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  1. You're spending too much time standing in door ways. Neither in or out. 😁 Sorry couldn't resist. Interesting spot - something seems off.
  2. Fog is just brilliant. What a mini adventure it's given you! I remember the first time I had to travel in it trying to get from the hydro dam cave to signal tower. I made it to the hill cave in fog just by going up hill then was super paranoid I'd bump into a bear or wolf. Set off confident I was going the right way, walked for a while and then, yes here we are, near the top of signal hill and its.. the hill cave again. I've walked in a cricle. Amazing 😁 hats off to Hinterland @ilenisaatio a tip: pick up every stick you pass. Won't stop you getting lost but it's the best way to gathe
  3. (Great question @Leeanda) I would like the Aurora to cease affecting the animals and restore that peace to the wild. Maybe we'd see some survivors working together, come across some wolves who, after a moment, turn and disappear into the wild.
  4. Stone

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    Play Interloper. Have adventures. Good luck!
  5. I'd agree with @ajb1978 there some silly implications and having more fires would make sense. I get the early game would get harder if water and meat froze. Still. How about craftable fire drill and a skill to use it at fire starting 4?
  6. @MrWolf So I suggested 75% as I find a drink stays hot almost as long as a full charge of 'warming up' lasts. How long an effect lasts is, I believe, determined by how much you consumed. (Great to know if its effected by anything else). So if you drink most of a hot drink then the effect should expire before your other hot drink goes cold. Like a handy timer.
  7. Interloper is fantastic - you're going to have lots of adventures! I say DO jump into interloper full - fail fast, learn fast. Its a different game to stalker. IMHO the biggest challenge is warmth, especially early game, so here are my tips: Pick up every stick you pass Don't travel in the coldest part of the day (either side of dawn). Plan travel for the afternoon and don't be afraid to travel late into the evening/night. When travelling, travel light and try to have a full rest bar. You'll move faster and cover more ground before getting cold or caught by bad weather
  8. I'm sure you'll get a feel @NickBeast17 for the place that suits you. I shun the weekly wolf culling of Quonset though I like to visit the area to fish. Sunsets on the Muskeg are spectacular and it's nice to camp on Marsh ridge. I find a holiday at Monolith lake particularly life affirming.
  9. I agree with @jeffpeng In fact, since approaching play with the expectation I'll get sprains on any steep slope, I'm find them relatively rare. Fact is, if you want to play the game going anywhere you player can technically walk, you will get lots of sprains. The devs have made some real improvements to the whole system/UI on this front though. Also agree with @Yolan - Relatively speaking, sprains aren't a challenge in the more challenging modes. But they can sure ruin your day.
  10. The thermos and indeed some sort of fire-carrier both work directly against key game mechanics - limits/risks presented by keeping warm. So yeah, as the esteemed @jeffpeng says, could be hugely OP. I like the idea of both, although the suggestion of a thermos that keeps things warm for days is just unrealistic. For a thermos, I think a good/simple and not OP'd option would be this: If you have 1.5kg thermos in your inventory, hot drinks stay warm twice as long. And you can make it rare - you could even make it an Interloper only item ;O)
  11. Reading gun books on Interloper?
  12. ...unless you consider the victim's welfare in which case is causes horrific pain and suffering. But it seems like they would be around. Unless the forest talkers have removed them all
  13. Some nice suggestions, some a little scary (death by timberwolf army!) What do people think about this: late game improvements should ultimately be about extending the wonderful early/mid game dynamics indefinitely. I suggest this because the community largely likes the way things are but just wants more purpose when they've done everything and the game challenge drops away. Personally, I'd say that means anything that requires they player to travel and, in doing so, re-introduces the challenges that came with that earlier in the game. Late game players are very well equipped so
  14. Map knowledge is a huge help. @GreenWind I think, once you've got the hang of it, it becomes too easy - the difficulty drops. If you don't want to try custom settings, try the Zero challenge - Interloper but spend 0 hours indoors ;O)
  15. After a few exciting days of near death dilemmas, day five calls for some recovery. And crafting. Stoke fire, hacksaw up some shelving. I've got enough coal but scrap is limited. Settle on crafting 1 knife and 6 arrow heads. Day six comes with condition back above 50% with some warming birch bark tea to boost that further. The confident feeling of a knife in one hand, torch in the other, make a plan to hit Milton. Head out over the at mid-afternoon keg, aiming to reach the marsh ridge outdoor cave by late evening. Stop, just past the tracks for a warming fire by a dead deer, t