry for some information on the development of TLD, but still... it looks to me as if people are making less suggestions, there is less discussion. I am starting to lose interest a bit, playing other games and such. But I really don't want to lose interest. I need something, some rough info. It would be totally OK not to have a November update. It only would help me so much to know what they are planning... :|

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This happens every time it's been a while since the last update. People will become less active on the forums. After a new update, especially updates that give us new maps or new mechanics, people will get much more active again.

If TLD is going to be released before the end of the year and we are to get another update before that, that update should be released any time now.

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What I can observe of the game is that several of the game mechanics such as meat decay may have changed as well as certain animal behavior. There is much we can do as a community to help take up the slack as the devs focus on getting the story mode out. The most comprehensive work I have found so far is on the wikia wiki for TLD. It's ongoing work done by volunteers in the game community and I think a lot of what we lack now is a clear understanding of meat decay factors. I was interested to see much speculation on the subject such as room temperature affecting meat decay. We can do this as a community or wish for documentation that never comes. I don't think they want to tell us everything but on the other hand, knowing how things work is important for planning for the long haul and to optimize meat harvesting and cooking. The nasty weather made things difficult in the past but that seems to have mellowed out with the recent releases.

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