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  1. @UpUpAway95 I guess in roll play terms, I slipped and you were just about to sneak past those wolves when... Bzzzz Bzzzz. 😄
  2. Climbing a rope, stop at a ledge. Pause game. Return five minutes later. Assume I'm holding the rope that's right before me, press forwards to climb. Move forwards, then down, down, down....
  3. I love Monolith lake, making camp at Watchful falls cave. It's the open and wild. But it's a long horrible journey there. So when I start feeling a bit safe and comfortable in Mystery Lake, I tool up and set off for a holiday at Monolith lake, until I once again long for the cosy workbench in the camp office.
  4. Worst: that rare unexpected achievement pop up just as I step outside. 2nd worse: turning from the furnace in Spence's to find two wolves wedged under the workbench. (But then you get used to that sort of thing at Spence's)
  5. @Ahatch I too have only found the one pair. What's that about!? I've got a whole museum of toques... But underwear? Should be called "underrare"... (oooooh, I can't believe I just said that... Wait...yes I can)
  6. @ManicManiac I agree with your perspective on not making it harder. Taking that useful succinct description of the fire being valuable: cosider that, with a modest set of clothes, you can walk into many buildings and get positive temp arrows - i.e. you don't need fire. So we could say fire is devalued by these warm buildings. So I wonder if this makes it too hard? These buildings currently save you from freezing and hypothermia on entry. If a fire was needed to warm them, you'd have to ensure you have a the means and time to get a fire going.
  7. @StrangerFromTheInternet I think that makes slot of sense! @ManicManiac I appreciate what your frequently saying about whether HL would see a feature as worthwhile or not - I do cost/benefit stuff with Devs for a living. I'm just keen to see what players, such as you, feel an idea would mean for game play rather than the dev backlog 🙂
  8. @UpUpAway95 ah, no formula but one would be of limited use as the weather/temps affect it so even if you stay out the fire duration will vary, especially on long fires. I generally assume an outdoor fire will last 60% longer and so far experience says that's a good guide for a 1-2 be period. Longer periods = bigger swings in temp and so duration.
  9. @SerenityIt's great isn't it! I've no perks but with similar kit on Loper day 100 I'm getting the odd afternoon with some up arrows - it's like happy hour! I generally make a point of using it to hack up a tree limb without a fire. It's amazing!
  10. The fire dynamics a well discussed elsewhere. I believe fire duration depends on the environment temps, not where the fire is, but wherever the player is. This can be exploited and is one reason I prefer fires outside. The outdoor-fire mechanics aside, do you think this building heat dynamic would affect your play?
  11. Late to the party on the stim question but @Raphael van Lierop I think they're great. Like @ajb1978 I save them, never judging a situation dire enough to warrant one. Except that is for a true Stim moment: ravaged by accidental food poisoning and exposure from consequential rieshi hunting, I low-condition-stumbled into the fire I was cooking on and burns dropped me 1 or 2%. I was sure the dark was about take me. Then I remembered the stim I'd long carried. It was salvation. Nothing else would have saved that (except the recent improvements to avoid accidentally eating uncooked meat but that's not the point). Its a moment I'll always remember. So yes, the stim is great.
  12. Z@ManicManiac it's great Raphael talks about this. While this idea is a step towards realism, as @UpUpAway95 illustrates, I suggest it for gameplay reasons. Specifically regarding fire. I never light a fire inside. I am playing Loper with a mind towards optimisation. Now that's not needed in every game mode but optimising is the stuff of survival and of decision making. So this indoor heat mechanic does a few things: makes indoor fires necessary as buildings off start colder. the heat from indoor fires goes further as it last beyond the fire. I think that adds to the decision making but not necessarily in a good way for the early game's pacing.
  13. I like the two step process and crafting requirements. But I'm with @odizzido on how long it takes - you should just do it until it works or you cancel. However., I feel it all gets quite complicated from a player experience perspective. So for gameplay I'd just fold it into the existing mechanics. The fire bow is craftable but then works like other ignition sources - use to start fire, but it with low success rate. It seems fair that it improves with fire lighting.
  14. Early game, especially on higher levels, being able to dive into a building with a temp of just a few degrees below zero is life saving. I'd just like to discuss an alternative approach to temps in these buildings: What if they reacted to the environment more? What if a fire really warmed them up and then they held their heat for some time? What if the weather affected how quickly that heat dwindled? The cosy fire is part of the games chemistry. I think this sort of dynamic could add to that. After all, if you've had the pot belly blasting out 60 degrees for 10 hours, it's not going to be cold 1 hour later... But this of course has other implications for this game which is of course an emulator, not a simulator. But what do you think? Edit: typo.
  15. @Gravos, welcome to the Loper life! As @Jimmy implies, the best struggle tool is avoidance 😀. I carry the knife because it's light and good for harvesting speed but I aim to avoid and even carry slivers of meat to bribe those would be attackers. The ML office is solid. Closer to stuff than trappers. The cave on the hill opposite can be reached safely even in blizzards (sprains happen). Cabin fever however never bothers me as I try to be out fuel hunting everyday from early afternoon until late. When the weather sucks, that's the time to craft. Any early game in Loper, you want to your the world for free calories and stuff before the weather gets colder. Right now I'm having a camping holiday at marsh ridge but I'll return to the office soon enough. Good luck!