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  1. It seems to be another thing the TLD team got right - no one spot is quite perfect. I agree with much said above. You want to be able to have that fire out of the wind while watching the snow fall but you also want the security of a bed that's always hypothermia free. Both the look outs are a bit of a pain to venture in and out from. The Church is great but its in DP (maybe I need to cut DP some slack) and I feel just like @Pillock does about the TWM hut (but some players swear by it). The greatest feeling for me is the flight to safety before the coming storm. It might even be the moment those first few innocent flakes appear in the air.
  2. @ThePancakeLady I do get what you're saying and I totally agree. It's just the painkillers. 😀
  3. @ThePancakeLady I was agreeing with the OP specifically on the painkiller point. You do know that if you take pain killers for your sprain that your head ache will feel better too right? Equally, if all your toes hurt, you really shouldn't take 10 doses of pain killers. I'm pretty sure there's stuff about that on the box. 😉
  4. We should be able to make mistakes but the OP is right about nonsensical waste - if you take painkillers they kill pain. That can't really go wrong. And sprains... The system is ok. The indicator helps. And I say that even though I recently walked 2 yards up a steep slope (while fresh and travelling light) and got a sprain. Walked 2 more yards up. A 2nd sprain. Decided to abort. Walked 2 yards back. Sprain 3. Day was a write off. But more often than not, sprains don't happen.
  5. "Looking forward to a few cold situations.." ! You shouldn't have to wait long... On Loper I look forward to a few not cold situations. Coal is gold as @Jolan says. It's also the most weight efficient fuel, I believe.
  6. @DaveMcD The largest outdoor only connected area stretches from CH to MT but I need to check a few locations for what counts as indoor. Caves do! Go figure... The bedroll and especially mag glass issue can really shut you down . However, the proof of this challenge is the time spent indoors stat. Now that will stay at 0hrs if you dash in and out of a building or two. So if you use that to hit a few key spots in search of those items then I reckon it's fair game. It's not like your using the interiors to survive, your just grabbing gear that happens to only spawn in doors. If you enjoy Outerloper, maybe give it a try 😁
  7. As you undoubtedly know, Outloper proves that if you've got fire and a bunch of sticks you can handle any temps. Clothing then is a mechanism that determines how long you can stay away from the fire. It also makes the game's lack of natural fire starting annoying as once matches are gone you need sunshine - if you're lucky enough to find a may glass outside. Anyway, I was wondering if you've ever played Outloper with zero indoor time - keeping the game's indoor time counter to zero? I think this procludes caves but still leaves the odd shelter viable..
  8. You know I thought I'd vote Mountain Town. However, the adventure of getting in and out of that death trap makes the game better. Emerging from it is life affirming. Desolation Point however is the arse end of nowhere with arse hold wolves so ...arse to it. Don't go knocking FM. It's a magical place...
  9. Deer parking: you of course know that you can startle a deer sending them in the direction you want. But note that when it stops running, it will tend to turn to face you and slowly wander back toward you. This means you can fine tune deer positioning for a head shot in a more convenient place. Such as your camp (office): Good Trip hazard
  10. While attempting to play without ever going in a building or mine I spawned at the Waterfall, FM, found matches by the tower and got a wolf to down a deer in a sheltered nook - food, water and warmth sorted before I'd walked 1km! That was good.
  11. Thanks for the research @TheEldritchGod! I'm really pleased tea is here as not being able to drink a hot drink unless it was medicinal just felt wrong. I'm looking forward to the temp bonus in travel but if the supply is so limited (Loper) I may be disappointed. I'd rather seem more tea for warmth than the recovery bonus. But still! Better some than none.
  12. Aye! I'd like a placeable, wind proof structure you can have a fire in. I think something like a small skinned dom tent would be great. Building on the snow shelter we already have, you could upgrade using large pieces of wood, cured skins and guts. You could go to a small basic windproof dome then onto a well insulated, wolf proof dome. The finished product could require a large number of skins and hours work. Now it doesn't fit with the game's focus which is survival, not settling. However, once you're crafting sets of bear skin equipment you are pretty much settled. So I'd love something like that to give the game more late game activity.
  13. Stone

    New Feats

    Shelter Specialist - learning from your mistakes and patiently developing your construction methods pays dividends. After staying x hours in snow shelters, snow shelters can be built with hides with a bonus to warmth / durability. I'm keen for wild camps (not in caves) to become viable so.. it's a good point made by others here - its better to make the game more interesting with feats than just easier.
  14. Renewable hot drink!! You have no idea how much I'll appreciate this! (Or perhaps the point is you do as you clearly release every addition with a lot of thought to world fit). Thanks!
  15. I agree - ready to eat from frozen isn't realistic. I don't think cooking from frozen is too hard. It would make sense that, something thawed, stays thawed while carried. But a big game changer, connected to this I think, would be changes to the thermal dynamics of buildings, specifically, that they should warm up when you heat them and stay warm for a while. Its probably worth a separate thread but, for example, after having an 8 hour fire in the camp office stove, the air temp should be above freezing and stuff in there should thaw. The place should then stay warm for a while, keeping your soup liquid for a bit longer. How this all works is definitely another thread...