Buff the Long Wool Scarf. Nerf the toque


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I like the long wool scarf because it is rare. The description about it says  "Longer wool scarf that can be wrapped around the entire head. Designed for cold weather.

Given that it is rare and can be wrapped around the entire head i think it should have +0.5 deg more warmth than the toque, which only covers the top of the head and is definitely not rare. 

Currently the toque is a +2.0 and scarf is +1.5.  I would reverse that. I wear it anyway because i look cool with it along with my balaclava and i dont mind the slight drop in warmth. But really it should be reversed.

That's my 2 cents suggestion for the devs of this great game. 

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Agree, and scarves should be accessory slots anyway. We have nearly nothing for those slots, and I don’t see why I couldn’t wear a wool toque, rabbit skin hat, and a wool scarf or two. 

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Agreed. Back before Resolute Outfitter, hats and scarves were separate and you could only wear one of each. I personally follow a house rule where you aren't allowed to wear two hats or two scarves (with the exception of a baseball cap and toque). I also only wear 1 sweater, with the innermost slot reserved for shirts. It's mostly 'rule of cool'.

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1 hour ago, Salty Crackers said:

The Long Wool Scarf might see some use in its current form due to the fact that it decays the slowest of all non-craftable headgear, so for the loper going for the 20 year run, it might make sense. Otherwise, totally inferior to the wool toque.

I'm pretty damn sure the long wool scarf doesn't even spawn in Interloper so wool toque is the only winner here.

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