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  1. This idea reminds me of another forum discussion of herbal medicine. In the other discussion it was explained that the RL remedy for parasites is a tea made from birchbark...so if birchbark were added as a (4th) medicinal herb in-game, it could respawn with the sticks following a strong wind storm.
  2. Both the vest and the long-sleeve shirt would need to be moved into an outer torso layer slot in order for wind-chill protection to register. We might add much more value to the T-Shirts in the game and at the same time fix the missing wind protection from the long-sleeve T-Shirt by adding a new clothes menu slot for a third torso layer...there is plenty of room on the left side of the menu for a third layer.
  3. This is a good call-out @GoGoGadget, and welcome to the forum my friend. To add my 2 cents: Possibly this is deliberately complex so players will consider more than the warmth value. Possibly these are game development place-holder values, (everything changes with time and updates). The most glaring example of shoes not being a simple item is when you complete a series of quests during Story Mode, and are gifted with your first pair of mountain hiking boots, you find they are in perfect condition...but not a great improvement compared to other shoes. Best of luck my friend.
  4. Good morning @upupandaway. This wolf dropped in her tracks when bow-shot under the tip of her nose. Scanning the wolf's fur with the White-Dot, I found nothing but the tag for [1% Frozen]. My survivor was not near any shelter, so scanning through the snow near the carcass, it was nice to discover the tag for [SIMPLE ARROW]. At this point, digging in the snow for "invisible arrows" feels more like a game update and less like a bug. Hope this screenshot is helpful my friend. Scanning with the White-Dot until the tag for [SIMPLE ARROW] is located under the snow: Then click the LMB to pick-up the arrow from below the snow's surface:
  5. Congratulations @upupandaway. By going into a shelter and then going back outdoors sometimes the game will make an "invisible" arrow reappear. If you decide to go back for the arrow, it is best to look downhill and/or downwind from the drop spot. Often it is possible to scan the carcass and the snow with the white-dot and often you may find the SIMPLE ARROW tag even when the arrow shaft and feathers are below the deer-hide or the snow. Best of luck my friend.
  6. This seems like something the team at Hinterland must be working on. (What else would you do while hanging around a log cabin studio). @NardoLoopa, while we wait, you may also enjoy trying Wallpaper Engine, a $3.99, (inexpensive and amazing downloadable software on Steam). There are many great live wallpapers, a Steam Workshop, and Gallery with many game title / menu screen wallpapers, but you are so right, this needs to be a DLC with some Hinterland love put into it's creation. The music, sound FX, changing weather, wildlife, dawn, day, dusk, night, aurora, it could be a very, very, big deal!
  7. This is basic stuff, but it is very useful. We know that each type of clothes has an inner layer slot and an outer layer slot, (inner layer goes near the picture of the survivor in the menu). It is important to noticed that you may wear a vest under a jacket but never a vest over a jacket. So if you are playing early game and equip a jacket on the inner layer slot, (by mistake), then you can not combine with the down-vest. A simple concept once you understand, but it has fooled me more than once as I rush to choose the best clothes for warmth.
  8. Another big machine but even bigger clues: The big machine found in the barn in Milton is the one from the Carter Hydro project scrap sale. The really exciting clue is the (2) flywheels found in the barn, (guarded by several wolves). This seems a confirmation that the machine in question is an IHC engine, used by the last survivors of Milton. From game splash-screen: "...the town became nearly abandoned after the lights went out..." IHC hit and miss engine Capable of operating without electronics.Multi-fuel adaptable while using Kerosene, gasoline, heating oil, or diesel fuel. It may be that the people of Milton went back to their 1911 roots and made due with these engines as a source of power.
  9. First time in HRV was the night after the Vigilant Flame update was released. It was so much fun. Using Stalker Experience Mode, game started me in Blue Zone...and it was cold. Worked day and night to walk along the cliff from cave to cave until the base-camp cave was finally found. The wolves acted like they were groggy from too much cold medicine and the Stalker loot was everywhere. For the first time in TLD, the effort to locate and loot a corps was a positive return on time invested. Spent many, many days exploring to find all the other wonderful areas of HRV. Even the Hinterland Forum was a-buzz with excitement for a couple of weeks. Many of us were determined to make a long run isolated in HRV without leaving to loot gear and craft. Might have taken me 21 days in-game to locate signal fires and transition cave to Milton...still stayed to fight the elements.
  10. The "cook until ready idea" is great and it might add to the existing cooking system. Another good option, often discussed and not yet available, is reading and crafting with the ability to quit. Start cooking, then read, craft items, ice fish, or mend clothes, but with the option to quit, (HDT has done this with ice fishing and it is nice). This increases continuity throughout the game and lets the player estimate time based on the circular progress meter. Still very easy to be distracted and burn food as intended, but the player is in control and may choose when to take the risk.
  11. Ice caves drawn on paper have a surprisingly small number of key components, (exits and rooms), and many minor features, (shafts, dead ends). Upon finding a junction, building a campfire with the cooking surface stones pointing back toward the exit can be a sort of compass later in game. Three stones across the floor was my mark for a dead end tunnel, ( + + + ), and a stick with two stones across the floor pointed into a room, ( : >--- ). Safety tip: Keep fires a few steps from any cave entrance to avoid burns as you come and go tending a campfire. Have fun my friend.
  12. Grey Mother's Barn Orca Gas Station The machinery is located at key buildings, Orca Gas Station and Grey Mother’s Home. From this context it is more likely a source of power rather than leftover mining equipment. It would help to build a list of locations where this machine is found. My new best guess: This appears to be an artist’s over simplified rendering of an IHC hit and miss engine. Likely antique but pressed back into service when the electric infrastructure of Great Bear failed. Capable of operating without electronics. Multi-fuel adaptable while using Kerosene, gas, or diesel fuel. The many fuel drums supported on elevated stands might have allowed gravity fed fuel. The strange wagon wheels in the ML Camp Office might have been fly-wheels. Many details are still not known, and this is speculation. Images as Clues: The artist might have used the simplest shapes to give the machine's general appearance...hence what might look like lug nuts on a wheel might represent the head bolts and valves at the righthand side of the above image. In addition, the rounded metal guard at the opposite end of the machine matches well with what is found in-game and the left end of the machine in the above image. Interesting question my friend.
  13. Perhaps a coal crusher...only a guess my friend.
  14. Here you go. Possible minor Story Mode spoiler...no need to click.
  15. Apart from the sleep time interval, I concur that the player should be able to select (15) minute time increments while playing. Granular time management will need to be designed to assure it does not become too busy, (we might not want reading to become an egg timer). The player also has so many activities, such as mending and crafting, that require light, for this reason, artificial light is extremely valuable. The cooking fire provides: Warmth benefit Protection from predators Potable water production Cooking surfaces Artificial source of light Hinterland's game balance will hopefully allow players the freedom to optimize the use of artificial light while keeping it simple and fun.
  16. The redux updates have brought many new symbols, messages, notification, and alarm display styles. Some of the updates look really nice, but hopefully someone at the HDT has been selected to conduct an alarm management assessment for TLD. It is possible to deduce that the voice actor stating "I've never been so hungry..." is a notification of less than (500) calories remaining. Maybe an alert for when well-fed buff is at risk due to critical low calories remaining should be a more intrusive alert, (similar maybe to the new center-screen notifications). As for the frost bite risk reaching a critical level; maybe a critical alert should require an acknowledgement somehow. Perhaps a new animation where we begin to stumble, (similar to the sprains), so we must view our affliction risks and choose ignore to allow frostbite affliction. This reply only offers some rough ideas, but the OP has made a great call-out.
  17. Interloper is a lot different, (not so much more difficult), and a lot of fun. You seem to be doing well on your own by covering 4 regions of the map. Seasoned Interloper players often speak of their modified game play in terms like, move fast, clothes are meaningless, expect to take some loss due to time in the cold, and always keep moving in the early game. My game style is far less seasoned, a little slower, and strives for less risk, (Interloper wolves bite harder). However, it is nice having fewer wolves, it is nice NOT trying to be perfect and EXPECTING some condition loss each day. Also, begin learning to pickup any sticks in the path of your travels. Food can be a real challenge and the well-fed buff my be a luxury in early game as looted food will not be enough in the beginning. Also, calories tend to dictate when you may sleep, the fact that it is dark means nothing if your sleeping on an empty stomach. Once there are saplings and hides and guts curing, that location becomes a sub-basecamp or outpost and it is noted in the games journal including an inventory of items left behind. If there is a day or two of food, that in part sets the distance away from base you may travel/risk...and soon a network of outposts are created with some supplies stored at each...always travel light and fast. If you must base somewhere while preparing for your next mission/objective, it is a good practice to run a line of rabbit snares, (4 snares is nice), and check them each time the weather allows. When conditions allows for crafting animal hide clothes and a bow...the game will change, as food will be less limiting and cold more tolerable. This is not much help but it shows that you are figuring it out by yourself anyway. Good luck my friend.
  18. The F5 quick save is used in the Wintermute story mode.There is no quick save available in the Survivor mode, (at least none that I am aware of).Enter a shelter or sleep for an hour and you can trigger an auto save in survivor mode, (if the character dies it is time to learn and begin a new run).Good luck my friend.
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    The F5 quick save is used in the Wintermute story mode. There is no quick save available in the Survivor mode, (at least none that I am aware of). Enter a shelter or sleep for an hour and you can trigger an auto save in survivor mode, (if the character dies it is time to learn and begin a new run). Good luck my friend.
  20. This was only a couple days ago at Carter Hydro, and my character had 1 or 2 scent bars from carrying a deer steak. The wolf was able to harmlessly jump into the railroad maintenance truck and then turn and exit again. You could start a throw-away game in ML and see if she will still play in the truck.
  21. Come here pup, it's freezing even in this truck... Good doggo, no...nooo...I already checked the glovebox and there is no jerky for you, here, take my Last Resort sardines... Okay your a good pup, but you are too heavy to be a lap-dog, go on now, go and chase some rabbits...Good dog...
  22. Welcome to the forum @alonesurvivor. This is a great idea that has been discussed here by many. If you don't mind me saying my friend; don't give up on the idea, it might add so much to the long game. Maybe there is a solution along the lines of an at basecamp companion who is in "sleep-mode" while traveling. This idea could be a nice addition if it could be made to fit the theme of TLD.
  23. Second moose hide satchel can not be equipped. Moose cloak is heavy, but is amazingly effective. Best of luck to you, oh great moose slayer.
  24. Great suggestion @DarKube. Would this be better than a sweater or would it become an added layer/slot on the clothes menu? A third torso layer might be a nice addition to the game and add value to all T-shirts.
  25. The first time the "final exhale" from the bear happened on a clear day while very close to the bear...it was such a great addition to the game. Now, (insert sarcasm font), for the bear to continue breathing is perfectly normal; feel safe to poke or snuggle the bear all you wish, LOL.