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  1. Nice. Congratulations on the milestone. Where are you calling home?
  2. I suppose the question is does it affect temps enough? I do agree with the OP in that its unrealistic. Gameplay wise - i'm really not sure if I'd like more heating from activity. Windchill would become more relevant, as the OP says. However, I suppose it would be exploitable: unless you're in a blizzard you could probably travel anywhere with sprint with no threat from cold.
  3. Have you played interloper? Have you encountered any wolves? Have you seen the smoke trails from the wood burner in the forestry lookout caught high in the blue sky? I admit, they way I play its basically a walking game which isn't everyone's idea of fun but let me tell you - its damn skilled walking.
  4. @Marmo I've been considering buying astroneer for at least two years. Do you have any experience playing it multiplayer?
  5. Stone

    Shelter the living

    @ManicManiac I'm not flaming you here. You clearly love this game. I do too. Same team! I've seen you say 'I don't control the tone people choose to read' many times. But must realise you do control how it will sound. Maybe you just don't realise how it comes over. So, for your own sake, consider how you might, at times, come across as condescending. For my own part on reflection I realise you are a details and context person so.. My apologies. Please forgive my lack of context. I agree in not liking things that make the game easier. Right now I'm trying to survive interloper without clocking any time indoors at all. The shelter would be great for that if it weren't for the fact that it needs cloth which runs out fast if you can't access curtains and other indoor luxuries. So in that situation, it would be useful and realistic, to be able to use hides. A sheltered fire location would also solve the cold problem but these are limited in great bear. So having a shether you can keep warm in would be great. Would it make the game easier? I don't think so, but it is slightly redundant with so much shether around (if you're happy to use it!). As @oplli says though, there are wild places it would be useful. What's more, it would let Hinterland release a map with zero caves / buildings. That would be a nice challenge!
  6. Stone

    Shelter the living

    Pretty condescending form of words your using there @ManicManiac Thanks for your opinion all the same.
  7. Stone

    Shelter the living

    @ManicManiac I said the shether is far too situational and suggest one that has late game interest and, if a fire can be lit in it, real value. Clearly this is not of interest/adding value to you. No worries. @oplli I agree, the fire is the sheltered fire is most useful thing about it. I'm still driven by the inexplicable inability to use hides for shelter. @oplli got me thinking maybe you'd need to stitch a bunch of hides together to create an canvas.
  8. Stone

    Shelter the living

    @ManicManiac would a shelter that takes a long time to create and requires many hide 'make the game easier'? As you say, there's shelter all over the place already which is far more convenient. I love the idea of the current snow shelter but, in practice, its never called for. Even on interloper, you generally camp next to a hot sheltered fire with bedroll - the shelter isn't needed. It's only actually needed if you don't have a bedroll but MUST camp and that situation is extremely rare. So what I'm asking for is really just a snow shelter that's a) worth living in and b) like actual shether people build in these environments and c) not dependant on damned cloth.
  9. Come now Hinterland. Surely it's time. I prostrate myself before you that you might let us make a real shether. A shelter worthy the frozen dream you have created. If you so wish, let the interaction be as the snow shelter. Just let us make it and repair it with hides. Let us have a slightly better warmth bonus. Let us stack it with a bearskin bed roll. If needs be, have us bring a ton of hides and labour many hours of work. And if you really want to reward us; the blizzard walkers, the faithful cartographers, those with the will to live; let us light a fire in there and cook. Fire may be life out here. But shether is living.
  10. @Screenshot Pilgrim yeah, crossing muskeg in fog in this game is one of the most unique and brilliant gaming experiences I've ever had. I once set off from the bunk houses for the poacher camp and ended up toward spences. Amazing! But we digress... I like the ML office. Its just a good spot and a nice map. I like the quite and being able to visit FM easily.
  11. I'm with @PurpleWolf13. They're just surviving. But hey, it is a game. And one day a wolf will settle the score...
  12. I'm with @odizzido. It's sad but it's an unnecessary element. That said I really want to chop limbs and do it when it's warm enough (rarely is on loper). But I thought limbs respawned. Now I feel foolish. Sigh. I don't think coal is OP @sonics01. You could equally say sticks are OP. You've just learnt to exploit them.
  13. Before BBTea, a bunch of us were asking Hinterland for an abuntant hot drink option to take advantage of the warming up heat bonus more often. It seemed silly that you had to use a key resource like rose hips or mushrooms without the option to just drink some hot water from a can. BBT appears to be their answer - abundant but not free, with a modest recovery bonus to boot. Thanks Hinterland But it gets better. If that 4 degree warming bonus keeps you from freezing then its two hour duration saves you 8% condition. More likely the bonus slows down how quick you hit freezing. How much you ask? It's tricky, heat lost changes exponentially with feels-like temperature. Plus the difficulty modes have different rules. But it's safe to say BBTea warmth buys you more time before freezing so it's condition bonus goes beyond just the recovery (when its cold out!)