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  1. Welcome @RobTheFurious342 my tip is play interloper. It's almost a different game but so rewarding. Maybe get familiar with a few maps on the easier difficulties first. Gameplay wise. The tips that served me best were: Pick up every stick; chain torches to travel with fire and 5 cattails are food enough for a decent night's sleep. Good luck to you!
  2. "Didn't live up to the commercials" 😄 where have I heard that before since the invention of marketing! I have similar complaints. Cut scenes, I mean, these cut scenes! You know I've played 1000+ hours now without seeing one! Just surviving day after day with nothing but the odd wolf struggle... i really don't think that's good cutscene value for money. And the controls goodness yes! I can't find the button to start a car, turn on a heater, flush the toilet - you'd think this pretty fundamental stuff that play testers would pick up!? And as for help, don't even think about it! Nothing in my local library, my parents haven't a clue. I even put an add in the local paper 'free 24/7 access to supportive gamer community wanted' but, nope, zip. I came here to complain but the OP took the words right out of my mouth. Thank goodness. What a con. Outrageous.
  3. @TLD I play Loper and, for the longest time, I always said avoid wolves, because they're near always avoidable. But the AI has changed. Yesterday a wolf wouldn't leave me alone, wouldn't be paid off with meat. I thought I lost it in some steep ground and trees. Then it was on me. At the end of the struggle my earwrap was ruined. Earwrap Ruined. The wolves are now for killing. I've never been one for killing them so it's new to me. The first two I took on ended in struggles. The next four all died without laying a tooth on me. Here's what I've learned. The arrow shot scares them, so long as it lands near them. So. With your bow, line the wolf up somewhere it won't dodge into cover. Aim. The wolf will zigzag. Follow it and shoot either when you have a shot or just before its on you. Aim for the chest. So far this has scared it off, killed it or, worst case, sent it running with an arrow in it. My earwrap will be avenged.
  4. Just returned to TLD and, on Loper, found the campfire useless Vs an aurora wolf on TWM. I assume it wasn't a Timberwolf (?) Is that a change? That video was great. Thanks @Lohaan. I feel your pain @GustuvWynd but my policy is to avoid wolves whenever possible, decoying them if needed and only putting an arrow in one if I can do it from a safe vantage. I've always found anything else too risky.
  5. Agree with the thrust of @odizzido and others: wind extinguished fires should leave harvestable wood. While we're here. Test my theory: wind tends to blow in from the direction you're facing (to annoy you!) So tend your fire facing the direction it's sheltered from.
  6. Actually, I think the time issue is workable and even, hear me out, adds to the coop experience. To support coop the game would simply only speed up if both players were speeding up time. This WOULD suck if one player wants 12 hours sleep and the other wants fun. But that's the coop op bit - you have to plan how you spend your time together. (Aww. That sounds so sweet). Cooperate or be a bit bored. 😀 The bigger issue for me is that coop just undermines the key aspects that make the game - risk, self reliance, loneliness. But still. I'm sure coop would be fun. It's just not what the games about thematically.
  7. No time to play 😭😭😭 at least I can read about the fun 😁
  8. I play Loper but this is my first 4Don (somehow missed it other years). I take it we all spawn in CH? Loot a few places, including the gas station. Now heading for TWM. Got hacksaw, bedroll and coffee. So many matches! Hope to summit while animals are missing. Quite liking not knowing what will come next.
  9. Stone


    @WolfWhacker sshh, don't give the game away.. But seriously, who says that's an exploit? I save coffee to pep me up for long journeys with rope climbs. If you use it for sprinting you're still gonna run out of coffee after a few weeks.
  10. @kristaok I think it could be implemented in the UI interface where you find pass time. You could have the option to bivouac and regain energy at a lower rate than sleeping with no other benefits. This is inherently about realism but the why of adding that is it opens another choice to the problem solving player. Your going to be severely disadvantaged if your resting via bivvy only: is that choice better than the alternatives? I don't think it ruins the sleep/pass time option in terms of gameplay either. It would green the world design up to provide less beds or make the bedroll a bit heavier.
  11. @Deseoso you've bee. Given your own little story line right there! What desperate or devious person stole it? Or did they just chuck it on the new bed with a sheet on it? You could ask but would you really make someone else sleep of the floor like that? 😁
  12. @Deseoso It's true. I get the arguements about mechanics and dev decisions and they're not at all invalid but... It is silly. The other needs all have trade-offs, such as physically exertion has no impact on your temperature. That's fair enough. The bed requirement is a mechanic that drives action from the player. However, that you can die, in a nice warm building, fed and watered, wearing thick layers of soft clothes, simply because you refused to lie down...?! What happens then when you fall into the long dark?! You'd collapse, get a some rest and wake up feeling crap but alive. Would you not? So it's silly and the game now has more mechanisms requiring sleep management than just condition. In my play I manage sleep so I can carry lots, move quickly and survive struggles if things go bad. I don't think more craftable beds is necessary but I think an option to rest with penalties would add something, not remove it. It might undermine the bedroll a bit but the bedroll is still warmer and gives good sleep. So, +1 from me. 😃
  13. Stone


    @Ice Hole Impressive!
  14. It does seem like overkill to carry spare clothes: carry weight is such a premium; serious attacks that leave clothes ruined usually present more pressing issues than lack of clothes; similarly falling through ice. That said, I've just had my life saved by a ruined cotton hat. I wasn't carrying a bandage(!). Had a bad wolf struggle so the hat became bandages in time to stabilise me at 12%. But no one recommends travelling without bandages...
  15. Looking a bit bleak. Hang in there! Bunny grove isn't far.