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I think it would be a really good idea if we were able to make jerky or dry/smoke meat so it would decay much much slower. Also i feel like the rate of decay is still way too fast considering below freezing tempetures. 

It'd also be neat if ocasionally we found food that was FROZEN, like it had to be warmed up or thawed out before you could even begin to cook it.

Also why arnt snowballs a thing? I mean rocks work great for startling animals and stuff but they dont spawn everwhere. Obviously there should be drawbacks like you cant carry multiple of them and holding one makes your gloves get wet faster or increases your frostbite risk or something 

I really hope they add a sled into the game, i know their adding a travails thingy but wouldnt a sled make almost more sense? Imagine being able to zoom down steep hills in seconds, even if you cant ride them you could still pile stuff ontop

Also does anyone find it strange there isnt a single hardware store or anything like a cafe or small resturant? I know its middle of nowhere island but i live in the middle of nowhere country and we still have a little place for locals to eat out at.

And a sawmill! Theres a ton of logging but nowhere the logs would be processed, hope an additional area for it gets added to the far territories, we could even use it during the aurora to make stuff for crafting, like planks and arrow shafts, be a great way to keep using bows after you gather all the birtch saplings

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And if we place various large snowballs ❄❄❄ we can make a snowman with sticks and a hat and scare the wolves ... or attract them and let them destroy the snowman 😥

Now seriously, salting the meat or smoking it would be a great improvement to not having to hunt so much, I would strongly support it 👍 

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