Out of bounds area / Instakill spot


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Do you know where the game ends with "You are dead!" displayed before you actually fall and get injured, other than the following?
- Rav: Near the rope rock
- MT: Near the crashed plane
- BR: Near the broken bridge
Obviously the game doesn't want players to go there, but it should be overhanging instead of steep slopes. Players should be convinced of death by continuing to fall before hitting the ground.
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I too have found a few "instant kill" spots:
Mystery Lake: goating up on the ridge line near the the dam.
Coastal Highway: goating up on the rocks/ledges above/behind the Trailer at the Train Unloading area.
Broken Railroad: goating on the ridge line on the left side of the collapsed bridge (above the ravine). **Same one you mentioned I'd suppose**

Compiling all the known "instant kill" spots would certainly make it easier to goat around boldly again. :D


Has anyone out there found any others?

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On 3/23/2021 at 8:40 PM, ManicManiac said:

Has anyone out there found any others?

Goating down in the Ravine to the yellow train does not seem to be possible.
(not only from the rope's rock as mentioned in the OP,  but from the opposite side either)

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