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Currently the Decay system is great but this is just an idea I have,an İmprovement,sort of


Decay Conditions are stats if these conditions arent met in any way the İtem will start to decay but if they are met then Decaying now can be stopped or slowed down so much that it can last for like 25 years (0.0000001 a day)


Canned Food:İnside,Room tempreture,Should not Contact with Water and Snow

Snacks:Outside,Cold tempreture,Should Not Contact with snow or in a Refirigirator

Freshfood:Outside,Cold Tempreture,Can Contact with Snow but not Water

Clothing:İnside Room temreture Should not contact with snow or water

Fuel:İnside,Room Tempreture,Should Not Contact with Snow or Water

Weapons:When Not used



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13 hours ago, Michael1986 said:

Decaying now can be stopped or slowed down

With the addition of more Regions in the game, there is an increased pressure on players to travel more quickly, (...first 60 days...), or risk losing good quality items that have not been looted quickly enough from distant regions.

It is fun to prioritize an expedition to Milton or TWM Summit to loot the high quality gear before it is "ruined", but with so many new maps we are under pressure to take higher risk missions which is sometimes more stressful than fun.

First thoughts and 2 Cents:

  • Make basements and bunkers more important, (200% longer shelf-life for canned foods)
  • Make metal storage and toolboxes more important, (80% less condition loss to stored tools)
  • Make first aid kits more important, (80% less condition loss to snacks and medical items)
  • Make water-proof plastic storage containers more important, (80% less condition loss to matches, flares, and ammo)

Not sure the game should allow a 25 year shelf-life as suggested in the OP, but maybe add some additional value to storage location types and more importantly allow several more weeks of in-game days to explore the many varied regions of Great Bear. :coffee:


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I agree with your statemant and I believe some rare storage containers should stop certain items decays entirely

for an example the milton gas station should have a freezer that can stop snacks and canned drink's from decayying

but that cannery has a container that stops canned goods from decayying

or that house's medical container stop medical goods from decaying wich one will you choose like it forces the player to strategize

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3 hours ago, odizzido said:

I've always disliked the insane decay in this game. Why would a jacket inside a house rot to useless tatters in two months?

I agree. Same with canned goods. And a bunch of other stuff. Takes away from the long-term enjoyment, and is a huge knock against realism.

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I agree with you 100 percent this is my problem it is extremely unrealistic

I think decay should be a player responsibility canned food is consumable forever if kept in good condition

and the player should be punished if they do dumb shit like containing clothing in a refrigirator and snacks in a trashcan

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I agree on the decay rate of canned food. This should start to decay only if opened.

Without electricity the freezer is as good to store Your food as any drawer or closet.

I am quite happy with the rates as they are, though. It adds to the strategic side to take the risk of food poisoning and motivates to reach cooking level 5. For the clothes there is mending and even that becomes easier with practise. Best start with simple parts like caps and stockings.

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let me explain inside of a fridge with this cold would still be cold and icy and clothes might get wet or a trash can still might contain garbage that garbage might contaminate the food*




















































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