No point hunting bears/moose bellow Interloper


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Except hunting your first Moose for the satchel, hunting those animals are pointless on stalker or bellow.

For food, yeah maybe, but you can also get a lot of meat from wolfs for much less trouble...

On my first playthrough on stalker I did craft all the animal clothing, I thought it was a no-brainer choice, since they are hard and require lots of skins time to make. On my second playthrough I started to compare them with industrial looted clothes and realized they don't stand a chance. With further research I discovered that the best industrial clothing are not available on interloper, and for that reason, crafting animal clothing is a thing. For all other difficulties, crafting animal clothing is a bad choice.

Now when I kill a bear, I don't even bother getting it's leather... that's is sad IMO, you should want this resource.

For that reason I suggest a new skill in the game, maybe Leatherwork, witch increase the quality of the crafted clothing at every level, or even better, simple reduce it's weight.

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I don't think that all game mechanics (and regions) need to make sense on all difficulty levels. I think Stalker and Interloper are just two very different ways to play the game (where one is not better than the other, just different).

On interloper, regions like Bleak Inlet and Blackrock don't make much sense, while they are likely great regions for Stalker, with all the guns, bullets and targets. On Stalker, hunting bear and moose might not make much sense, while on Interloper you really need the hides.

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The cost of ammo for moose and bear is a lot less than having to kill numerous wolves for the same amount of meat...

And there's also less threats for a while, plus it's fun and a challenge.

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The crafted clothing still offer some different trade offs. For one, the crafted coats are great protection. Skilled players in Stalker are more likely to die to animal attacks than anything else, so higher protection clothing is safer. I would take the moose hide cloak over the ballistic vest. 

I think your suggestion is a good one though. A skill for crafting animal skin clothing makes a lot of sense. Our character is a poor cook and inexperienced mender at the start of a run, but we can make a perfect fur coat no problem. I always felt like there was a skill missing when it comes to crafting. Maybe mending skill can tie into crafting clothes.


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