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  1. Haha, ok. Didn't think of people writing and reading with only survival mode as a reference, makes sense. Well, feel free to write more about the relationship between Chiristine and Amy if you wanted to explore that. I'm more into mystery and exploration myself
  2. I'm fine with anything that make sense within the lore of the game, but perhaps some stuff happened before the Aurora too. The Grey Lady mentions "quakes" so it's not the first natural disaster in the region I think?
  3. - Mommy, can I see Willy today? Emma asked as they started preparing breakfast. She had not realized this yet. The normal childhood for Emma might not be. Playing with friends. Pre-school. School. Getting excited for a career and exploring life in general. - I don't know Emma. I don't think they have a landline but we can try to find their number in the phone book. But finish your breakfast first, ok? Christine replied. - I'm sorry for Mocha biting Emma, she just gets nervous around strangers sometimes. Amy said trying to break the ice after way too much stress the past couple o
  4. No worries, just wanted to check that everyone wasn't waiting for me or something. Also, I want to avoid discussing ideas openly too much, or it will risk becoming too "meta" and not very immersive to read the story.
  5. @Catlover@Swippity_Swappityand others that might want to contribute. I have a couple of plots and some TLD lore I think would be interesting to explore, but I also try to limit how much and often I contribute to the story to make it easy for everyone else to jump in with your ideas as well. Don't want to control the story too much.
  6. Probably the closes you get with similar "gameplay" and environment
  7. Just happened again trying to navigate into a sub-forum
  8. Just refreshing the /forums route I ended up in the install script for the forum software. After going back and trying again, it refreshed normally. But you might want to check it out.
  9. - Is that Amy? Christine asked aloud when they approached their home. - I think so! Hi Amy! Emma shouted. As they approached the slumped over women on their doorstep and her dog between her leg they got a sense that something was wrong. - How have you been, did you find out anything from that guy we met this morning? Christine asked. - I... I... Amy stammered. They waited for her to get her composure. Christine noticed she was clenching a dark cup between her hands. - He took me along to loot a store for supplies, then he drove back home and invited me in. But I f
  10. I learned some basic AI/ML (selfdriving 2D car with various "sensors") a couple of years ago and was utterly disappointed with the lack of actual intelligence in an AI. Machine learning is almost cooler than AIs though, so I appreciate them using that in a realistic manner at least
  11. The grocery store was located near the town center, a few blocks away from Christine's house. They couldn't see anyone out and about on their way, just the sound of a couple of crows. No sight or sound of the wolves from last night either. - I'm cold! Emma complained. - Yes, me too, let's get inside quickly! Christine replied. No one was waiting at the store. But then again, they usually opened a bit later in the day and used the morning to re-stock shelves and prepare the cashier. No signs of a break-in either, although there were plenty of footprints at the locked main entranc
  12. I noticed the AI structures as well, pretty nice and realistic touch to portray humanities near future. Or to be a little more correct (technical anti-hype rant coming), just structures optimized through machine learning rather than "human learning" by letting a program very quickly test thousands of variants much faster than a human could. AI is when you have a robot use those solutions, this is more of a static use
  13. By the way. If anyone is interested in illustrating the story with art rather than joining in writing it, that would be pretty cool too
  14. I'm getting better with stones against rabbits, even manage to run up fast enough to miss clicking on the rabbit once, but man do I go for realism with arrows and shoot over all the time. Lost 3 arrows in the snow hunting the same rabbit in the same place during a Wintermute mission. Also I need the wolves to start eating my face before I can hit them with either the rifle or gun. So annoying when you just scare them off and think (oh well, wasted another bullet). Managed to kill a few wolves in wintermute, but it seems they have tiny hitboxes in sandbox lol.