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I tweeted Raph about this and he retweeted to @Twitch, but I think it fell on deaf ears. Twitch still does not have a game category for TLD. As most of you know, in addition to the Let's Play videos I do for TLD, I do some livestreaming about once per week or so also on Twitch.

Based on prior questions posed to Twitch, apparently Twitch has to verify with the developer studio that people are allowed to livestream the game in question. I just wanted to see if the devs could reach out again to Twitch. I'm not exactly sure what is the best way to reach out, but it seems that tweeting them @twitch doesn't do much. I did post a question asking them to add it with the Hinterland contact info I am privy to, but I'm not very confident that will have any results.

It's not that I can't livestream The Long Dark right now. It's that I am being forced to categorize it as another game. So I've been using The Forest since it's the same sort of genre...even though we all know TLD is in it's own league. I think getting this sorted out would help build anticipation of TLD going into September.

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Very odd. I see the game directory using the link that robdoar provided. I also see where there are several archived streams in the video's section, including one of mine.

However, I'm still not able to select the game on my channel (like every other game) to show that I'm currently playing it. The closest I can get is "The Longest Journey" when I type in The Long*. (the same field that I took a pic of and Raph retweeted to Twitch)

I'll keep digging and see why it's sorta working... probably an ID-10-T error on my end.

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Well I posted a question on their Help forum last night and got a response: ... -long-dark

Basically I was able to manually add "The Long Dark" myself as long as there was a direct link to an article for it on, which there was:

Using this simple form with the giantbomb URL, I was able to make the request. (I guess giantbomb verifies it's an actual game): ... o/viewform

It's pretty strange though that it seems like it was partially available on Twitch. It's not exactly user-friendly or efficient by any means.

Thanks for the help on this btw!

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Twitch uses GiantBomb's database to add games to their directory so yeah, you needed to submit the game to them.

If you get approved then the GiantBomb's TLD image will become the image of the TLD twitch directory and you'll be able to add it as your played game on your stream!

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I found that manually typing in "The Long Dark" in a specific sequence worked. Hopefully this helps anyone else who might run into this issue.

Step 1: After Twitch sign on. Select your "Channel".

Step 2: Click "Edit" next to your Twitch name at the top of your Channel Screen.


Step 3: Select "Playing" from the pull down menu.

Step 4: Type in "The Long Dark"

Step 5: Click "Done"


Step 6: Click on your channel's "Dashboard"

(notice just below the title it appears that I'm playing The Long Dark, we are now ready to broadcast in Twitch's game channel list. However to actually send out alert notifications to your followers you need to do a couple more steps -- stupid I know)


Step 7: Click on the Not Playing/Playing pull down (deja vu anyone??) and select "Playing"

Step 8: Type in "The Long Dark"

Step 9: Click "Update"



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So where do we stand on this? Should I get in touch with the Giant Bomb guys to verify we are a game (they know b/c they are playing it) so we can get this sorted out?

Yes, I think that might be necessary (an "official" contact from the studio). It's currently possible to set up a page and channel, but The Long Dark can't even be searched in their Game Directory, so only way to reach the channels right now is through the forum link. Everybody is pretty much having to just play stream the game under their Forest or DayZ game channel right now in order for viewers to spot it.

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  • Hinterland

Here's the Giant Bomb page for The Long Dark:

(I've edited it a bit, but those changes won't go live until a moderator approves them.)

Seems like now it should be enough to point Twitch to that page on GiantBomb since they use it to validate their list. I'll see if I can find some contact info for twitch to see if I can move that along.

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