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  1. I second the suggestions for a large forest area. Somewhere with minimal man made shelters and few caves (maybe none of either) that gives an proper 'into the woods' vibe. This would make navigation and shelter the main challenge but with plenty of wood and Knolls, fallen trees etc for sheltered fires. Poor sightlines would favour having few predators. I like the suggestions for a few clearings or shallow ponds, maybe some streams. Just a simple wild area. Hushed river is great but it's so busy, with so many hazards, it always feels quite stressful - why would a survivor risk hanging around t
  2. Camp office. It's just easy going. ML has decent weather, easy to find or avoid wildlife and everything nearby. The Forlorn Muskege is close which I think is the most overlooked zone in the game.
  3. Stone

    Forest area

    @odizzido indeed, its tricky. While i know a bit about wolf mechanics I couldn't speak to the precise issues. However the ambush risk would be huge which is why it might be best to minimize predators (perhaps only for stalker mode), and or keep them to one area that a bit clearer for visibility. I like @Lone Trekker's suggestion that it would be a good transition zone. Maybe a large zone where the main risk is you could get 'turned around'. Making it a transition would better give it that purpose.
  4. Stone

    Forest area

    I wish there was an untouched forest zone. No human shelters or caves. Just a large forested area with naturally occuring shelters, lots of wood and game but few wolves. Maybe some rivers, clearings and lots of natural shelters such as fallen trees and rocks creating nooks out of the wind and weather for the observant survivor. A zone to challenge navigation and independence from 'warm' retreats. Somewhere you can tend a fire, hunt and pretend the quite apocalypse was just a bad dream...
  5. Go.. to the menu, new game, Interloper. Then report back 😁
  6. I really like the idea. Mainly because it makes having a fire indoors worthwhile (on loper, wood/fires last much longer out in the cold). I suppose weather would factor too - blizzards blowing in drafts through any little gaps.
  7. Once there is no risk to take risks it does the only risk left is tedium. Late game for my current game is living in in ML broken up by camping trips in HRV and fishing in CH.
  8. Don't try walking off where the rope is without using the rope itself. I've done that. By mistake. It ended badly.
  9. I suppose if your main issue @upnorth is that hypothermia risk isn't severe enough, I'd say firstly: it's a risk, not hypothermia itself. Secondly, and more generally, the 'proper' mechanics are arguably on display in Interloper. Yes, you can move pretty well encumbered but it has its impacts which work pretty well with the games other mechanics. I don't ever feel I'm carrying an unrealistic amount of weight. More an unrealistic volume. I mean 80 sticks... How am I carrying that without a back pack?
  10. A torch in hand is worth three (sticks) in the fire. Add a stick to a fire and it gives the fire a 1 degree heat bonus. Take a torch and you get -1 degree from the fire but +3 from the torch.
  11. Yeah, it sucks, but that would kinda make all clothing technically indestructible. If it made you feel better about it the devs could, instead of having wolves ruin your clothes, have them eat such pieces whole. Nom Nom. No more socks.
  12. Stone

    Will and Astrid

    Well, I do find Will more annoying over time. Sorry Will.
  13. Yeah not to bring you down @Bulhi but as @k0s0ff says, if you make it easier it's actually less interesting. The booking thing sure is an original thought though! If could be said that TLD starts out by forcing you to take risks (exciting) and evolves to inviting you to take risks (still exciting) but then that invite to risk/reward dies away. So reigniting that risk taking seems what's needed.
  14. Coop could work and timelapse, I think, isn't so hard to work with. You could only speed time up if everyone is time-lapsing. So you have to coordinate. To make that easier, you could both do certain tasks jointly to speed them up, such as harvesting. This topic often addresses what would or wouldn't work. But @Faye, @Mroz4k, what would you most enjoy about co-op or multiplayer? What's not there that would enhance that?