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With The Long Dark being as much of an "make your own adventure" as Minecraft and similar games, but with a bit of a back story, I thought it could be fun to start writing a collaborative story based on each of our experiences and different ways to appreciate and think about the game. The idea is to sort of have a main storyline, but feel free to add parallel stuff such as characters in completely different times or places. Anything that you think is interesting and could add to the experience.

I would say avoid using quotes so that it doesn't get too repetitive to read. Each comment = one contribution.


- Look mom! The sky is dancing! A little kid points upwards towards a suddenly very colorful sky.

- Yes, it's called an aurora borealis, it's really prett... what was that!? Look out!!

Suddenly sparks fly off a nearby powerline post and the lights from all nearby houses start to flicker. She knew aurora's were caused by particles from the sun hitting the Earth's magnetic field causing chemical reaction, but she had never heard of it causing damages. Could it be a military attack? But why hit this remote town, nothing of importance around here surely? She had lived here all her life, some of her friends moving to study and see the world but she loved her remote corner of the world. Despite being far away from help.

- Come on, we have to get back home now. We can look at it from the windows. It's dangerous to be outside now.

She checked her cell phone - dead! I hope the old land lines still work, she thought hurrying her child along the suddenly very dark street.


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I apologise if my piece isn't that good

What just happened? A young girl, not much past her 18th birthday, stared out of the window in surprise. She had not been watching the aurora, finding that sort of thing not particularly interesting, and without warning, her cabin lights flickered and her microwave, which was currently turned off, lit up and began working.

She glanced out of the window and saw a woman and her child, along with a few other residents, hurrying down the street. Maybe this was happening outside as well. 

The girl nudged her brown and white husky, Mocha, 

"Come on, girl, let's see what's happening."

I'll change any bits if needed, including the dog. It's fine if you want there to be no animals, and I'll ger rid of her if you'd rather

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- Hey! Hey! What's happening?

A young women calls out as she leaves her house with a dog at her heals.

- I have no idea! We were just out for a late walk when the aurora appeared and right after there seemed to be a surge in electricity everywhere.

- The sky was dancing! It was very pretty! We are going home to watch it now.

The little girl seems too excited about the natural phenomena to have noticed the alarmed voices around her.

- My cell phone died. I think we need to check how bad things are. If all electronics are fried our cars probably don't work any more and if someone gets hurt it will take time for an ambulance to get here, assuming we could even call one. But I think that land lines might still work. On our way home to check that now.

- Yeah, it's pretty freaky actually! My microwave started on its own, I don't think an electric surge could do that? Just blow up fuses and stuff you know.

The husky suddenly starts growling. Then a distant howl.

- Ok, we really need to get inside, come on Emma!

- I don't have a land line, mind if I come with you?

- Sure! Lets stick together, a dog might be a welcome distraction for Emma. I don't think normal entertainment is an option for a while... But you might want to grab some warm clothes and a few blankets, I have a feeling it's going to be a cold night.

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The young woman nods gratefully. 

"Thank you." She says, simply, following the mother into her house. Mocha stuck by her heels, hackles raised as another howl sounded, closer than the previous one. 

"I'll get the fire going," The woman says, "Just make yourself at home." 

Feeling slightly awkward, the girl sits on one of the chairs beside the fireplace, her shoulders tense, her mind full of answerless questions. What happened? Why did it happen here? Will we be okay? 

"You have a cute doggie." The little girl pipes up, patting Mocha on the head. She can feel her dog trembling slightly. Like herself, Mocha has never been a fan of strangers.

"She doesn't like her head being stroked. Try her neck fur." The woman demonstrates, watching the girl's mother starting a fire out of the corner of her eyes. 

After the fire was lit, the mother comes and sits with them. 

"Do you think everyone else is okay? Those wolves sounded close." The young woman asks, her tone anxious.

The mother sighs, "I have no idea.

The woman opens her mouth to speak, but a scream coming from outside cut her off, followed by vicious snarls.

The young girl begins to cry, seeming to realising the extent of the situation, her gaze wide with fear. 

The mother comforts her child and the woman sitting next to her wraps her arms tighter around her husky, anxiety slowly giving way to fear.

What if we're going to die out here!

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- It's ok. Let me check you over. It doesn't look too bad, the doggie probably got scared of you too. But we'll have to keep an eye on it in case it gets worse.

The four of them sit in silence for a few minutes, listening to the sparks from the fire and watching the aurora with an increasingly unease.

- Do you live alone? The mother asks.

- No, but my boyfriend is away on work a few weeks at a time. Oil rigs. I'm studying to be a nurse. I have a couple of years left. We are saving up to move and buy a house closer to his family. I inherited this place... she said with a painful stare out in the dark.

- Ok. I own the grocery store, a family business for a couple of generations. I think I've seen you around, it's a small town but I guess there are always a few social gaps I guess. Anyway, it's getting a bit warmer now and Emma seems to be ok. I'll try the land line and see if it's possible to call anywhere.

She puts Emma down on the chair. The day eventually got a bit too exciting, biting her nails and watching the doggie with teary and tired eyes. Wondering how she made the doggie scared?

- Yes! I get a tone at least. I'll try 911. Busy. I guess they are getting a ton of worried calls right now. Do you have anyone you want to call?

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The woman knows that she really should scold her dog, but really, it wasn't entirely her fault. Mochi is obviously able to sense something that they all couldn't, and strangers stressed her even without all of this.

Her thoughts get interrupted as she realised that the mother is staring at her, waiting for a response.

"No." She says, quickly. She does have a sister that she could call, but their history was..complicated. 

The mother nods, glancing over to her child, who is struggling to stay awake, the events of the day exhausting her. 

"We should probably get some rest." She gets up and wraps another blanket around her child. "It's going to be a long few days."

"Yeah." Doubtfully, the woman responds. She is tired, but doesn't expect to sleep, her worried thoughts endless and the close howls not helping. It seems that the wolves are getting closer, and though they never used to attack humans, the long winter has made them desperate for any kind of food. Including the people in the town.

Getting one of the blankets, the woman closes her eyes and manages to drift off into an uneasy sleep.

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- Mommy! Mommy! It hurts!

Emma wakes up in the middle of the night of pain in her hand and runs to her mothers bed. Stomping in place as she cries.

- It's ok. Sometimes doggies can do that. We'll have to use disinfectant and give you a bandage, we have some in the bathroom. I got bit once when I was young too you know. I know it hurts a bit now, but I will give you some medicine for it so you can sleep. Perhaps some antibiotics just to be safe. You can sleep in my bed of you want.

Thank god we had some medical supplies at home, she thinks. What would I do if Emma get sick and I can't help her? They get done and get in bed, after a few minutes they both fall asleep.

- Morning! I started the fire and made some coffee for us, I hope you don't mind? I usually wake up early.

- No problem at all, thank you! I'll get some breakfast out. Hopefully we can bet a better understanding on what happened today, but not on empty bellies. Emma, see if you can find an old toy for the doggie, perhaps you can make friends today?

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I've been trying to think of a name for my character, so I can stop calling her 'woman' all the time. Hopefully the name 'Amy' will be fine. What's the mother called?

They passed the coldest hours of the day eating their breakfast and talking, theorising what happened. As midday approached, Amy looked outside at the mercifully clear day. It seemed almost empty, the streets trashed with telephone poles and other wires that had gotten damaged and fallen over. It was an unsettling feeling, to know that they had no way of contacting the mainland for help. They were truly isolated on Great Bear.

"I'll go take Mocha for a walk and see if I can find anyone who knows what happened." Struggling to keep the doubt out of her voice, the woman patted her knee and the husky, relieved to be free from the little girl, trotted over, her tail waving in the air like a feathery banner. 

"Can we come?" Emma sat up, staring hopefully at her mother. It seemed that Mocha was not the only one who wanted to get outside.

The mother sighed, reluctantly nodding, "Not for long. It's freezing outside today." 

"It's freezing every day." The girl pointed out, and Amy hid a smile. The young girl had a point.

Ensuring that everyone was warm, the small group headed out into the freezing temperatures and began wandering aimlessly around the town, keeping an eye out for somebody. Weirdly, very few people were left in the town, as if everyone had just gotten in their cars and..left. But with no way to the mainland, where could they have gone? 

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15 minutes ago, Catlover said:

I've been trying to think of a name for my character, so I can stop calling her 'woman' all the time. Hopefully the name 'Amy' will be fine. What's the mother called?

Hehe. I'm actually trying to keep things fairly open-ended. I want others (than myself) to be able to jump in and fill in blanks, and also because it gives a bit of mystery to the story that might give us new cool ideas for answers to yet unanswered questions :)

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Erik sat in the back of his van, looking around at the desolate town. It was once bustling, with many residents, but then the aurora cause all the power to go out, and everyone to leave.
He ate some tomato soup he cooked over a trashcan fire. This wasn't his first rodeo. As a kid, he would commonly go camping. He knew how to survive.

Erik saw someone walking along the street with her dog. Wait, is that a child?

"Hey! Over here!" Erik shouted towards the group.

They started walking over to Erik, noticing the trashcan fire.

"Used a trashcan as a firepit?" Amy asked.

"Yep. Couldn't find much else." Erik replied. "Took a few survival courses when I was a bit younger, but this is something that's more creative."

"Hm. The name's Amy. And this is Emma." Amy said, getting a little bit closer to the fire.

"Erik." Erik replied, just before going into a coughing fit.

"Don't worry, I'm fine. Used to smoke, but I quit a few years ago. Still did a number on my lungs though." He said coughing a couple more times.

Erik got up, and walked over to the passenger side door of his van. He opened it, and looked through the glovebox.

Shit. No more matches. 

"I have a bit of a problem. I'm out of matches." Erik said with a slight hit of panic in his voice.


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The mother, Christine, came beside her child, seeming to watch the stranger with a hint of wariness. 

"We have some that you can borrow." She offered.

Erik nodded, "Thank you."

The mother nodded, "We'll get some now, if you like." 

"If you don't mind. I won't be going anywhere."

Holding onto her child's hand, the mother began heading towards the house. Unsure of whether to follow or not, Amy stayed where she was with the man. 

Mocha seemed to take an interest in him, sniffing Erik hard, her feathery tail swaying as she gazed up with a curious look in her blue eyes. 

"She likes you." The dark haired woman sounded a little surprised, pulling the husky back. She changed the subject onto something that she wanted to know, "Have you any idea what happened last night?"

I would've made it longer but I'm not sure if he'd know anything or not. 

Also, is this set in Milton?



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7 minutes ago, Catlover said:

Also, is this set in Milton?

Hehe. Didn't have a specific place in mind, one of the unanswered questions, but initially I actually considered somewhere on the mainland just to explore that a bit considering how many knows the game map inside out already. So far we have a grocery store and that it's set in Great Bear. In my mind it's a small town, but bigger than Milton. Milton would have been abandoned before the events of the game too. Could be a small town on the way to the main land or even Perseverence Millls, not sure what kind of place that is?

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Erik stroked Mocha's neck fur.

"All I could tell is that that aurora caused some very... unusual effects. The wildlife seemed a bit more aggressive while it was going on, along with the power screwing itself." Erik said. "I'm fairly certain that this one wasn't a normal aurora borealis. Maybe divine intervention? I wouldn't know, I'm not a religious type."

"What do you mean, more aggressive?" Amy asked.

"Well, I saw a couple wolves get much closer to town than they normally do, but not really attacking anything, but they did look somewhat different. Eyes glowing white, sort of a... reflection, almost on their fur." Erik explained. He looked around. A heavy fog had set in, blanketing most of the town in a shroud of grey. 

"I might head out looking for some supplies soon. Can't live very long on a can of pork 'n beans, and a soda." Erik said, getting out of the back of his van. "Want to come along? It's somethin' to do." Erik asked. 


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Amy was about to nod, but remembered the mother and her child on their way to get Erik the matches.

"We should probably wait for Christine to come back, and then I'll come along. It's not like I can do anything else, with this power-cut thing."

The man seemed reluctant to wait, "I suppose. I do need those matches. Hopefully they won't be long."

Several minutes of small talk later, the figures approached through the dense fog. 

"Sorry for taking so long." The mother apologised, handing Erik the matches before turning to Amy. "Shall we head back?"

"I think that Mocha needs a longer walk. I'll tag along with Erik for a bit as he looks for supplies."

Christine nodded, "We could do with some more things, ourselves. Who knows how long we'll be stuck like this."

"Can I come?" Emma piped up.

"You ought to get inside before it gets too cold." Taking her hand and ignoring her several complaints, Christine lead her back into the fog. 

Amy followed Erik as he began to set off, Mocha straining to get ahead. 

"Where are we going?" She asked, casually, trying not to show how difficult she was finding it to control her husky. Something must've caught her attention, as she was rarely hard to control.

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56 minutes ago, upnorth said:

Hehe. Didn't have a specific place in mind, one of the unanswered questions, but initially I actually considered somewhere on the mainland just to explore that a bit considering how many knows the game map inside out already. So far we have a grocery store and that it's set in Great Bear. In my mind it's a small town, but bigger than Milton. Milton would have been abandoned before the events of the game too. Could be a small town on the way to the main land or even Perseverence Millls, not sure what kind of place that is?

Alrighty! We could make something up in a made up part of Great Bear? I like the idea of it being somewhere on the way to the mainland. 

I imagined it to be somewhere a little bigger than a hamlet, though I do prefer the idea of it being a small town. Any ideas for what it could be called? Or is it a mystery?

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