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  1. Some nice suggestions, some a little scary (death by timberwolf army!) What do people think about this: late game improvements should ultimately be about extending the wonderful early/mid game dynamics indefinitely. I suggest this because the community largely likes the way things are but just wants more purpose when they've done everything and the game challenge drops away. Personally, I'd say that means anything that requires they player to travel and, in doing so, re-introduces the challenges that came with that earlier in the game. Late game players are very well equipped so
  2. Map knowledge is a huge help. @GreenWind I think, once you've got the hang of it, it becomes too easy - the difficulty drops. If you don't want to try custom settings, try the Zero challenge - Interloper but spend 0 hours indoors ;O)
  3. After a few exciting days of near death dilemmas, day five calls for some recovery. And crafting. Stoke fire, hacksaw up some shelving. I've got enough coal but scrap is limited. Settle on crafting 1 knife and 6 arrow heads. Day six comes with condition back above 50% with some warming birch bark tea to boost that further. The confident feeling of a knife in one hand, torch in the other, make a plan to hit Milton. Head out over the at mid-afternoon keg, aiming to reach the marsh ridge outdoor cave by late evening. Stop, just past the tracks for a warming fire by a dead deer, t
  4. Just a random idea after hearing people's falling off trestle bridge woes. There are some place in the game where falling is instant death. In these places, instead of a instant fall could this trigger a sort of struggle: as if the survivor had begun to fall, turned, grabbed hold and tried to climb back up. This would be like a wolf struggle crossed with a rope climb - click fast to climb before the energy bar empties and you fall. A tired survivor would likely fall, a wide awake one should survive and return to the spot before falling. Just a thought. Could make for some excitement
  5. They're like buses. I believe they move about so you can just be unlucky and miss them. If I'm after moose I usually just hunt ML or Milton basin/marsh ridge. But patience is needed.
  6. After your first fire, pull a torch and always keep one with you the light a fire. That way your one match always lights the torch and you can use the torch to light the fire multiple times. Going up the mountain I recommend coal, teas and coffee. Never climb a rope with less than 50% energy. Ideally have much more and drink half a coffee before climbing. Don't run, save your energy for climbing. Good luck!
  7. I'm glad I'm not alone in wanting snow shelters (or some simple sort of self build) to have a more meaningful role. They are highly situational currently and, as @jeffpeng points out, somewhat redundant once you enevitably have a hot sheltered fire next to one. In the game they're so rarely ever necessary it's pointless. I'd be in favour of a more robust shelter - one perhaps that was safe and warm enough to be usable without a fire. However, that would be best introduced with a game mode that makes them a necessary tool in the survivor arsenal. For me that would me a more with less shelt
  8. Skip stalker. To many wolves. Hit Interloper. I only lasted 17 days on voyager. It felt like a hunting holiday by that point so I quit for Interloper. Go challenge yourself. Epic stories of defeat and victory await you.
  9. I second the suggestions for a large forest area. Somewhere with minimal man made shelters and few caves (maybe none of either) that gives an proper 'into the woods' vibe. This would make navigation and shelter the main challenge but with plenty of wood and Knolls, fallen trees etc for sheltered fires. Poor sightlines would favour having few predators. I like the suggestions for a few clearings or shallow ponds, maybe some streams. Just a simple wild area. Hushed river is great but it's so busy, with so many hazards, it always feels quite stressful - why would a survivor risk hanging around t
  10. Camp office. It's just easy going. ML has decent weather, easy to find or avoid wildlife and everything nearby. The Forlorn Muskege is close which I think is the most overlooked zone in the game.
  11. Stone

    Forest area

    @odizzido indeed, its tricky. While i know a bit about wolf mechanics I couldn't speak to the precise issues. However the ambush risk would be huge which is why it might be best to minimize predators (perhaps only for stalker mode), and or keep them to one area that a bit clearer for visibility. I like @Lone Trekker's suggestion that it would be a good transition zone. Maybe a large zone where the main risk is you could get 'turned around'. Making it a transition would better give it that purpose.
  12. Stone

    Forest area

    I wish there was an untouched forest zone. No human shelters or caves. Just a large forested area with naturally occuring shelters, lots of wood and game but few wolves. Maybe some rivers, clearings and lots of natural shelters such as fallen trees and rocks creating nooks out of the wind and weather for the observant survivor. A zone to challenge navigation and independence from 'warm' retreats. Somewhere you can tend a fire, hunt and pretend the quite apocalypse was just a bad dream...
  13. Go.. to the menu, new game, Interloper. Then report back 😁
  14. I really like the idea. Mainly because it makes having a fire indoors worthwhile (on loper, wood/fires last much longer out in the cold). I suppose weather would factor too - blizzards blowing in drafts through any little gaps.
  15. Once there is no risk to take risks it does the only risk left is tedium. Late game for my current game is living in in ML broken up by camping trips in HRV and fishing in CH.