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  1. No time to play 😭😭😭 at least I can read about the fun 😁
  2. I play Loper but this is my first 4Don (somehow missed it other years). I take it we all spawn in CH? Loot a few places, including the gas station. Now heading for TWM. Got hacksaw, bedroll and coffee. So many matches! Hope to summit while animals are missing. Quite liking not knowing what will come next.
  3. Stone


    @WolfWhacker sshh, don't give the game away.. But seriously, who says that's an exploit? I save coffee to pep me up for long journeys with rope climbs. If you use it for sprinting you're still gonna run out of coffee after a few weeks.
  4. @kristaok I think it could be implemented in the UI interface where you find pass time. You could have the option to bivouac and regain energy at a lower rate than sleeping with no other benefits. This is inherently about realism but the why of adding that is it opens another choice to the problem solving player. Your going to be severely disadvantaged if your resting via bivvy only: is that choice better than the alternatives? I don't think it ruins the sleep/pass time option in terms of gameplay either. It would green the world design up to provide less beds or make the bedroll a bit heavier.
  5. @Deseoso you've bee. Given your own little story line right there! What desperate or devious person stole it? Or did they just chuck it on the new bed with a sheet on it? You could ask but would you really make someone else sleep of the floor like that? 😁
  6. @Deseoso It's true. I get the arguements about mechanics and dev decisions and they're not at all invalid but... It is silly. The other needs all have trade-offs, such as physically exertion has no impact on your temperature. That's fair enough. The bed requirement is a mechanic that drives action from the player. However, that you can die, in a nice warm building, fed and watered, wearing thick layers of soft clothes, simply because you refused to lie down...?! What happens then when you fall into the long dark?! You'd collapse, get a some rest and wake up feeling crap but alive. Would you not? So it's silly and the game now has more mechanisms requiring sleep management than just condition. In my play I manage sleep so I can carry lots, move quickly and survive struggles if things go bad. I don't think more craftable beds is necessary but I think an option to rest with penalties would add something, not remove it. It might undermine the bedroll a bit but the bedroll is still warmer and gives good sleep. So, +1 from me. 😃
  7. Stone


    @Ice Hole Impressive!
  8. It does seem like overkill to carry spare clothes: carry weight is such a premium; serious attacks that leave clothes ruined usually present more pressing issues than lack of clothes; similarly falling through ice. That said, I've just had my life saved by a ruined cotton hat. I wasn't carrying a bandage(!). Had a bad wolf struggle so the hat became bandages in time to stabilise me at 12%. But no one recommends travelling without bandages...
  9. Looking a bit bleak. Hang in there! Bunny grove isn't far.
  10. @DarkTreader this is definitely in my top three things I'd find useful, this or a craftable ignition source. It's one of those things that's more about survival long term and the game arguably isn't meant to be so about that. What we're talking about is effectively a wind proof torch. I like the crafting suggestion but for easy of implementation maybe the thing to do is just let you start a fire from a storm lantern. That way, you still need to obtain fuel to keep this option going. Plus it's a heavy item to out which is a bit of a trade off. Good idea all the same and good points about it being an early technology.
  11. @DarkTreader welcome back to TLD! You can certainly game the game, it's definitely tempting to over carry when hoarding. However, it's surprising how little you need to function. If you're trying to tour the map taking everything of value you'll have too much to carry and be making loads of trips, but this is the boarder way! I think the game fundamentally changes on Interloper for lots of reasons. The cold, and lack of warm clothes early game, mean you want to move fast. Because the weather gets worse after day 10 in Loper, rather than hoard, players often use that window to rush a TWM accent. But whatever you're doing on Loper, you land usually rely on a window of opportunity which can be ruined by a sprain.
  12. @past caring when you start playing interloper (because it and you are awesome 😉), you can chase deer into a wolf and then get close enough to start a fire that will keep you warm by the carcass and rid you of the wolf. Back on the OP evasion issue: herding prey is really useful when traversing blind spots. Chase a rabbit over a low rise hill and the wolf that's waiting for you will announce themselves.
  13. It's worth noting that wolves make a bee-line to the point they detect your scent. If you travel with max scent, any wolves not directly in your path will head towards where they detected you, which but you're moving, won't be where you are. Not so useful in the less open maps mind.
  14. Seconded @Jimmy, it is some first rate level design. they get lots of level out of the space. The wolf threat however puts me off some nice bits of it. I'd like another 'wild' map that's flatter and forested. Full of the fallen trees, rocky outcrops and brush that feature in HRV but with few ropes and warm caves. A place where you need to build your own shelter. Somewhere fully commiting with no where to fall back to. And less wolves 😄
  15. @UpUpAway95 I guess in roll play terms, I slipped and you were just about to sneak past those wolves when... Bzzzz Bzzzz. 😄