The Old Mountain/Rock Textures


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So, this is a little bit of a nitpicky, maybe even weird, thing to start a discussion about, but it is something I think could be worth to see changed in the game at one point. For quite a while now Hinterland has used an updated version of textures for rocks/mountains for new regions for quite a while now, which looks, for the most part, amazing! In fact, it looks so good that the old texture looks like they were photoshopped back in the 90's lol. It is especially telling in spots where you can see both versions, and the new texture is without a doubt the superior version. They looks so different that it kind of looks... ''ugly'' at these spots where they are blended together, which made me think a little bit.

A lot of regions still uses the old texture, which is somewhat of a shame. I think it would be really nice to think about maybe updating those regions with the new texture at some point, so that every region has more consistency. It is a small detail, and something probably most people don't even care about, or even notices, but I like to think about the small details in games. Are there anyone who share a similar opinion, or do you not care at all? Would be interested to hear.

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2 hours ago, Serenity said:

Higher resolution textures in general are something I'm hoping for with that promised graphical update. There are a lot of things that don't look good up close. Inside buildings too.

So do I. The graphical improvements we have gotten so far has mostly been tied with new content, instead of updating what is already in the game. I do like new improvements, though I wished they focused more on higher resolution textures as well. As of now, only a few things has been upgraded with better textures, like meat. I hope that we'll see a bit more upgraded textures within the last two updates of the DLC.

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10 hours ago, Leeanda said:

If I'm honest I prefer the older style, it's not as harsh..  sometimes simpler is better..

The style of the game comes largely from the water color look and the lighting. It's possible to keep that and update the resolution a bit. People aren't asking for realism here.

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The new look is more realistic... And it's that that I feel doesn't go with the rest of the textures...    I'm also not a fan of the new frozen carcass look for the same reason.... It's the original artwork that makes this game so much more unique and beautiful...  

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