Ash Canyon: How to get from Shattered Cove to Pillar's Footrest?


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I have tried multiple times to get up to Pillar's Footrest from Shatted Cove without success. Shattered Cove funnels me into the narrow canyon along the creek. I look out for oppurtunities along the walls to climb up but never find any. At the end of the narrow canyon I end up at the opening with Angler's Den. What am I missing here? I want to take the shortest path from Shattered Cove up to Pillar's Footrest which is the black path connecting the two Named Locations at the bottom of this map:


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I can't see the picture, so I won't be able to answer. But it's like you're asking how to get up from Angler's Den. 

If that's your question, head for the waterfall and you can go through the gorge behind it. Approach the waterfall starting from the hill at the edge. Go to the waterfall side, it can be a little complicated in the indoor weather. Try not to go in the opposite direction☺️

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I know I do it without climbing a rope (but I confess I get lost frequently as well).  It's possible, but I can't remember for sure, that what you're looking for are some climbing vines (like in Mountain Town to leave the crash site) or else the route is through a bit of unburned birch forest.  To be sure though, I'll have to start a save in Ash Canyon to refresh my memory.

ETA:  From Shattered Cove, simply follow that narrow canyon (it's a long ways around) until it opens up and you'll see an unburned birch forest at the top of a hill on your left.   You'll see Stone Shelf Cave straight ahead and above you and you could also bear right to get to a rope that starts the 3-rope climb to the Gold Mine staging area.

However, to get to Pillar's Footrest, you need to go through the birch forest, over the hill and down and you'll see the label for Pillar's Footrest pop.

If you're trying to get to the Deer Clearing in Timberwolf mountain, keep going down and looking towards the rocks on your right and you'll eventually see the cave that takes you out of Ash Canyon there.

There is a whole level of exploration you can access by crossing logs and using climbing vines.  I think there is also a rope, but I don't think I've ever used it.

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