Did the Hinterland Team add “night-vision”?


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During a recent Interloper run, I was trudging through blizzard in PV and was forced indoors at the Crossroads Town Building.

Cold and exhausted, I had yet to find any matches or fire-starter items.

The building interior was pitch black dark and it would be many hours until morning would restore sunlight to the frozen world.

I did a quick 2-hour rest to regain some condition and to warm-up from the blizzard.

When I woke, the building was so much brighter; actually, I had to go look to be sure it was not an aurora, but the wind and the snow continued to keep the night sky completely dark.

This felt so great as an improvement to the games lighting. (did the Hinterland Team add “night-vision”).

Think how great this could work in TLD game. Don’t have and/or can’t spare a match, you can rest for an hour and gain a few valuable minutes of improved night vision.

I’m not as up-to-date on news and I am asking, was this added as part of a recent update?

If not, it seems a good addition and well balanced with the dark setting of the game world. :coffee:

screen_(-1, 2, -3)_91ed5da0-d8c4-4dd4-b045-664b8e94e757.png

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I think the lighting is bugged... again.  I was in Angler's Den this morning... entered just at dusk and started making water.  It became dark while I was cooking and when I turned my back to the stove, I could not see anything at all in the entire cabin.  It was absolutely pitch black.  I took a torch out of the fire and searched the cabin with it and then went back to the stove and put on more water... letting the torch burn out.  When I turned my back to the stove, the cabin seemed fully lit, like it was daylight even though daylight was still many hours away.  Like you, I determined that there was no aurora.  In fact the wind was howling and snow was falling.  I went to sleep for 2 hours while the water cooked and woke up to a cabin that was again pitch black... and I could barely see the lit stove in the corner of the room (and there was almost no light emanating onto the nearby walls).  These interior lighting extremes all within a single night (with no aurora) are just not right.

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Interior lighting is totally weird and non-consistent.

Interiors with few or none windows can have minor light, and interiors with plenty of windows can become pitch black.

Stoves and barrels gives a radial area of light, and that's it. No more light.
Any minor light source as a candle should be able to give MINIMAL light for a room at any distance (as long as you don't put it on your face and be outshined)

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