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The most exciting, although challenging, days are when you are new to the game and know nothing about the region.   In those days you might have to sleep out in a mist or storm only to find that there was a cave very close.   They can be hard days, but that's what makes it exciting, suspense-filled and a great game.

Don't spoil and lose those days by jumping to the detailed third party maps and spoiler websites.

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Without spoiling too much of the experience:

  • Don't use matches directly to start a fire. Find (Or craft a torch in the crafting menu) a torch, use 1 match to start the torch, and then use the torch to start a fire. This will save you A LOT of matches.
  • Don't always try to keep your hunger bar full. You will only lose around 1% health (condition) per in-game hour, which is nothing. Instead, just eat enough food to sleep the night, which you will gain all of the health you lost (Ex: It should display something like 750 calories to sleep 11 hours, depending on your difficulty).
  • Don't give up. Even if it is a blizzard and you have no clue how to navigate, always give it your best.
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Possible spoilers:

My advice:  Try to figure out as much as you can on your own (while still enjoying the game!).  The exploration and discovery are some of the greatest strengths of the game and once you play enough to memorize areas, that is gone forever (I'm still looking into a selective "long dark brain/memory wipe" :))

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i think you should explore the game on your own a little bit. checking the forums after struggling with something over and over or being curious about something is what i would suggest.

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A real-life tip: when you're lost in the wilderness and can't expect a search party, go downhill until you find water, then follow the water downstream until you find people.  I used this pretty often when I was getting started on the game and didn't know the maps at all, and it worked pretty reliably (though not universally). 

I agree with the previous posters that figuring stuff out for one's self is part of the fun; I'll also add that, in my experience, TLD is most enjoyable when you're not worrying too much about playing it perfectly (whatever that means). Go mess around in the cold. 

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I took a look at my profile and think that if you want to change the profile name that shows on the forums you may have to create another log in.  I didn't see any option (didn't look hard) that might have led to doing what you want.  Maybe account settings?

Might ask on the technical discussion forum.  

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