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  1. DM: "Sure ok, you gather your coin together and attempt to raise an army. A dragon kills you."
  2. Yeah, I think the lack of any sort of warning makes it more of a shock. Like at least if you fall or get mauled or whatever you can anticipate the crunch.
  3. Yup... needing to know where all the invisible kill spots are so you can avoid them is a bit crazy. Especially since Hinterland don't appear to know where they are even. Their response to my bug report so far has been: "I jumped in to take a look at this location and found that there doesn't seem to be a kill plane in this location when investigating from my side." Can anyone else test this and report back if it happens for you? (In a new Pilgrim run, don't risk your real sandbox heh). It happens 100% of the time for me using the current Steam version (Build # 1.94 76129 S) but I ass
  4. Yeah, I've submitted both the kill spot and the exception when it tried to kill me (even though the exception saved my bacon heh). Really hope they fix the kill spot and that there aren't any others that are easy to stumble into... makes me pretty nervous about exploring at all.
  5. I just encountered a pretty terrible instant death spot in ML not listed here. I gave it it's own post because... a tangent happened.
  6. I didn't know instant death locations were a thing until tonight. I was looking for the prepper cache in ML when a blizzard started up, and I stumbled into the instant death shown in the video below (the video is recorded in a new Pilgrim sandbox because sadly Shadowplay wasn't enabled during my Stalker death, which would have been really helpful as you'll soon see...). This happened on day 103 of my Stalker run (I recently got back into TLD, this is the longest I've lasted in Stalker so far). I was pretty upset and confused, mostly confused because it didn't even say "You've died...
  7. This actually appears to be fixed in 1.55 ūüėÉ (or possibly in 1.52 or 1.53, I didn't test it in those updates). I didn't see a specific patch note for the fix in any of those versions, but the rifle sights definitely appear to work as expected in 1.55.
  8. There are some lines the player character just won't cross. Like shredding the Canadian flag for cloth.
  9. The lack of HTTPS is especially strange since you can add a google authenticator to your account. Bit of a mixed bag security wise. On the topic of passwords, if you're sharing a password between any site/account HTTPS or not you should change them to be unique. But yeah, fix HTTPS please.